Starbucks Gummy Bear Refresher( Ingredients, Variations, Sizes, Copycat Recipe, Caffeine, Calories,& More Information)

It is impossible to run out of options at Starbucks especially when people are allowed to create a secret menu. One of my favorite secret menu items is the Starbucks gummy bear refresher. Let’s talk about it.

I have loved gummy bears since I was seven. I couldn’t hide my joy when I learned that Starbucks could give me a drink that tastes just like my precious gummy bears. The union of strawberry, raspberry, and peach is heavenly. I always imagine downing the gummy bear refresher on the pouch in the late morning hours. This is the only addiction that I’m proud of and I want to drag you into it in this post. Keep reading to find out all the goodness of this secret menu gummy bear refresher.

Brief History of the Drink

I have always known about Starbucks’ signature strawberry acai refresher. What I didn’t know is that Starbucks’ fans had created a sweeter sister to the strawberry acai. One Tik-Toker by the name of Salvaggio Chris was on a mission to invent things, and his invention button led him to Starbucks. Chris ordered a mix of strawberry acai refresher, raspberry, and peach in light ice. Unexpectedly, he threw in some gummy bears that he had brought with him and invented one of the greatest secret menu refreshers at Starbucks.

Is gummy bear refresher still available at Starbucks?

Starbucks Gummy Bear Refresher Ingredients

Yes, it is only available when you place an order. This, as I had mentioned is not on the official Starbucks menu and the barista will give you nothing if you order a gummy bear refresher. You will only be handed the menu as the barista tries to remain as polite as possible. How, then, do you void a scenario like this? By knowing that gummy bear refresher is an item in the secret menu and that you can only order it by explaining to the barista what you want to be added to the official strawberry acai refresher.

Gummy Bear Refresher (Ingredients, Taste, variations, sizes, caffeine& calories

What is in a gummy bear refresher-(Ingredients)

This secret refresher is made up of strawberry acai refresher, two or three pumps of raspberry syrup, and peach juice.

Strawberry acai refresher: This is the official refresher on the Starbucks menu. The strawberry acai is a caffeinated refresher as it has green coffee extract to it. The refresher is what acts as the base drink for the gummy bear refresher. This drink on its own is comprised of acai notes, strawberry flavors, and a dash of passion fruit flavor.

Raspberry syrup: This is raspberry fruit syrup that is only made with raspberry. It introduces a berry taste that compliments the strawberry flavor. This can be purchased or homemade.

Peach Juice: This is made from fresh peaches blended in water or without water depending on the consistency one desires to achieve.

Gummy Bear Refresher: Sizes, Nutrition, Caffeine,& Calories

What sizes are available?

The drink is available in tall servings which are 12 fluid ounces, Grande which is 16 fluid ounces, and venti which is 20 fluid ounces. All these names are Italian names that denote their respective sizes except tall, obviously! Grande is Italian for large while venti means 20. I have to warn you, though; if you decide to go with a venti, you might be in for a serious sugar rush. The sweet teeth are safe in the hands of a venti.

Nutritional Facts

Starbucks Gummy Bear Refresher Variations

Every item has its good side and bad side. If you look at the calories found in a single serving of a gummy bear refresher, you might feel a little discouraged. The caloric content here is a whopping 413 and the sugar isn’t spared either. The sugar content of 75g is on the higher side.

The carbs come at a whole 106g. On the flip side, the drinks have no fat and no cholesterol. We can’t have the best of both worlds with the gummy bear. However, you can work around it by asking for a tall serving. A significant amount of calories will be reduced.

The proteins are a little low, coming at 2g. You will undoubtedly have the best time of your life with this one, but if you have health concerns, you should probably look for alternatives. For the rest of us without a single care in the world, cheers to the gummy bear refresher. Let’s see the nutritional facts in a nutshell.

Calorie count (out of 2,000 calories daily intake)  413
Nutrient Content (per Grande serving) % of Daily Value
Total Fat (0g)

Trans Fat (0g)

Saturated Fat (0g)



Total carbohydrates (106g)

Sugar (75g)

Dietary Fiber 



Proteins (2g) 4%
Cholesterol (0mg) 0%
Sodium (70mg) 3%

Caffeine information

A Grande serving will give you 50g of caffeine. This is a decent amount considering that it is a refresher. The caffeine comes from the green coffee extract. Starbucks uses this extract as it is mild for a refresher. Other types of coffee can be too strong for these types of drinks.

So, what does gummy bear refresher taste like?

Many people have different interpretations of the drink. Some people feel like it tastes like candy gummy bears. I think it contains a fruity taste with a berry splash. Notes of strawberry and peach make it extra fruity and sweet. If this is your interpretation of candy gummy bears, who am I to disagree? Whatever we all decide to call the taste of this refresher, the bottom line is that it is very sweet and amazing.

Ways to Customize Gummy Bear refresher-Gummy Bear refresher Variations

Starbucks Gummy Bear Refresher Sizes

A Starbucks drink can be customized into so many variations. The gummy bear refresher is a customization of the strawberry acai refresher. It is possible to play around with ingredients and invent a new personal flavor.

For this drink, some drinkers felt that some coconut milk would add a rich flavor to the drink. I tried it out, and I can tell you it is great. If you love the taste of coconut, you have the perfect excuse to sneak it into the gummy bear refresher.

Another way is to add guava juice in the place of peach. I tried this variation too and it was really good. This can work out when fresh peaches are off-season. I like to use fresh peaches and we all know they are only found in the spring.

Starbucks Gummy Bear Refresher

How to Make Gummy Bear Refresher at Home-Gummy Bear Refresher Copycat Recipe

Kai Jordan
Homemade recipes are a wonderful way to bond with loved ones or to chase boredom away. You can try out the Gummy Bear refresher recipe at home.


  • Blender
  • Knife
  • Pitchers
  • Cups
  • Saucepan
  • Stirring Spoon
  • Fork/potato masher
  • strainer
  • Spatula
  • Stove


For the Strawberry acai refresher:

  • White grape juice
  • Green coffee extract
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Acai Powder
  • Honey/simple syrup
  • Ice

For the Peach juice

  • 2 ripe peaches
  • Water

For the Raspberry syrup

  • 1 cup raspberries
  • 2/3 cup Water
  • 2/3 cup white Sugar


  • Strawberry acai refresher: Cut strawberries into small pieces and toss them into the blender. Add a cup of water and blend until smooth. Strain the mixture and pour it into a pitcher and rinse the blender. Mix acai powder and ½ cup water until all the powder is dissolved. Add the acai mixture, simple syrup, and white grape juice to the strawberry strain. Mix well.
  • Peach Juice: Peel your ripe peaches and remove the seeds. Cut them into chunks and toss them into the blender with a ½ cup of water. Blend until it becomes syrup.
  • Raspberry Juice: In a saucepan, bring water and sugar to a boil. Stir occasionally until all sugar is dissolved. Remove the mixture from the heat and add raspberries to it while hot. Stir them and mash using a potato masher or fork. Drain the mixture through a strainer into a cup. Use a spatula to strain as much liquid as possible. Let it cool.
  • Pour ice into a cup or glass and add the strawberry acai refresher until half full.
  • Add the peach juice that you just made to the glass until three-quarters full.
  • Fill the glass with the raspberry juice and enjoy.


It is okay to use a ready-made strawberry acai refresher from Starbucks if you do not want to make your own. Peach syrup from the store can be used to make the drink if you don’t want to make one at home.
You can substitute all the fruits or add new ones to your recipe. For instance, you can add guava juice to the pace of peach juice. You can also add as many strawberries as you would like. Fresh strawberries are also used to garnish your refresher for that complete look.

Informative Section

How do you order a gummy bear refresher?

Ask the barista for a venti strawberry acai refresher without water, 2 pumps of raspberry syrup, and peach juice.

Is the gummy bear refresher good?

Yes, it is. The taste and the vitamins are great, plus moderate caffeine is a good option.

What is the gummy bear refresher price?

A Grande will cost you $3.75.

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