How to Use Delonghi Espresso Machine (A Step-by-Step Guide + More Information)

The Delonghi Espresso Machine is a fantastic coffee maker that can last for years if used and maintained appropriately. Read on to find out how to use the Delonghi Espresso Machine.

If you have just gotten your Delonghi Espresso Machine, you must be beaming with joy. At least, I was when I first got mine. It was a little challenging to set up and clean, but I researched thoroughly to avoid spoiling them. I first got the manual Delonghi, but soon upgraded to an automatic. Whether automatic or manual, this espresso machine works amazingly. This article is the only guide you will need to find out how to do all that. I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to handle the Delonghi Espresso Machine.

How Do You Set Up a Delonghi Espresso Machine?

Before you begin making delicious coffees with your Delonghi Espresso Machine, you need to set it up. Find out how below.

Automatic Espresso Machine

  1. Get all the components out of the box package. Expect a power cord, coffee machine, and starter kit to be in the box. The starter kit will have a water filter, descaling agent, scoop, cleaning tool, instructional DVD, warranty card, and instruction manual.
  2. Plug the machine into a power source and turn it on.
  3. Eject the water tank on the side of the machine and fill it up with cold water.
  4. On the display screen, set your preferred language by pressing OK when the language of your choice comes up.
  5. Insert the hot water steam nozzle and press OK. The hot water device is the nozzle on the machine’s side.
  6. Place a frothing mug under the steam nozzle and press OK. A loud buzzing noise will be heard as air leaves the steam nozzle.
  7. The machine will perform a hot water flush and then switch off.
  8. Switch the machine back on and allow the gadget to rinse water through its outlets. The system is preheating.
  9. Your machine is set up and ready for use!

Manual Espresso Machine

  1. Remove the machine and all its accompanying accessories from the packaging. The machine will come with a single filter holder, a double filter holder, an ESE filter holder, and a scoop.
  2. Carefully remove any tags or protective tape.
  3. Plug in the machine.
  4. Remove the water tank and fill it with fresh water.
  5. Place it back in position and close the lid.
  6. Turn the machine on and let it heat the water in the tank. It will show flashing lights.
  7. When the lights stop flashing, the water has been heated sufficiently.
  8. As a last step, place a cup or container under the steam nozzle and allow hot water to run through the system by turning the steam valve. Turn them off when the container is half full.
  9. Place the container under the boiler outlets and allow hot water to run through them by pressing the hot water/coffee button.
  10. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times to preheat and prime the machine for espresso making.
  11. Once the machine has adequately preheated, it is ready for beverage making.

Making A Beverage Using Delonghi Espresso Machine

How to Use Delonghi Espresso Machine 
Using Delonghi Espresso Machine. Image source: Delonghi

Making espresso and coffee with this machine is a simple task once you get the hang of it. The easy process is outlined here:

Automatic Espresso Machine

  1. Fill the beans container with freshly ground coffee.
  2. Place one or two serving mugs under the outlets at the front of the machine. You can adjust the distance between the outlets and cup/s. The nearer they are to them, the creamer the coffee will be.
  3. Select your required coffee setting using the appropriate button functions.
  4. Your coffee will begin brewing, and a progress bar will be shown on the display panel.
  5. The coffee will gradually fill up until it is done.
  6. Drink and enjoy!

Manual Espresso Machine

  1. Preheat and prime the espresso machine.
  2. Take a single filter and place it in the filter holder.
  3. Using a leveling scoop, place one scoop of fresh ground coffee in the filter.
  4. Tamp the coffee with the built-in tamper. The harder you compress it, the richer the result will be.
  5. Dust excess coffee away, then attach it to the boiler outlet by connecting and securing it in an anticlockwise direction.
  6. Place your serving mug or cup under the outlets and press the coffee button. It should ideally take 18 to 20 seconds to brew. There should be a layer of crème on top.
  7. Stop the brewing process by pressing the coffee button.
  8. Remove the filter holder and empty the filter and its contents using the clip on the holder’s handle.
  9. Clean any residual coffee from the boiler outlets.
  10. Enjoy your espresso.

How To Froth Milk Using A Delonghi Espresso Machine

How to Use Delonghi Espresso Machine
Frothing Milk Using A Delonghi Espresso Machine. Image source: Delonghi

Frothed and steamed milk is a great addition to any cup of espresso. That’s how cappuccinos are made. With the Delonghi Espresso Machine, you can conveniently froth and steam milk.

Automatic Espresso Machine

  1. Fill a stainless-steel container with cold milk. Preferably use one with a handle to avoid burns.
  2. Ensure the espresso machine is clean to get the best results.
  3. On the steam nozzle, set it to cappuccino so that it can be in the froth setting.
  4. Place the container underneath the steam nozzle and immerse it in the milk.
  5. Press the steam button. Depending on the model, you can alter the milk’s froth amount, consistency, and temperature.
  6. Gently rotate the container in an upward motion as the milk froths.
  7. When the desired froth has been achieved, stop the steam by pressing the steam button.
  8. Carefully remove the container from the steam nozzle and enjoy.

Manual Espresso Machine

  1. Switch the machine on and press the steam button.
  2. A green light should go on to indicate that the machine is ready to steam milk.
  3. Place cold milk in a stainless-steel jug and position the tip of the frother just past the milk surface. The jug should also be larger to accommodate the frothed milk.
  4. Open the steam valve.
  5. The milk will begin to froth but will not heat up. To heat the milk, immerse the frother deeper into the jug. Using your hand, touch the jug to gauge if it is warm enough.
  6. When the milk is at the desired consistency and heat, close the steam valve, remove the frother from the jug, and enjoy.

Cleaning A Manual Delonghi Espresso Machine

Cleaning your espresso machine is an essential element of proper maintenance. It also makes your coffee safe for consumption. This is how you clean the Delonghi Espresso Machine:

How To Clean A Delonghi Espresso Machine

Since the machine has different operational parts, the parts should be cleaned separately. Here is how you do it:

Brew Head and Gasket

This is the section that attaches to the filter. It is also known as the group head. Wiping it down with a paper towel is the easiest way of cleaning it. Try to do it weekly. If coffee residue has accumulated and is tough to get out, employ the use of a cleaning brush to gently scrub its crevices. The gasket may be removed and cleaned in a soapy solution. Let it dry before placing it back.

Filter Mesh

The filter is found in the filter holder and should be cleaned after every use. Avoid using harsh tools on it as it is very delicate. Wipe it carefully with a paper towel to clean it. For deep cleaning, use soap and warm water and allow it to dry.


The frother should ideally be wiped with a paper towel after each use to remove milk residue. Use a damp paper towel if the scum is excessive. Also, blasting the frother each time will clean its interior pipe.

Machine Body

For its exterior, wipe it regularly to avoid dust build-up or coffee stains. To clean the interior, ensure you descale your manual Delonghi Espresso Machine monthly to prevent scale build-up.

How To Descale A Delonghi Espresso Machine

  1. Remove the device’s water tank and place approximately 150 ml of the descaling agent in it.
  2. Fill the remaining space in the tank with clean water and allow the solution to mix.
  3. Place the water tank back in its position.
  4. Put a container under the frother/steam wand and boiler. This container will collect dripping water.
  5. When the green light comes on, turn the steam valve or press the hot water/coffee button.
  6. The descaling solution will flow through the machine and exit via the boiler outlet. This water will be collected in the container.
  7. After 10 seconds, turn the steam valve on so that the descaling solution flows through the steam wand.
  8. Wait another 10 seconds, then turn the steam valve off.
  9. Allow the espresso machine to rest for 15 minutes before repeating this process periodically. The water tank should be empty with no solution left.
  10. After all the solution is gone, repeat the procedure again but only with fresh water. Do not put the descaling agent in the final cycle.
  11. Your Delonghi Espresso Machine is now scale-free!

What Do You Use to Clean a Delonghi Espresso Machine?

To clean a manual Delonghi Espresso Machine, you will need the following:

  • Warm water
  • Cleaning brush
  • Paper towels
  • Detergent
  • Descaling solution

Cleaning an Automatic Delonghi Espresso Machine

How To Clean A Delonghi Espresso Machine

How to Use Delonghi Espresso Machine
Cleaning an Automatic Delonghi Espresso Machine. Image source: Delonghi

The automatic Delonghi espresso machines have separate parts that are cleaned separately. This is how you tackle each section:


Use a paper towel to wipe the spout often, preferably weekly.

Water Tank

Take it out, give it a good rinse, and clean it with detergent and water. Allow it to dry.

Drip Chamber

Remove it carefully and wipe it with a clean paper towel. Do this once a month.

Machine Body

Most models have an automatic flushing mechanism that runs after frothing or steaming milk to clean the frother. Ensure you also give this part regular wipe-downs with clean kitchen towels. For the internal system, aim to descale the machine every month if you use it daily.

How To Descale A Delonghi Espresso Machine

  1. Switch on the Delonghi Espresso Machine and empty its water tank.
  2. Place approximately 150 ml of descaling liquid into the tank and top it with water.
  3. Put the water tank back in.
  4. Put a container under the steam nozzle to collect dripping water.
  5. Press and hold the descaling button for 5 seconds to activate the descaling setting.
  6. Open the steam nozzle fully to allow the hot water to escape.
  7. Leave the machine for one hour.
  8. After the hour of descaling, fill the water tank with more water. Do not add a descaling solution.
  9. Empty out the container with the collected hot water and place it back under the nozzle.
  10. Switch on the flush setting and leave the machine for another hour.
  11. After the tank is empty, your machine should be scale-free.

What Do You Use to Clean a Delonghi Espresso Machine?

Here are the equipment and items you will need to clean an automatic Delonghi Espresso Machine:

  • Paper towels
  • Warm water
  • Detergent
  • Descaling solution or agent


Is a Delonghi espresso machine easy to use?

Yes! Both automatic and manual versions of Delonghi espresso machines are easy to use. The set-up procedures are straightforward, brewing instructions are simple, and cleaning them isn’t hard. However, the automatic models are slightly more straightforward than the manual ones.

How much water do you put in a Delonghi espresso machine?

A standard Delonghi espresso machine water reservoir can hold approximately 1.5 liters of water.

How long does it take to make coffee using a Delonghi espresso machine?

On average, the automatic and manual Delonghi espresso machines take between 18 to 25 seconds to brew coffee.

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