Dunn Brothers Coffee Menu (Items on the Dunn Brothers Coffee Menu, Price list + More information)

Dunn Brothers are the place to be if you are in the United States and want quality coffee and drinks. Read to learn more about Dunn Brothers Coffee Menu.

Since I live in the United States, I love trying different menu items at coffee stores. The Dunn Brothers coffee chain is my favorite store, as it has fantastic beverages, lunch options, and even snacks. I first learned of this store when I escorted a friend to grab her evening coffee. Although I had planned on not ordering anything from Dunn Brothers, I ended up buying a cup of coffee and a sandwich, which I loved. In this article, I will list the food and drink items on the Dunn Brothers and their prices.

Dunn Brothers Coffee Menu Items and Price List

Below is the complete list of the Dunn Brothers Coffee Menu. This list features various food and beverage items found at Dunn Brothers, from their all breakfast, tea, and chocolate, naan pizza, sandwiches, and coffee.


Dunn Brothers SandwichesPrice
Tuscan Turkey on Ciabatta$8.95
The ultimate club on ciabatta$8.95
Bacon grilled cheese$8.95
California Chicken$8.95
Almond chicken salad$8.95
Ham & Brie$8.95


Dunn Brothers WrapsPrices
Avocado grain wrap$9.15
Almond chicken salad wrap$9.15
Wrap Turkey BLT$8.95

Naan Pizza

Items on the Dunn Brothers Coffee Menu
Dunn Brothers Naan PizzaPrices
Chicken pesto$7.95
Veggie Naan Pizza$7.95

All Day Breakfast

Dunn Brothers All Day BreakfastPrices
Build-your-own egg sandwich$4.90
Breakfast Bowl$5.50
Avocado toast$5.40
Bacon Tomato & Egg toast$4.85
Breakfast sides (hashbrowns, toast, bacon, multigrain, sausage)$1.10
Breakfast sides (salsa cup)$0.25
Egg Souffle$2.10

Tea and Chocolate

Dunn Brothers Tea and ChocolatePrices
Iced loose-leaf tea$3.50
Hot loose-leaf tea$3.50
Iced chai latte$4.90
Hot chai latte$4.90
Hot chocolate$4.75

Blended Frappe

Items on the Dunn Brothers Coffee Menu
Dunn Brothers Blended FrappePrices
Coffee frappe$5.10
Mocha Frappe$6.00
Caramel Frappe$6.00
Caramel mocha frappe$6.05
Chai frappe$6.00
Frappe (no coffee)$5.10
White mocha frappe$6.00


Dunn Brothers SaladsPrices
Almond chicken salad$8.95
Chef salad$6.25
Side Salad$4.25


Dunn Brothers EspressoPrices
Flavor shots$2.25
Milk substitutes: soy, almond, coconut$2.00
Espresso macchiato$3.70


Dunn Brothers BakeryPrices
Umpqua oats oatmeal$3.35
Vanilla almond, fruit, and nut$2.65
Maple pecan or apple cranberry2.65
Apple fritter$3.45
Apple pie doughnut$2.60
Ghirardelli brownie$2.70
Chocolate lava doughnut$2.10
Cinnamon coffee cake$3.00
Cinnamon roll$3.85
Chocolate chunk cookie$2.30
Cookie Mac Nut White Choc Chip$2.30
Almond croissant$3.15
Butter croissant$3.00
Chocolate avalanche croissant$3.15
Strawberry Cream Cheese Croissant$3.15
Lemon Crème Fan Danish$2.90
English Muffin$1.10
Gluten-free English Muffin$2.10
Blueberry muffin$2.95
Double chocolate muffin$2.95
Lemon poppyseed muffin$2.95
Pistachio muffin$2.95
Apple cinnamon scone$2.80
Blueberry scone$2.80
White chocolate raspberry scone$2.80


Dunn Brothers SpecialtiesPrices
Caramelized almond latte$5.65
Raspberry white mocha$5.65
Mint mocha$5.55
Caramel mocha$5.55
Lavender Vanilla Latte$5.50

Infinite Black cold brew

Dunn Brothers Infinite Black cold brewPrices
Infinite black cold brew$4.40
Vanilla iced nirvana$5.20
Chocolate steamed nirvana$5.20
Cinnamon roll nirvana$5.60
Creamy coconut nirvana$5.70
Build Your Own Nitro Nirvana$5.00
Honey spiced nirvana$5.70
Caramel Banana nirvana$5.70

Fruit Smoothie

Items on the Dunn Brothers Coffee Menu
Dunn Brothers Fruit SmoothiePrices

Grab N Go

Dunn Brothers Grab N GoPrices
Chobani Greek Yoghurt$2.70
Cream Cheese Packet$1.00
Crispy Bar Marshmallow$2.70
Fresh Fruit$1.40
Fruit cup- Red Grapes$2.60
Gluten-free bar$3.10
Granola Berry Parfait$4.60
Kind Bar$3.00
Hard Boiled Eggs$2.00
Skinny pop$2.10
Trail mix$3.00
Bubbly sparkling water$1.90


Dunn Brothers are among the leading coffee chains offering coffee and other food items. The prices on their menu are worth any drink or snack. Now that you have their menu items and prices, remember to stop by the Dunn Brothers and enjoy your favorite menu item.

FAQ Section

How much, on average, can you spend at Dunn Brothers Coffee?

You can spend an average of $4.00 at Dunn Brothers coffee. Dunn Brothers menu items are relatively cheap, and you can treat yourself to a few dollars.

What is the most popular menu item at Dunn Brothers Coffee?

There is no popular menu item at Dunn Brothers coffee as all of them are popular depending on the customers.

Are there vegan options items at Dunn Brothers Coffee?

Yes, there are vegan options items at Dunn Brothers coffee. Dunn Brothers Vegan items include chai tea latte with soy milk, dark chocolate mocha with soy milk, vanilla iced nirvana with soy milk, mighty leaf teas, and the gluten-free English Muffin.

Does Dunn Brothers Coffee have oat milk on its menu?

Yes, Dunn Brothers have oat milk on their menu. The Umpqua oats oatmeal is available on the Dunn Brothers menu under the bakery section.

Does Dunn Brothers Coffee have lunch hours?

Yes, Dunn Brothers have lunch hours. You can stop by any Dunn Brothers store near you and order your lunch from their menu. You can request a sandwich, a wrap, or even Naan Pizza for lunch.

Does Dunn Brothers coffee have decaf coffee?

Yes, Dunn Brothers have decaf coffee.

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