How to order Big Mac Sauce at McDonald’s (can you order just Big Mac Sauce at McDonald’s?)

Have you made your French fries from home and need the Big Mac Sauce to dip? Ordering it is as easy as ABC. Here is how to order Big Mac Sauce at McDonald’s.

You can order Big Mac Sauce only through the McDonald’s App, which you can do in simple steps. Open the App and click “order now,” then choose the store location and click “continue.” On the menu, select all items you want and add them to the bag. Click the icon of the shopping bag on the top right and review your order. On the same page, scroll down and click on “Extras & Sauce,” then choose Mac Sauce. Confirm your order, make payments, and pick it up at the store upon notification. So, I was preparing salad for my family, and I wanted them to have a unique taste by using McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce. Although all of them doubted the results, I was, like, and still went on with my plans. As I was preparing the salad, I asked my niece to place the order for me, and it shocked me that she did not know how to do it. So, I had to take her step by step; I had learned about the ordering process on the same day Mac Sauce was made a la Carte. I am writing to help you know how to order Mac Sauce on McDonald’s App when you need to. Read on to learn all the basics.

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What does McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce taste like?

The McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce tastes like a sweet, spicy, and tangy sauce. It can give many dishes a notch higher taste when served with them. It is mostly associated with the eponymous Burger, but you can enjoy it because its flavor slaps well with Chicken sandwiches, French fries, homemade wraps, and salads. Talking of salads, I remember the moment Big Mac Sauce made a debut as an individual dish; I ordered it and wanted my family to try it with my secret recipe salad. My niece looked at me with doubt, thinking my dish would be so bad until I proved her wrong! For the first time, regarding food matters, I outdid her; clap for me, y’all🤣. Thanks!

What are the ingredients of McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce?

How to order Big Mac Sauce at McDonald’s
Ingredients of McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce. Image source: McDonald

The main ingredients in McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce include Mayonnaise, pickle relish, garlic powder, and yellow mustard, which give it its perfect blend. Also, the uniqueness of this sauce is due to other key ingredients like onion powder, vinegar, and Paprika.☺️ Lucky for all of you who do not love any tomato in your sauce.

Can you order just McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce?

Yes, you can order just McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce. The McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce is currently available as a la Carte. La Carte is a term used for meals that come as individual dishes. Although you can order it as an individual item, it is available for a limited period. Also, you cannot order Big Mac Sauce over the counter at the store. It is only ordered via the App.

How much is McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce?

McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce is so affordable it costs only $ 0.50. As of April 27th, 2023, the sauce was offered affordably only in participating stores. According to the announcement, customers would get it up to May 10th.

How To Add Mac Sauce On McDonald’s App?

can you order just Big Mac Sauce at McDonald’s?

Add Mac Sauce On McDonald’s App. Image source: McDonald

If you ❤️love the McDonald’s Mac Sauce, then you need to have their App because, as I mentioned, you cannot order the sauce over the counter. So here is how to add Mac Sauce to McDonald’s App

  • Open the App and click on “Order Now.”
  • Choose the store location that is in your proximity, then select “Continue.”
  • Head to the menu and scroll, selecting each item you want, then click “Add to bag.”
  • Click on the icon of your shopping bag on the top right of your screen, allowing you to review your order and confirm if everything you need is there.
  • Now, scroll down until you find “Extras & Sauce,” then choose “Mac Sauce.”
  • Tap on “Confirm order” when done with all your extras and sauces
  • Choose your payment method and make your payments to complete the checkout process.
  • Pick your order when it’s ready for pick up and the pickup location.


Can I add Big Mac Sauce to any McDonald’s order?

Yes, you can add Big Mac Sauce to McDonald’s orders for a limited time.

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