Starbucks honey blend vs honey packet: is there a big difference?

We all agree that honey is good for our health. Some Starbucks drinks come with a honey blend as standard, but you can also get pure honey in packets if you wish. The other day I was trying to decide which to get with my tea, and as usual, I decided to find out more about each, details that I’ll be sharing in this post so that by the end of it you know which one is best. Read on!

 What are the differences between Starbucks honey blend vs honey packet?


Starbucks honey blend

Starbucks honey packet


Honey, water, potassium sorbate, natural flavors, xanthan gum, and citric acid

100 % Grade ‘A’ Honey

Taste profile



Nutritional value

A pump has 20 calories, 7 grams of Carbs, 5 grams of sugar, 1 milligram of Sodium, and 7 milligrams of potassium

2 pumps are equivalent to 1 tablespoon of honey.

A packet of 0.5 ounces has 43 calories, 11 grams of Carbs, 11 grams of sugar, 1 milligram of Sodium, and 7 milligrams of potassium

1 packet is equivalent to 1 tablespoon of honey.

Availability/ Accessibility

Comes as a standard sweetener for coffee drinks using plant-based milk and some teas. 1-liter bottles are available at leading stores

Available on request for some tea drinks as an alternative to honey blend.

What it’s made of (ingredients)

Starbucks honey blend

Honey is the highest component in the honey blend. According to Starbucks, the blend contains 64% honey, water, and preservatives. Water is used to dilute the honey and make it easier to dispense. The preservatives are used to stabilize the honey-water mix and extend its shelf life.

The Starbucks honey packet, on the other hand, is made entirely of Grade A honey. Pure honey is thick and takes more time to dispense, and depending on drink temperature, may take even more time to dissolve. At Starbucks, honey packets are used as an optional sweetener.

When it comes to ingredients, honey packets are the winner. This is due to the fact that they are made entirely of pure honey with no additives.

 Taste profile

The honey blend tastes sweet. Some people have experienced a sour taste or an aftertaste. One possible explanation is that it could be from the interaction between the blend’s contents and the drinks it’s used in.

Starbucks honey packets will make your drink sweet—even super sweet if you use too much of them. Perhaps it is because they contain pure honey, which is known to be high in fructose, one of the sweetest sugars known. I have not yet been able to discern any region of origin-specific flavor with Starbucks honey, perhaps because the honey does not come from one specific region.

Starbucks honey packets win in the taste category. The honey tastes as good as pure honey should. 

Nutritional value

With a pump containing 20 calories, 4 pumps of honey blend in a grande cup of Honey Almondmilk Flat White will add a whopping 80 calories to your drink. That, together with 7 grams of sugar for each pump, may taste heavenly but wreak havoc on your diet. The good thing is that you can always let the barista know you want fewer pumps, or make it an occasional treat.

On the other hand, a 0.5-ounce packet (equivalent to 1 tablespoon) of Starbucks honey contains 11 grams of sugar, making it one of the things you want to avoid on a keto diet. One packet will also add 43 calories to your drink. I found myself asking for two packets to make my drink taste just right, which added 86 calories and 22 grams of sugar. 

In this nutrition category, it is a draw. Although the honey blend has fewer calories and less sugar per pump, you need to use more pumps and end up with about the same number of calories and amount of sugar as with a few packets of honey. 

Availability/ Accessibility

Starbucks launched the honey blend in January 2020, at the same time as they expanded their plant-based milk options. It has since then been available as the standard sweetener for the honey Oatmilk latte, the Almondmilk Flat White, and teas including the Honey Citrus Mint tea. You can also get a 1-liter from Starbucks on Amazon and other leading stores.

Starbucks honey packets are available only on request at the store, as a customization option. The barista will either mix it in the drink or simply hand you the packets for your use. In either case, the honey packets are free of charge.

Starbucks Honey Blend wins in this category. It is readily available for use at Starbucks stores and with retailers for home use.

 Starbucks honey blend vs honey packet: A comparison overview

Starbucks honey blend overview

Starbucks honey packet

Getting a drink with honey at Starbucks has never been easier. With the honey-water mix, the barista can add honey to your drink with a simple one-handed operation pump.

I liked that the honey blend also dissolves more easily in the drink compared to honey, so if the last time you had honey in your drink, someone had to swirl the honey in the cup for it to dissolve, then this is good news.

It goes well with an oatmilk latte, among others, and with most teas. You can even have it replace your regular sweetener for a change.

What I liked

  • Blends into the drink easily.
  • Easy to serve.

What I didn’t like

  • Substitute pumps of the honey blend will cost you extra.

Who it’s best suited for?

  • People who need their drinks sweetened with honey fast and evenly.

Starbucks honey packet overview

Starbucks honey blend

Other than having a high amount of fructose and sucrose, which are the sweetest sugars, honey is also rich in antioxidants, which is the reason that Starbucks Honey Citrus Mint Tea and the Medicine Ball are popular during the flu season and with those having a sore throat.

If you have not tried out at least one of Starbucks’ teas with honey, then you are missing out. In addition to the Peach Tranquillity herbal tea, I suggest you also try out steamed lemonade with a touch of honey for a refreshing drink on any day.

What I liked

  • Pure honey, no additives.
  • Great taste

What I didn’t like

  • The packaging makes serving it messy.

Whom it’s best suited for?

  • It is best suited for people who want to have pure honey in their drinks.

Final Verdict: So, Which is Better? Starbucks honey blend or honey packet?

Both Starbucks honey blend and honey packets are good, and overall, neither is better than the other when you weigh all their pros and cons. Starbucks honey blend is easy to serve and readily available; factors that more than compensate for additives used, which are common in many foods and beverages anyway.

To get Starbucks honey packets, you need to ask for them, and it will take you and the server a bit more time to get the honey into your drink. But you end up with pure honey, at no extra cost, that has consistent quality.


Does Starbucks honey blend taste better than Starbucks honey packets?

No, Starbucks honey packets taste better. The water dilution and additives make the honey blend not taste as good as the pure honey in the packets.

Is Starbucks honey blend sweeter than Starbucks honey packets?

Yes, the Starbucks honey blend is sweeter than the Starbucks honey packets. Two pumps of the honey blend, which is equivalent to 1 tablespoon, have 14 grams of sugar. A packet of honey, which is about 1 tablespoon, has 11 grams of sugar.

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  1. I love Starbucks honey blend! It’s so smooth and tastes great. I prefer the honey packet, but I think Starbucks honey blend is definitely the better option.


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