How Much are Starbucks Cups in Store? (sizes, price + more information)

Buying branded merchandise is a great way to appreciate the brand you love. If you love Starbucks, you might wonder, how much are Starbucks cups in store?

All Starbucks cups in-store have different prices depending on quantity as well as design. One of my favorite items in my office is my Starbucks stainless steel logo tumbler. I love how good it looks on my office desk and how amazing I feel when I take coffee or any other of my favorite beverages from it. My daughter gave it to me as a present on my birthday and maybe that is why I love it so much. Nonetheless, I think Starbucks cups are amazing and everyone should have at least one in their home or office. In this article, I look at a few cups you can get in a Starbucks store, what I like about them, and their price.

Starbucks Cups in Store Prizes



8oz Worldmark Tumbler


12oz Worldmark Tumbler


16oz Worldmark Tumbler


16oz Stainless Steel Logo Tumbler


8oz Logo Tumbler Black


12oz Logo Tumbler Black


16oz Logo Tumbler Black


20oz Logo Tumbler Black


8oz Logo Tumbler White


12oz Logo Tumbler White


16oz Logo Tumbler White


12oz S/S Lacy Tumbler


16oz S/S Lucy Tumbler


16oz Miller Tumbler (white/SS)


8oz Tumbler Create Your Own


16oz Tumbler Create Your Own


8oz/120z/160z Worldmark Tumbler

How Much are Starbucks Cups in Store?

The WorldMark tumbler is one of the most beautiful merchandise produced by Starbucks. It has an amazing combination of grey and white patterns that make it attractive at a close distance as well as from afar. The lid of this tumbler is spill proof which makes it easy to go with when driving without fear of spilling your beverage. Starbucks sells this tumbler in four quantities. They are 08oz which is the smallest, 120z which is the middle size, and 16oz which is the largest of these. This cap is easy to clean as the lid fully opens allowing you to access the interior effortlessly. I particularly love how simple yet sophisticated this design looks.

16oz Stainless Steel Logo Tumbler

How Much are Starbucks Cups in Store?

The stainless steel logo tumbler is my favorite of all the drinkware offered by Starbucks. It only comes in the 16oz measurement. You can carry any beverage in this tumbler whether hot or cold. I am in the habit of pouring my hot coffee into this tumbler as I am dashing out of the door headed to work. It fits perfectly in my car’s cup holder . The logo on this cup is smack in the middle of the cup which makes it look wonderful. The Starbucks logo makes me a very proud customer of this coffee giant even when sipping a beverage that is not from them. I love that it is stainless steel which helps me clean it up with ease. It also means that in case I drop it accidentally, as I do sometimes, the cap will remain intact.

The Stainless steel logo tumbler has a replaceable lid. As I mentioned, sometimes I have dropped my tumbler. The tumbler has survived all that, but the lid is not always lucky. Nonetheless, I can hop on amazon and order a replacement that gets shipped to me in a day or two. This way, I get to keep my valued mug though with a different lid. This was a wonderful invention by Starbucks and I am glad I own one.

8oz/12oz/16oz /20oz Logo Tumbler Black

The logo tumbler is one of the most popular drink wares by Starbucks. This merchandise comes in various sizes and is often used as a carrier for different beverages. It is available in 08oz which is the smallest size, 12oz which is the second smallest size, 16oz which is the second largest size, and 20oz which is the longest version of this tumbler. It is made of hard plastic to make it easy to carry even when it contains very hot beverages. It also has the Starbucks logo interestingly placed at the lower part of the cup. I find this design amazing as one can see the logo on the tumbler even when someone is holding it.

The tumbler also is available in two colors, black and white. The logo in both colors has the signature green and white found on the Starbucks original logo. This makes it very easily identifiable merchandise for Starbucks. Though primarily designed to carry beverages, it has a spill-proof lid. This tumbler is a great choice when traveling and you need to pack beverages for your journey. You can also use it to refill after you have exhausted what you packed at home.

12oz/160z S/S Lacy Tumbler

This S/S Lacy tumbler is perfect merchandise for those who like walking as they are having their hot or cold coffee. The design of this tumbler is in such a way that there is a provision to hold the cup comfortably and keep holding it for long without feeling uncomfortable. It has a rubber-like lace in the middle which insulates the hand from hot or cold beverages. The tumbler also has a spill-proof lid that is easy to drink from. It is a great addition to your collection of coffee tumblers and for me, it is a great fit if you are walking around the part sipping your coffee as you have a conversation with a friend or as you watch your children play. The design has great aesthetic value because it is classy and simply holding it adds a magnificent look to you. It only comes in 12oz and 16oz sizes. Depending on how much liquids you take in at a go, any of the two options is a good choice.

16oz Miller Tumbler (white/SS)

Starbucks Cups

The miller Tumbler is the only tumbler that has a handle on it. This tumble looks like it has three layers with the top being white, the middle one being black, and the bottom one being silver. Its interior is stainless steel and it allows the tumbler to retain the temperature of the drinks you pour into it. It has very soothing aesthetics. It has the Starbucks signature spill-proof lid that has a green nozzle to drink from. You can get yourself this tumbler which also fits perfectly in the glass holder of any car.

8oz/16oz Tumbler Create Your Own

The create your own tumbler is the most customizable tumbler. It is also the most colorful tumbler in the batch that has been released so far. It comes in the 8oz size which is the smallest and the 16oz which is the largest. It also has a spill-proof lid that is easy to drink from. This tumbler can be customized to match your personality and to represent who you are as an individual rather than just carrying the Starbucks around wherever you go. You can pick it up at any store if you like it.

FAQ Section

Can I order Starbucks via the app?

Yes, you can order the Starbucks tumblers via the app.

Is Starbucks still selling cups in store?

Yes, every store stocks Starbucks merchandise and you can get most of their cups in almost all stores globally.

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