What happened to Dutch Bros Apparel (Does Dutch Bros Still Sell Apparel on its website + More Information)

What happened to Dutch Bros apparel? The write-up below will inform you of all you need to know.

Sadly, Dutch Bros no longer sells its apparel on the website. The coffee chain gave no reason for the discontinuation. Recently, I saw someone rocking a sweatshirt branded with the Dutch Bros logo. It had impressive art, which had me wish I owned one. I rushed to the website to buy one, only to find that Dutch Bros had discontinued selling its apparel. You may be intrigued as I am about why the company discontinued selling clothing. Read the article below to find out the availability and status of Dutch Bros apparel.

Can you get Dutch Bros apparel on their website?

Sadly, you cannot shop for Dutch Bros apparel on their website. Dutch Bros sold clothing such as branded t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, baby gear, and hats on their official website some years back. After some time, customers noted that the company had removed that from their catalog.

However, you can get other items, such as drinkware which include mugs and flasks. They have accessories which are French Press and Dutch Bros gift cards. Apart from the two categories, they have Dutch at-home items that are no different from drinkware.

Where else can you get Dutch Bros apparel?

What happened to Dutch Bros Apparel
Dutch Bros T-shirts. Image source: eBay

As mentioned, Dutch Bros does not sell apparel on their website. However, the good news is you can find their branded apparel on other platforms. You can get Dutch Bros items on eBay, TeePublic, and Poshmark. You should be aware that you will purchase these items at a higher price than regular pre-owned clothing costs. Also, you are unlikely to find brand-new items as all the available ones are pre-owned.

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Did Dutch Bros discontinue the sale of its apparel?

There is yet to be an official statement that clarifies whether Dutch Bros discontinued the sale of their apparel. However, judging from the company’s website. It is clear that they no longer sell their clothing. We have pre-owned Dutch Bros items out in the market on different platforms.

You should know that the company allows employees to dress how they feel most appropriate. Hence they don’t have a dress code. However, the company offers branded shirts to their employees every month. It means the company still makes shirts but not for sale.


How much is Dutch Bros apparel?

Dutch Bros no longer sells its apparel. However, they are branded on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and TeePublic. Since the company no longer sells its clothing, the ones available are pre-owned that go for $15 to $30, depending on the site. If you find these pricy, consider buying a plain shirt or sweatshirt, then have it branded with Dutch Bros’ logo.

Where does Dutch Bros get its apparel from?

It is still being determined where Dutch Bros gets its clothing. The company provides t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters to its employees. It may have a contract with another textile company that makes its employee apparel. Customers and fans of Dutch Bros love their apparel and long to have the clothing option back on the website.

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