8 best coffee beans for Jura machine (coffee beans you can use in your Jura machine + more information)

Jura produces the best at-home machines for brewing an excellent cup of coffee with robust flavor. However, the type of coffee beans affects the quality and flavor of your coffee. So, what are the best coffee beans for Jura machines?

Some of the best coffee beans to be used in any Jura machine and produce excellent coffee with great aroma and flavor include Starbucks espresso dark roast whole coffee beans and koffee kult dark roast coffee beans, among others. I am a big fan of Jura machines because of how they consistently produce quality coffee with great taste and flavor.

However, recently when I switched coffee beans, I noticed that the flavor strength in my coffee had dropped. Upon consulting my friend, a skilled barista, he gave me an in-depth answer as to how coffee beans play a huge role in the outcome of your cup of coffee. We researched the best coffee beans to be used in Jura machines and came up with our top pick.

Here are our top picks of the best Jura machines:

Can you use regular coffee grounds in Jura machines?

Yes, you can use regular coffee grounds in your Jura machines. However, these machines perform best with freshly ground coffee beans to bring out the best flavor and taste with a floral aroma. Therefore, if you use regular coffee grounds, ensure you go for high-quality grounds to minimize flavor loss.

What is the best roast level for coffee beans to be used in Jura machine?

The best roast level for coffee beans to be used in the Jura machine is medium to dark roast. This is because well-dark roasted coffee beans have a more pronounced flavor profile that compliments the brewing technology that comes with a Jura machine, resulting in coffee with a robust flavor and great taste. Furthermore, the acidity content in dark roasted beans is low; hence, they produce a smooth drink with a slightly bitter taste. However, you can also use light roast coffee depending on your preferences in a drink.

How we choose the best coffee beans for Jura machine

We chose these coffee beans based on their compatibility with Jura machines, their roast level, and their quality. It is easy to produce coffee of excellent quality when the beans complement the grind and complexities of your machine. Furthermore, depending on your preferences, the roast level is essential, as different roast levels have different flavors and strengths. For example, dark roast coffee beans are a bit more bitter and full-bodied than lighter roasts.

Therefore, when deciding which coffee beans you should use in your Jura machine, this article goes with coffee beans of the best quality and different roasts. The coffee beans in this article produce professional-class beverages when brewed correctly.

Eight best coffee beans for Jura machines

Starbucks dark roast whole coffee bean

 best coffee beans for Jura machine 
Starbucks dark roast whole coffee bean. Image source: Starbucks

Even if you are not a big fan of Starbucks or big corporate chains, Starbucks dark roast whole coffee beans are outstandingly great for your Jura machine, and you should give them a try for the best cup of coffee. Starbucks dark roast whole coffee beans combine Asia/Pacific beans with Latina American ones. This produces a strong roast with the best aroma, robust flavor, and caramelized hints. The flavor in these coffee beans is even louder and more intense when used in lattes and cappuccinos.

Therefore, if you prefer to make milk-based drinks using your Jura machine, you would want to look no further than these Starbucks classics. Furthermore, Starbucks is widely-known for producing high-quality coffee beans with well-cured blends. In simple words, Starbucks produces their coffee beans in a way that they retain some essential oils key in bringing out great flavor in your drink.

For those not fans of darker roast coffee beans, Starbucks offers these particular coffee beans in different variations, including a lighter roast that you can go with. Furthermore, Starbucks designed these coffee beans to perfectly fit a super-automatic espresso machine, which makes it a good option for any Jura machine.

The limitation of these coffee beans is that their roast level is so dark and hence can be a bit strong and heavy for those who enjoy lighter roasts. Furthermore, you will need a machine with a super fine grind to get an amazing drink out of this machine.

WILD JO dark French roast organic coffee

WILD JO dark French roast organic coffee. Image source: JO

If you are looking for smoky coffee with a taste profile that combines hints of brown sugar and dark chocolate roasts, then this French roast will serve you well. Wild Jo uses specialty-grade coffee to make this French roast; hence you are assured of the professional-class beverage. This coffee results in a low-acidity drink that is smooth and deep in flavor.

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend (Light-Medium Roast)

 best coffee beans for Jura machine
Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend. Image source: Lavazza

These medium-roasted coffee beans combine Robusta coffee with Arabica to produce high-quality coffee perfect for espresso drinks. These coffee beans have a wholesome composition resulting in some hazelnut and brown sugar notes when brewed.

Furthermore, if you love a slightly flavored drink with a bitter-sweet taste, you won’t get over these coffee beans once you taste them for the first time. Another stand-out feature of these coffee beans is that they are compatible with any Jura machine, and you can be assured of flavorful coffee. They are also allergen-free and produced in a nut-free facility to ensure no room for cross-contamination.

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

 best coffee beans for Jura machine 
Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans. Image source: Koffee Kult

If you love all things noir, then these coffee beans that feature Colombian beans were made for you. The Koffee Kult dark roast coffee beans have a deep body and bold aroma with smooth flavor notes of caramel and cinnamon. These coffee beans have been roasted with special techniques to bring out the juicy flavor in your coffee while heightening the caffeine content in the beans.

Generally, these beans are excellent for cold brews. And some Jura machines are equipped with iced coffee programmed in their drinks menu; you can use that to create a great brew. However, this coffee is not a good option for espresso as it is pretty smoky and does not produce the perfect crema for espresso drinks. Furthermore, unlike the dark roasted beans from Starbucks, these have a low oil content hence expect less flavor than you would have received from Starbucks dark roast whole coffee beans.

Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee Signature blend

coffee beans you can use in your Jura machine 
Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee Signature blend. Image source: Don Pablo

If you are looking for medium-roast coffee beans compatible with any Jura machine and offer a cleaner cup of coffee, try out the Don Pablo Gourmet coffee signature blend. This coffee is 100% organic and certified to be GMO-free. It does not contain oils; hence you are sure there will be no excess oil to clog your Jura machine. The result of these coffee beans is a drink with rich cocoa notes, and it holds up your espresso quite well. Furthermore, storing these beans is quite easy as it comes in a zip-lock bag that ensures your coffee is fresh.

Verena Street 2 Pound Espresso Beans

 best coffee beans for Jura machine
Verena Street 2 Pound Espresso Beans. Image source: Verena Street

Verena Street is dark-roasted coffee beans with a full body and produces a sweet drink with a creamy complexity. In simple words, the result of these coffee beans is a whole experience! Verena Street produces its global-class coffee blends by using unique skills and technicalities to roast beans from different origins to create unique flavor qualities.

The major reason why these coffee beans made it to this list is how they perfectly combine sharpness and smoothness to produce a sweet, creamy cup of coffee with slight to no bitterness at all. Furthermore, Verena Street offers a wide range of coffee bean options you can purchase and experiment with to see which fits your needs and perfectly complements your Jura machine.

Furthermore, Verena Street 2-pound espresso beans are certified by Orthodox, which is the most recognized and trusted institution for kosher certification. Therefore, these coffee beans would serve you well despite your religious beliefs. However, you should watch out for these beans as they tend to be oil and could easily clog up your grinder.

Kicking Horse Coffee (Medium Roast)

 best coffee beans for Jura machine 
Kicking Horse Coffee. Image source: Kicking Horse Coffee

The Kicking Horse Coffee is unique from other coffee beans as it blends pretty well with almost every machine and is excellent for almost every drink you want to prepare with your espresso machine. It has a complex and bold flavor that reflects in its drinks; hence, it is the best option for those who are after flavorful drinks.

Furthermore, these coffee beans’ acidity is low, making the drink smooth. The flavor is also well-balanced, and you will not find it overwhelming. It is bright and can pair well with any drink, and you can be assured it will meet your preferences.

If you love darker roasts, then this would be a really great option for you. It is also kosher-certified and ideal for those with specific religious and dietary backgrounds. The only downside of these coffee beans is that they are slightly pricier compared to most organic coffee beans in the market. They are also oily and could clog your grinder if you are not careful.

Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast Grounds

 best coffee beans for Jura machine 
Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast Grounds. Image source: Death Wish

This is for those who love higher-caffeinated drinks. These coffee beans are known to be the strongest due to their high caffeine content. They are made from a blend of Robusta beans and Arabica and are prepared well to ensure they retain as much caffeine as possible. Besides high caffeine content, you are assured of a drink with rich chocolate, cherry notes, and a fuller-bodied flavor profile. Furthermore, the acidic content in these coffee beans is relatively low, resulting in a smooth cup of coffee.

Informative Section

Does Jura machine make good coffee?

Yes, Jura machines make good coffee. Jura is well-known for producing high-quality machines with advanced brewing technology and customizable setting which produce coffee with excellent flavor and taste.

What is the grind level for coffee beans in a Jura machine?

The best grind level for coffee beans in a Jura machine depends on the specific model of the Jura machine that you are using and the drink you want to make. Espresso works best with a fine grind level, while a latte or cappuccino can work well with medium-coarse and medium-fine grind levels. However, most Jura machines come with adjustable grind settings that allow you to fine-tune the grind level to your liking. You can experiment with different grind levels and see which works best for your machine to produce the best drink.

Can you use Starbucks coffee beans in a Jura machine?

Yes, Starbucks offers a wide range of roast levels and flavor profiles; hence you cannot miss settling on Starbucks coffee beans that suit your Jura machine perfectly.