6 Best way to play Starbucks for life (Best way to win Starbucks for life: You Could Win Free Starbucks For Life—Here’s How + More information)

Besides the coveted Grand price at Starbucks for life, you can get so many freebies on different levels of the game. Let’s look at the best way to play Starbucks for life and win.

I have won several refills and free drinks with Starbucks for life and it feels great. I know lots of people who have won Starbucks for life tumblers, stars, free drinks and many more prizes. I tried the game in the past and walked away empty-handed every time until I discovered a few effective hacks. If you have tried to win even a free drink in vain, I have written this post for you. By the end of it, you should easily win a prize in the next Starbucks for life season, so keep reading.

What is Starbucks for life?

This is a Starbucks game reserved for rewards members where one wins a Grand prize of 30 years of daily free qualifying drinks and food items. Note that you can only play at participating stores in the United States. When the clock hits midnight, the unclaimed prizes for the day expire and a minute later, prizes are renewed for the new day.

What prizes do you win playing Starbucks for life?

Way to win Starbucks for life

Prizes are won on various levels such as free drinks and food items, free refills, and bonus stars. The grand prize is 30 years of daily credit for a qualifying food item and drink. A single year can have over 2.5 million prizes to be won. You can walk away with free holiday drinks, Starbucks for Life for three months, six months, and a year.

Who qualifies to play Starbucks for life?

A Starbucks rewards members are qualified to participate and the membership account is free. The game is open to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years of age.

How we choose the best way to play Starbucks for life

Our criterion looked at the provided guidelines about playing and interviewed some friends who won the coveted Starbucks for life. While every winner had a different story, the steps and hacks point to some tricks that we compiled to come up with the best way to play Starbucks for life. This kind of game is sheer luck, but there are a few skills that can work in your favor. You can trust this post as it is based on real-life Grand prize winners’ experiences and those who have won various prizes at various levels.

6 Best ways to play Starbucks for life

Rank Best way to playLevel to win
1Sign upQualify to play
2Make qualifying purchasesTwo free daily games
3Complete Starbucks for life challengesFree stars
4Pay for items with a rewards cardBonus games
5Shake the snow globeInstant prizes
6Collect three unique piecesStarbucks for life grand prize

Sign up

This is the first step towards winning Starbucks for life. All you need to do is sign up for a free rewards member account. You can do this on the Starbucks website by scrolling to the rewards page and filling in all the prompted details. If you would rather use the App, download it and sign up at the rewards page. When you are all set up, you will be issued a Starbucks rewards card. This is your key to daily games.

Make qualifying purchases

As you would suspect, not all items at Starbucks qualify to participate. Furthermore, not all stores are participating stores. Once you have established what stores and what games qualify, you can make your purchases to win your two daily games. Every day, you are entitled to two games if you make qualifying purchases. All alcoholic beverages do not qualify for Starbucks games. Gift cards and card reloads are also excluded as qualifying purchases. Everything else will earn you a free game or two. You can even earn bonus games.

Complete Starbucks for life challenges

You Could Win Free Starbucks For Life

If you have exhausted your daily games and haven’t won a single thing, you can earn an extra game by completing challenges. You do not have to worry as they are easy and doable. Each week, the game presents participants with new challenges. You can start by making three separate purchases at a single participating store and can earn a bonus game.

You can also make two mobile purchases and earn a game. Remember, the more games you play, the higher your chances of winning. You can look out for the weekend bonus game by purchasing a qualifying item during the weekend. You will earn a bonus game. This is also a great way to earn free games without making a single purchase.

Pay with Starbucks rewards card

Ways You Could Win Free Starbucks For Life

We have constantly talked about making qualifying payments but we have yet to mention how you pay for them. This is the most important part is you can make payments and fail to earn games. You must use the Starbucks rewards card to make purchases. This is simply scanning your card code whenever you make a purchase. The extra game reflects on your rewards page. Be careful not to skip this step to avoid losing games.


This is a fun part and also great for winning instant prizes. This is a virtual snowball that you shake on the website and win. You can also win a game piece and add to your collection to get a chance at Starbucks for life grand prize. If you collect three similar pieces, you will win a prize or advance to the next level. Every level is unique and has its prizes so you can shale the snowball and collect a piece. If you find three matching pieces, you will win prizes at that level or advance to the next level. At this level, you stand to win Starbucks for life at one month, three months, six months, or a year. You will win bonus stars and redeem them for free drinks ad food items.

Collect three unique pieces

Best way to play Starbucks for life

There are ten lucky winners of Starbucks for life and each manages to collect three unique pieces for the grand prize. Two pieces are easy to find as they are numerous. However, the last unique piece is the rarest and hardest to find since there are only ten in the entire game. As we had mentioned, the more games you play, the higher your chances of winning. At the snowball shaking level, you can collect game pieces that can be redeemed instantly or used to advance to the next level.

Once you proceed, look out for the remaining pieces. If the odds are in your favor, you will find the last missing piece and be one of the ten grand prize winners. You will receive a card with your name engraved on it and a 30-year daily free food or drink items.

Informative Section

What is the best time to play Starbucks for life?

Make purchases after 2 pm to win an extra game or play on the weekends for an extra game.

What is the biggest prize ever won on Starbucks for life?

The Grand prize is awarded to ten lucky winners who walk away with a 30-year daily credit on qualifying food items and drinks.

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