Do Starbucks cards lose value? (Starbucks Card Terms & Conditions + All you need to know)

A few months ago my colleagues got me a Starbucks card as a token for the several times I had picked up their orders from the Starbucks store right across from our office. Being new to the experience I did not know how to go about it so I did some research and the big question that I was faced with was if the card lost value. After a little digging, I found some interesting facts.

Once you have registered your Starbucks card and loaded a dollar value on it, the value cannot be lost nor does it expire. There are however instances when your card can be rendered inactive and you will not be able to use the value until you reactivate it.

So now let’s look at all the facts that I came across in depth.

Starbucks card terms and conditions

Starbucks issued several terms and conditions associated with the cards that were effective from November 4, 2020. They include:

  1. The dollar value on your card cannot be refunded and may not be redeemed by cash unless required by law
  2. The minimum amount that can be loaded on a card is $5 and the maximum value that can be loaded on all your Starbucks cards in a day is $10000
  3. There are prohibitions associated with reselling Starbucks cards
  4. Starbucks cards have no expiration date and the value of the rewards also do not expire.
  5. No activation, dormancy, or inactivity fee is charged on Starbucks cards
  6. Receipts for purchases made with a Starbucks card can be issued upon request.
  7. Anyone below the age of 13 is not eligible to use the card. Those aged 13 to 18 can only use the card under parental supervision.

These are just but a few of the must-know Starbucks card terms and conditions. Any cardholder should at least visit the coffee chain’s official website to get in-depth details of the terms to avoid anything that would disrupt their experience when using the card.

Are old Starbucks cards worth anything? – How do I find out how much my Starbucks card is worth?

Starbucks Card Terms & Conditions

Yes, if you have old Starbucks cards you could most likely pocket some dollars from them. If your cards are loaded then you can earn as much as the value on the cards if you sell them. Most people are also interested in rare cards and celebrity cards and if you have a collection of these you can earn something.

There are three ways for you to check how much your card is worth. First, you can visit the Card page on the company’s website and enter your security code and card number. You can also use the Starbucks app on your mobile device and scan the cards associated with your Starbucks rewards account for balances. The last way is to visit the Reward page on the website, sign into your account and select the card whose balance you want to view under the ‘card management’ tab.

Is there money on my Starbucks card? – How to check?

When you are offered the Starbucks card it has no money until you load a value on it. Once the money you have loaded is depleted you will be required to reload your card to keep it active. Starbucks has an automatic reload feature that requires you to set a date for reloading and you get notified of the process through email.

To check the money on your card you can visit either the card or reward page on the company’s website, enter your card details and view the balance on your card. You can also use the Starbucks card on your android or iPhone to scan your card and view your balance

Can I still use my old Starbucks card?

Yes, you can. Starbucks cards can only expire if they have been inactive and unloaded for three years after the last purchase. If your old card has not surpassed three years of inactivity, you can reload it and activate it to keep using it. If your card was loaded during the three years of inactivity it means it has not expired and can still be used. All you will need to do is activate it and you are good to go.

What does it mean when your Starbucks gift card is inactive?

Starbucks Card Terms & Conditions

When your Starbucks gift card is inactive it means that there are no Stars earned. This could be the case if your card is unregistered. You earn stars when you load value on your card and use it to make purchases. One dollar spent on your card earns you two stars. Your card can also be inactive if it has not been reloaded after the depletion of its value. In this case, the Stars that have accumulated on your card will be considered void. If your card becomes inactive you can activate it before three years passes. If not so then the card will expire.

Does Starbucks card value expire?

No, the value on your card does not expire ever. As long as you have value on your Starbucks card, the value does not expire, and neither does the card. If your card becomes inactive with the value on it, you will only need to activate your card and you will have your card value back. However, if you do not wish to continue using your card you can transfer the value to a new card to continue using it.


Are old Starbucks cards worth anything?

Yes. Starbucks old cards are valuable and collections of them could earn you money.

Can Starbucks cards be converted to cash?

Yes, they can. This is however not supported by all states. The states that allow cashing out Starbucks cards will enable you to redeem the cash value of your card under a certain dollar amount.

Can you turn Starbucks gift cards into cash?

Yes, you can. You can sell your Starbucks gift card for cash but the company has terms for the sale and certain prohibitions on the same.

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