15 Veteran Owned Coffee Brands (top-ranked veteran-owned coffee brands like Black Rifle + More Information)

Do you know of any veteran-owned coffee brands? The review below is about 15 veteran-owned coffee brands; read on to find out all you need to know.

My uncle is a veteran and is with most of them; he knows how to make good coffee, which explains the veteran-owned coffee brands across the globe. Over the years, my uncle introduced me to a couple of veteran-owned coffee brands. One of my favorites is Black Rifle Company. Apart from coffee, they make merchandise such as hoodies and t-shirts which I own a couple of. Other veteran brands make quality coffee that I later got to learn about. The article below lists 15 of the best veteran-owned coffee brands; follow on to learn about these shops.

Do veteran-owned coffee brands serve premium coffee?

Many veteran-owned coffee brands make and sell premium coffee. As we know, coffee is a part of those in service lives. Since it is among the most accessible drinks to prepare, they consume a lot. With frequent consumption, they have gained expertise in designing the beverage.

Several veteran-run coffee brands are worthy of competition to existing coffee brands such as Starbucks and Dutch Bros. Veteran-run companies such as Black Rifle and Alpha coffee brands produce various suitable quality coffee types.

Can you work at a veteran coffee brand if you are not a veteran?

Most of the veteran coffee brands employ fellow troops to manage their business; however, they also engage those who are non-veterans. An example is Black Rifle, whose staff are half veterans and the rest are non-veterans.

To align with the companies’ visions, most veteran coffee brands seek veterans who can sell their products better. Furthermore, many believe that those in service carry the discipline and commitment needed in the coffee industry. Therefore, when seeking employment from such a company, ensure you can meet the expectations and blend with the rest of the staff.

Can you work part-time at a veteran-owned coffee brand?

Yes, you can find a veteran-owned coffee brand that hires workers who wish to work part-time. However, since most of the staff are veterans, they may opt to work full-time. Also, most of these companies are less vast than these other coffee brands with numerous locations.

Therefore they may afford only to employ full-time workers. Considering they are small brands, they may consider getting staff completely committed to taking their brands to the next level.

How we choose the Best veteran owned coffee brands

There are various brands of veteran coffee-owned companies across the globe; therefore, we used specific criteria to come up with the list of the best. We looked into the companies’ products and services as determinants of what could appear on the list. Sadly, most veteran-owned coffee brands are not widespread; therefore, we had to conduct in-depth research to get the actual feedback.

Since the companies are dealing with a beverage, we compared the type and quality of coffee they produce. Also, we considered customers’ feedback as key in analyzing the companies to get honest reviews. Customers’ reviews are genuine opinions that tell the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s products and services.

15 Veteran Owned Coffee Brands

Pale Veteran-Owned Coffee

Veteran Owned Coffee Brands 
Pale Veteran-Owned Coffee. Image source: Pale Veteran-Owned Coffee

Starting the list is Pale Veteran-owned coffee that two former USA militants started, Gray Livingston and Don Wingard. Apart from serving, they discovered their passion for making great coffee. The company produces premium coffee in small batches, a good option for home shoppers.

Pale coffee is on a mission to improve veterans’ lives after serving. Also, the company works with organizations to make donations aimed at veterans, animal welfare, and first responders. As a customer, you can request coffee roasted to your liking.

They have light, medium-dark, and dark roast, single-serve pods, and flavored coffee options. Interestingly, they also sell merchandise from drinkware, apparel, hats, accessories, coffee makers, and gift cards. They have their logo printed on the merchandise. The company has an active website where you can purchase anything from coffee to merchandise.

Guardian Coffee Co.

 veteran-owned coffee brands like Black Rifle
Guardian Coffee Co. Image source: Guardian Coffee Co.

Derek Pettus, a former marine, began the company whose name inspired by the unit’s call sign, Guardian. The company runs initiatives to improve the lives of veterans and, generally, those in need. What you will enjoy about their coffee is that they make coffee on an order basis. Therefore you get your coffee when still fresh.

Another unique factor about the company is that they offer brewing guides and advice on brewing equipment that you can easily purchase on its site. Also, they mostly do organic or natural roasts, which are more health-conscious. The company is doing well by providing free shipping to its domestic orders.

Altruistic Joe

Veteran Owned Coffee Brands 
Altruistic Joe. Image source: Altruistic Joe

Altruistic Joe matches up to its name by providing one of the best coffee to its customers. Jamie and Libby Jenks, best known as ‘the Jenks, ‘ started the company whose mission is to serve the community. They donate 20% of all the company’s proceeds to their community and participate in other societal donations.

The company seeks coffee from all over the world. What is unique about the company is its categorization of coffee; Year-Round blends, Single Origin Coffees, and sample packs. In each category, there are different kinds of coffee as well. The company’s website is well laid out; you can select what you want and donate if possible.

Black Rifle Coffee Company

Veteran Owned Coffee Brands 
Black Rifle Coffee Company. Image source: Black Rifle Coffee Company

In 2014, Evan Hafer, a former U.S. Army Green Beret. The aim behind starting the company is to support first responders, veterans, and families through donations and providing employment. The company has grown and has several locations, 18 stores spread out in the U.S. apart from the coffee, they sell merchandise such as hoodies and t-shirts.

As for the coffee levels, you can order light, medium, or dark, depending on your preference. Physical stores aside, you can call on their website, which has over 68 products that may confuse you. However, their best-selling are Freedom Fuel Coffee Roast (Dark roast), Just Black Coffee Roast (Medium roast), and Freedom Roast Coffee (Medium roast).

Warrior Spirit Coffee

top-ranked veteran-owned coffee brands like Black Rifle 
Warrior Spirit Coffee. Image source: Warrior Spirit Coffee

The name of the company goes to show what the brand stands for. Warrior Spirit is a veteran-run company that aims to provide good coffee while giving back to fellow veterans. Just as with similar coffee brands, they donate 5% of their proceeds to the community.

The company sources its coffee beans worldwide, while the rest is from American producers. Apart from the coffee, they sell merchandise such as hoodies. The company is a cut above the rest; they try to stick to eco-friendly practices such as using recycled and compostable products.

Freedom Hill Coffee

Veteran Owned Coffee Brands 
Freedom Hill Coffee. Image source: Freedom Hill Coffee

Freedom Hill Coffee works in honor of the fallen soldiers who died during service. A group of veterans and friends of these persons runs the company. Here they work to offer a space where people related to fallen warriors can find healing and peace.

Apart from coffee, the company sells merchandise such as apparel and gear. They have different types of coffee, such as espresso roast, decaf, and vanilla bean. You can select the level of roast you like from light, medium, dark, and extra. They also have flavored coffee and coffee pods.

Alpha Coffee

top-ranked veteran-owned coffee brands like Black Rifle
Alpha Coffee. Image source: Alpha Coffee

Alpha coffee was started in 2010 by Carl Churchill, an enlisted soldier and officer. He got support from his wife, and they began as an online business before establishing physical stores. The company operates under the mission “Awesome coffee, be a warrior, have fun, and give back.”

Alpha coffee not only produces coffee but they work to restore the dignity of veterans. They donate to their community and give veterans a 10% discount on their coffee. Alpha coffee has a variety of coffee; Smooth Operator, Special Reserve, Double Barrel Black, Warrior Select, and Charlie Don’t Surf.

Counter-Strike Coffee Company

Veteran Owned Coffee Brands
Counter-Strike Coffee Company. Image source: Counter-Strike Coffee Company

Another veteran-owned company is the Counter-Strike brand. The company has eye-catchy titles that reflect the military and those in service. You can select the roast level you wish your coffee to be, light, medium, or dark. They have three different Napalm, Fire Watch, and Smooth operator. However, they produce coffee in small batches.

Victory Coffee

top-ranked veteran-owned coffee brands like Black Rifle 
Victory Coffee. Image source: Victory Coffee

Victory coffee came to be in March 2015 through a former Navy Seal sniper Cade Courtley initiative. They make various coffee products; they have K cups, ground coffee, whole bean, and even coffee pods. You can select the roast level you want your coffee to be, from light to medium to dark. They source their coffee beans internationally; therefore, you get a blend of flavors. One of their favorite coffee products is Victory Coffee’s Soldier Cups which customers term the world’s strongest single-cup pods.

Invader Coffee

Veteran Owned Coffee Brands 
Invader Coffee. Image source: Invader Coffee

Invader coffee is a small-run beverage business that produces air-roasted coffee. The company makes coffee uniquely, giving it an excellent cut above the rest. It is without acidity or bitterness, unlike most coffee brands that offer a strong bitter taste. Invader’s coffee has a smooth and subtly sweet flavor. The company’s packaging is also appealing, with interesting drawings showcasing the military culture. Invader assures you of quality coffee. Furthermore, they guarantee you 100% money return should you feel dissatisfied.

Warfighter Coffee Company

Veteran Owned Coffee Brands 
Warfighter Coffee Company. Image source: Warfighter Coffee Company

Forrest Mowles, who served in the U.S. Army, started the Warfighter Coffee Company, which produces a limited amount of coffee. They deliver on a roast-to-order basis, where they have according to your liking. The company is in San Diego, where they locally get coffee beans. You may be drawn by their variety of roasts; light, medium, and dark. Therefore, you have a variety to choose from. Apart from making coffee, the small business aims to empower veterans by creating jobs and giving back to their community through donations.

Military Java Group

top-ranked veteran-owned coffee brands like Black Rifle 
Military Java Group. Image source: Military Java Group

If you love coffee from Arabica beans, the Military Java group has what you want. The company seeks the best Arabica beans to make their coffee. The company combines Arabica with different flavors to produce a sweet-smelling coffee. Many of their customers attest to an aromatic Military Java Group Coffee cup. The company’s coffee types are Bravo Zulu Java, Jarhead Java, Stars & Stripes, roasted, K-Cups, and ground. The company centers on giving back. Therefore, it puts 50% of its profits into donations.

Three Rivers Coffee Company

Veteran Owned Coffee Brands 
Three Rivers Coffee Company. Image source: Three Rivers Coffee Company

Another small veteran-owned coffee company is Three Rivers. They are governed by the principle of providing the community with excellent coffee while helping veterans get to work. A group of veterans operates this company where they produce a limited amount of coffee. They use an order basis to roast the coffee beans to your desired level. You get a variety to choose from; single-serve coffee pods, ground, and whole beans. The company imports coffee beans from across the world.

Silencio Coffee

Veteran Owned Coffee Brands
Silencio Coffee. Image source: Silencio Coffee

Ending the list is Silencio Coffee which came to me recently, in 2022. It is run by two veterans on a mission to create and serve amazing coffee. They also aim to inspire a diverse group of men who, apart from gun fighting, can equally make good coffee. They offer ground coffee which they ship to different parts of the world depending on your preferred ability.

GI Joe Coffee

Veteran Owned Coffee Brands 
GI Joe Coffee. Image source: GI Joe Coffee

On the list, we have G.I Joe coffee which is run and owned by veterans. The company seeks to create awareness and a community of disabled, differently-abled American veterans and the disadvantaged. Families of those who lost their lives during service are part of the group. They have unique packaging which tells a story of America’s historical past. The company offers a variety of coffee in different sizes.

Informative Section

Which coffee tastes closest to Black Rifle Coffee?

The best Black Rifle coffee alternative is Lake City coffee. It is because the type of coffee beans and method of roasting in both companies are almost similar.

What veteran-owned coffee brand makes better coffee than Black Rifle?

There are various veteran owed coffee brands that make as good coffee as Black Rifle. However, Pale Veteran Owned Coffee is good completion.

Is Black Rifle coffee more affordable than other veteran-owned coffee brands?

No. Black Rifle coffee is pricey to some customers. Other veteran coffee brands are affordable.

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