Does Tim Hortons Take Apple Pay? (Can I Use Apple Pay at Tim Hortons? + More Information)

I’m tired of standing in queues. Does Tim Hortons take Apple Pay? Yes, you can order ahead of time using the company’s new Order and Pay app.

Yes, Tim Hortons takes Apple Pay. In 2017, the Canadian quick-service chain launched a new iPhone app that allows customers to pay with Apple Pay. I was among the first to use this payment method as I dislike walking around with cash. Thanks to Apple Pay, I can now order my favorite coffee in advance and pay online using my phone.

If you want to improve your experience at Tim Hortons, read on. In this post, I explain how you can use Apple Pay at the restaurant, link the service to your Tim reward card, and pay for online orders.

Does Tim Hortons Drive Thru Take Apple Pay?

Yes, it does. You can now order coffee or doughnut at Tim Hortons and pay using your iPhone with Apple Pay. The chain launched a new app that allows customers to order ahead, making life a little easier. The Horton’s app also supports using a credit card or the company’s rewards card, which can each be added manually and scanned when it’s time to pay.

Apple Pay allows users with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and Apple Watch users to make payments using an NFC chip built into their devices. Available since 2014, this new payment method has since overtaken other mobile services to become the most popular payment platform in the United States and beyond.

Other restaurants accepting Apple Pay include Starbucks, Burger King, McDonald’s, Popeye, KFC, Pizza Hut, Chili’s, and Firehouse Subs.

How to Use Apple Pay at Tim Hortons

To use Apple Pay at the Tim Hortons Drive Thru, place your iPhone next to the terminal and authorize your purchase using touch or face ID. As long as your card is approved for Apple Pay, you can set it up to use in any Tim Hortons outlet where an NFC terminal is available.

The coffee and doughnut chain launched an app allowing customers to place orders from their nearest outlets and pay for them directly. You can log into the app using your email address, Facebook, or Google and pay directly from any supported in-app payment using Apple Pay.

The Tim Hortons app can be downloaded from the App Store. To set up an account, click Join Now on the home tab. Next, enter your valid email address and select your language and location. Then once you click Sign Up, the company will send you a link to the email address you provided. Use this link to log in and add money to your account.

Apple Pay will automatically become your preferred method of payment. You can add your Tim or credit card on the Scan page.

Can I Pay Using Apple Pay When I Order Online from Tim Hortons?

Can I Use Apple Pay at Tim Hortons?

Yes, you can. The new Tim Hortons app allows customers to order ahead and use Apple Pay to complete payments within the app. Opening the app for the first time will ask you to turn on your location. You will also be required to fill in your name and choose your preferred local store and pick-up place.

No more getting stuck in line for hours – the Tim Hortons app allows you to customize your favorite food and drinks and find the latest offers just by the tap of a finger.

To pay using Apple Pay online, choose Apple Pay as your payment method at checkout. The checkout screen summarizes your store address, the items ordered, and the amount to be deducted from your balance. Use your passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID when authenticating payments on iPhones and iPads, and the side button for Apple watch.

Once payment is successful, you will see Done on the screen.

Do note that cash is not accepted for any orders placed online.

How Can I add My Tim Reward Card to My Apple Wallet?

To add your Tim Reward Card to your Apple wallet, open the Tim Hortons app and click on the “+” button in the passbook. Enter the card details manually or by using a camera. The verification process takes a few seconds, so you can make purchases immediately and start earning points.

Once your reward card is linked to the Apple wallet, payments become easier and faster by scanning the in-app barcode. Apple Pay is built on existing NFC technology and works where NFC-based contactless payments are supported.

What Other Payment Options Are Accepted at Tim Hortons?

Can I Use Apple Pay at Tim Hortons?

Besides Apple Pay, you can also pay for Tim Hortons items with cash, coupons, debit card, credit card, or Tim cards. All payments are made directly to Tim Hortons through their app or purchases made at a physical store.

Each purchase is an opportunity to earn reward points. You can use the points to buy your favorite food and drinks at participating Tim Hortons locations.

FAQ Section

Can I cancel my order if I pay at Tim Hortons with Apple Pay?

Yes, you can. You will first need to inform the respective Tim Hortons store. Carry your phone to the store manager and show them the order by presenting your email receipt or tapping on the “Recent” tab in the company’s app and selecting “View Details.” If your issue persists, contact the support center.

Are there policies governing the use of Apple Pay at Tim Hortons?

Yes, there are. One policy states that there shall be no refund, replacement, or other resolution without Partner Restaurants’ consent.

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