How to Order Iced Coffee at McDonald’s (Cost, Sizes, and Flavors of Iced Coffee at McDonald’s)

Have you ever wondered if the most popular fast food chain in the world also makes good iced coffee but don’t know how to get your hands on it? Well, keep reading because this article will tell you just how to order iced coffee at McDonald’s.

To order iced coffee at McDonald’s, you should go to a location and have a look at the menu to check out the sizes and flavors available. Next, at the counter, specify which iced coffee you want and your preferred size. From there, you can make customizations if necessary and proceed to pay. Once it’s ready, you will get your iced coffee drink.

When someone thinks of McDonald’s, one of the last things they may imagine is iced coffee. Well, that someone was me until I heard the brand’s iced coffee was voted the best of all fast-food chains. I immediately had to try it, and when I did, I was hooked. It tasted great and had a fantastic price point. It was all I was looking for in an iced coffee! Initially, I was intimidated while ordering since I had not ordered here before. Now, I order it every other day, and I’ve even tasted all their flavors. If you’re interested in the McDonald’s iced coffee but are as clueless as I initially was, this will be the perfect article for you to find out how to successfully order the drink and more.

What Does McDonald’s Iced Coffee Taste Like?

How to Order Iced Coffee at McDonald’s
McDonald’s Iced Coffee. Image source: McDonald

McDonald’s iced coffee is a medium roast, so it’s just bitter enough without going overboard. It also has a very rich, sweet, and full flavor. Additionally, the McDonald’s iced coffee is smooth with an almost creamy finish that’s simply irresistible! For sure, this is a high-quality tasting coffee (as far as fast food chains are concerned 🤭).

What Are the Ingredients of McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

According to the official McDonald’s website, here is a list of ingredients you get in the brand’s iced coffee:

  • Liquid Sugar – Acts as the sweetening agent in iced coffee.
  • Premium Roast Coffee – The McDonald’s coffee blend is made of 100% medium-roast Arabica coffee beans.
  • Light Cream – This gives McDonald’s iced coffee its signature creamy, luscious taste.
  • Ice – Some may argue this is the actual star in the drink 😏.
  • Flavored Coffee Syrup (optional) – Depending on the iced coffee you get, your drink will have a corresponding flavored syrup.

How to Order McDonald’s Iced Coffee?


Ordering McDonald’s iced coffees is as easy as a finger snap 🫰. I recommend ordering your drink during peak hours since some branches offer promotions during these times. You may be lucky and get lower prices…who knows? But anyway, here’s how to make an order for a McDonald’s iced coffee:

  1. Go to the nearest McDonalds location.
  2. Check out the menu and prices to decide which iced coffee flavor and size you want.
  3. Proceed to make your order at the counter.
  4. Specify which iced coffee and size you would like.
  5. State any special customizations you want for your drink.
  6. Pay when prompted.
  7. Once it’s ready, collect it and enjoy!

You can also order the drink via McDonald’s drive-thrus with the same steps.

What Are the Available Sizes of McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

Cost, Sizes, and Flavors of Iced Coffee at McDonald’s

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McDonald’s iced coffee comes in three sizes to suit different needs (I always NEED the largest coffee cup size I can get). The options are Small (12 fl oz), Medium (16 fl oz), and Large (22 fl oz) 🥤. Although I love the large iced coffees, I sometimes wish McDonald’s had extra-large and extra-small cup sizes to cater to a wider demographic like other chain restaurants do.

What Are the Available Flavors of McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee from McDonald’s or McCafé isn’t as boring as you would expect. Although the franchise doesn’t have as much range as well-known coffee houses 😅, it offers enough flavors for customers to choose from. There are 4 variations:

  • Plain Iced Coffee – this is regular iced coffee with the standard ingredients: sugar, ice, milk, and coffee. It is light and creamy but not as heavy as a latte. I think it’s a great everyday pick-me-up.
  • French Vanilla Iced Coffee – would an iced coffee menu be complete without a vanilla option? No! Well, McDonalds has one, and it is the regular iced coffee with vanilla syrup for extra flavor and sweetness.
  • Caramel Iced Coffee – this is another fantastic McCafé iced coffee with sweet caramel syrup. It is my favorite one, and I recommend anyone who enjoys toffee flavor to try it out.
  • Hazelnut Iced Coffee – this iced coffee from Mcdonald’s has hazelnut syrup, which gives it a subtle toasted nut flavor making it perfect for fall and the holiday season.

Can You Customize Your McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

Yes! Mcdonald’s allows patrons to personalize their iced coffee drinks and make them their own. Some of their customization options include:

  • Choosing sugar-free options. All flavors of McCafé iced coffees can come sugar-free or with the substitute of artificial sweetener.
  • Choosing from different kinds of milk. McDonald’s iced coffee comes with whole milk by default, but if you want to make your drink a bit lighter, you may choose low-fat or non-fat milk instead.
  • Adding flavored shots. McCafé iced coffees can also be customized with flavor shots, including chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, and Irish cream flavors.
  • Adding whipped cream. To make your iced coffee that much more decadent, whipped cream will do the trick.

How Much Is McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

How to Order Iced Coffee at McDonald’s
McDonald’s Iced Coffee. Image source: McDonald

Luckily, McDonald Iced Coffees are very pocket-friendly, although amounts can vary according to the size and flavors you choose. Of course, the more add-ons, the more expensive it will be. However, the standard prices for iced coffee drinks at McDonald’s are as follows:

  • Small Iced Coffee – $1.39
  • Medium Iced Coffee – $1.79
  • Large Iced Coffee – $1.99

FAQ Section

Is McDonald’s iced coffee the same as cold brew?

No, McDonald’s iced coffee is not the same as a cold brew. The iced coffee contains dairy, while the cold brew is brewed coffee blended with ice. It does not have milk products.

How long McDonald’s does iced coffee last?

Surprisingly, McDonald’s iced coffee has an impressive shelf life. It can last up to 2 weeks if refrigerated, but for safety reasons, it is better consumed within 7 days.

Can I order my iced coffee at McDonald’s on the app?

Yes, you can get iced coffee from the McDonald’s app since the platform has the entire menu. Iced coffee can be ordered using contactless Mobile Order & Pay with curbside pickup.

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