When does Starbucks release valentines cups? (Where to Buy Starbucks Valentine’s Day Cups + More information)

When does Starbucks release valentines cups is a question coffee lovers and those close to them ask themselves. Read on to find out when these amazing cups are in stores near you.

My love language is coffee, so anything with coffee on it, I have to have it. It’s nothing too overboard, but I have to get the annual valentines coffee cups Starbucks releases. Like every year, the company came out with four different reusable cups for their coffee lovers to use on valentines and any time of the year. They have done well to make the cups different to appeal to people’s tastes. What’s fantastic about their 2022 cups is that their color-changing cups appear to be back due to popular demand.

Does Starbucks have Valentine’s Day cups?

Yes, Starbucks does have Valentine’s day cups, and they release them annually to commemorate the holiday of romance. They make limited edition cups that work as a perfect gift to yourself or others. There are typically about three to four cups that you can enjoy your beloved coffee, and each year the company comes out with different designs.

Remember to be quick about getting the cups because they are limited, and you’ll find they have run out. What you get in one location is not necessarily what you will find in others. Like many franchises, they do have to cater to the local tastes too.

How much are Starbucks Valentine’s cups?

Where to Buy Starbucks Valentine's Day Cups

You can get the 16-ounce plastic tumbler for $12.95, the 12-ounce ceramic tumbler for $19.95, the 24-ounce plastic kaleidoscope cold cup for $19.95, and the regular Starbucks reusable cups go for $2.95. The normal cups do come in different designs but will have hearts, are purple, pink, or red, and of course with their famous Starbucks logo. As a bonus, the hearts change color depending on the beverage’s temperature.

How do you order a Starbucks Valentine’s cup?

Just as with everything on their menu, you can purchase the valentine’s cups online. That means you no longer have to dash to a store near you to make the purchase. You can go to their website or mobile app and “Order” and tap on “Menu.” From there, scroll down to “Drinkware” and select your choice.

Make the order online before going to get it. It’s easier this way; it’s not pleasant getting to the store and finding your favorite cup is out of stock. If you can’t find the cup you want in your local store, you can change the location settings to see what other stores have. It may mean a longer walk or drive, but it’s worthwhile.


Thoughtful gifts, whether to others or yourself, can instantly lift your spirits. I liked the cold gradient cup with the kaleidoscope because it was red, had hearts, and was shiny. It was on the higher end of the price spectrum, but I find it worthwhile to enjoy my cold Starbucks brews. It comes with the red straw as well. It was a perfect gift for myself and a culture I would love to continue to have.

FAQ Section

Where to Buy Starbucks Valentine’s Day Cups?

You can get your Starbucks Valentine’s cup online from their app store or at any Starbucks licensed store, including Target.

When does Starbucks stop selling valentines cups?

Starbucks stop selling their valentines cups once stocks run out. They make a limited amount each year, so you are better off getting to the store immediately. The cups roll out in January but are typically almost gone when valentine’s day comes around.

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