Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Copycat Recipe, Caffeine, Calories & More information)

Starbucks Dragon fruit Frappuccino has gained massive popularity on the secret menu and has left fans wondering what it is made of, its variations, and its taste because of its greatness. Read on to find out more.

The famous Starbucks Dragon fruit Frappuccino is a cool beverage on the Starbucks secret menu which contains crème base, coconut milk, mango refresher, dragon fruit, and finally, whipped. This drink is not only colorful and exciting but also sweet. During my routine visits to the great Starbucks, I saw a customer right next to me enjoying this beautiful colored drink, and my curiosity wouldn’t let me be at peace until I inquired and made the exact order.

Surprisingly, this drink came in handy with the rough day I had had, and that’s how it graduated to being part of my favorite drinks from this multi-billion coffee store. This article will give you a simple recipe and some facts about the drink, so stick around.

Brief History of the drink

If you are a Starbucks lover and a great enthusiast of their products, you probably know that frappuccinos are part and parcel of the Starbucks community and have been there for over two decades. However, the prominent Starbucks Dragon fruit Frappuccino was launched officially for public consumption on the 19th of June 2018.

According to Starbucks’ secret menu, this incredible masterpiece was the work of Cassandra B., with whom we were curious if she was a Barista or just a customer. Ever since this drink has proved its greatness as it keeps on attracting new customers to this store.

Is Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino still available at Starbucks?

For those wondering if the Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino is still available, you better brace yourselves and your pockets because this drink is still available in all Starbucks stores and throughout the year on their secret menu program.

All you need to do is instruct the barista on precisely what you need to come up with the Dragon fruit Frappuccino. Furthermore, they allow customers to customize their drinks, making them even better.

Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino-(Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Caffeine, Calories)

What is in a Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino? (What actually is in Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino?)


According to the Starbucks secret menu, this drink is made from a crème base made from milk, ice, vanilla bean powder, and crème Frappuccino syrup and a coconut milk base, which are thoroughly blended to give this drink its delicate texture and creamy nature. This drink also contains the mango refresher plus a touch of dragon fruit. What is a Frappuccino without toppings? Lastly, this drink is topped with whipped cream, and below I will discuss each of the ingredients and their role in giving the Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino its greatness.

  • Crème base- Even though this is an essential ingredient in making the dragon fruit Frappuccino, one can choose a crème base of their own choice, but mostly, the standard one is always the vanilla crème base. This crème base is a prominent ingredient during the making of the Dragon fruit Frappuccino and is made using milk, crème Frappuccino Syrup, vanilla bean powder, and ice.
  • Whole milk- Whole milk is necessary for preparing the crème base, an essential ingredient in making the Dragon fruit Frappuccino. This milk blends with the other elements to give the drink its creamy nature.
  • Ice- Ice is necessary to prepare the crème base to give it a fine texture.
  • Vanilla bean powder- vanilla bean powder is an essential ingredient in making the crème base.
  • Coffee Frappuccino Syrup- This is the most apparent ingredient when making the mocha Frappuccino that extensively prepares the great Starbucks Grasshopper Frappuccino.
  • Coconut milk-Coc coconut milk, just like whole milk, is added to this drink to make it creamy and add a little flavor.
  • Mango refresher- This ingredient is necessary to give the drink taste and its colorful nature. Usually, when making the Dragon fruit Frappuccino the mango refresher is added to the second line.
  • Whipped cream– What would an iced Frappuccino be without a topping? The whipped cream is present to make the drink even more colorful and add sweetness to it.

Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino: Sizes, Nutrition, Caffeine & Calories

Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino Taste

What Sizes are available?

The Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino is available in four distinct sizes. First and foremost, we have the tall size that holds fluid worth 12 ounces; the Grande size holds 16 ounces of fluid; the Venti size holds 20 ounces of fluid; and the largest is the Trenta size, which contains 30 ounces of fluid.

The Trenta size is the most consumed size by dragon fruit Frappuccino lovers. However, if it’s your first time trying this drink, start with the smallest, tall size, and see if it suits your taste buds; then, you can slowly but surely graduate to larger sizes.

Nutritional facts

I call this drink healthy and recommend it for consumption despite having high calories past the required levels. Despite having high calories, this drink is fat-free, making it suitable for consumption by at least all types of people. The Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino contains 380 calories, of which 150 are from fats, 16g of fat, 10g of saturated fat, 50mg of cholesterol,250mg of sodium,1g of proteins,33g of sugars, and last but not least 53g of carbohydrates.

Calories count( out of 2000 calories daily intake)380
Nutrients content( per Grande serving)% of the daily value
Total fats(16g)


Saturated fats(10g)

Trans Fats(0g)

Total Carbohydrates(53g)



Dietary fibre(0g)


Caffeine information

This is not the drink for children and those who don’t love caffeine. However, the caffeine content in this drink is so tiny that you can barely realize its presence in your glass. The Grande size of this drink contains approximately 45 to 55 mg of caffeine which is way lower than the standard amount of caffeine that one is recommended to drink, 400mg. Still, I will not advise daily consumption of this drink due to its sugar levels.

So, what does Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino taste like?

Heavenly is an understatement. This drink is fantastic in all spheres because it can energize you without feeling the caffeine. Consequently, the crème base and the coconut milk make it even better by giving it this creamy sweet nature you can’t resist. Have I talked of the dragon fruit, which gives your drink a touch of tropical, making it perfect for drinking?

Ways to Customize a Starbucks Dragon fruit Frappuccino at Starbucks-Starbucks Frappuccino Dragon Fruit Variations.

You can customize this beverage by customizing it as follows:

If you have a sweet tooth, you can request the barista to add more sweeteners to the drink.

If you don’t like milk, you can request the barista to use alternative ingredients instead of whole milk while preparing the crème base.

You can order more toppings to add to the already-present whipped cream.

You can add a few more flavors of your liking, such as raspberry, by letting your barista know during your order.

How to make Starbucks Dragon Fruit at home-Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino Copycat Recipe

Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino

Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino Copycat Recipe

Kai Jordan


  • Blender
  • Cup
  • Glass with distinct lines


  • Milk
  • Vanilla bean powder
  • Coffee Frappuccino Syrup
  • Ice
  • Coconut milk
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Mango refresher


  • Add milk and scoops of vanilla bean powder, coffee syrup, Frappuccino, ice, and coconut in a blender. Thoroughly blend the ingredients until you have a fine mixture to come up with your base.
  • Secondly, pour your drink into a glass with distinct lines and add the mango refresher to the second line and a few scoops of the dragon fruit.
  • Thoroughly mix the drink in a cup before pouring it into a glass and topping it with whipped cream.
  • This drink is best when served chilled.


  • You can add more sweeteners of your choice to your drink if you have a sweet tooth.
  • If you don’t like milk, you can use alternative ingredients instead of whole milk while preparing the crème base.
  • One can use dragon fruit powder if one can’t access the fruits.
  • You can add more toppings of your liking to the already present whipped cream.
  • You can add a few more flavors, such as raspberry.


How do you order a Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino?

To order the Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino, you first ask the barista to use a glass with distinct lines. You can ask them to put coconut milk in the first line, then a mango refresher in the second line, two scoops of dragon fruit, and finally, crème base. After thoroughly mixing, you can finally top your drink with whipped cream.

Is the Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino good?

The Dragon fruit Frappuccino is more than just good; this drink is excellent.

How much is Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino

The prices of this drink range from $3.95 to $4.95, depending on the size.

Is the Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino an all-year-round drink?

Yes, you can purchase your Starbucks Dragon Fruit Frappuccino at any time of the year.

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