8 Best Tea with Coffee Flavor (Our Best Choices for Teas That Taste Like Coffee + More Information)

If you love your Coffee but can’t handle the crash, anxiety, or acidity, coffee-flavored teas would be perfect. Read about the best tea with coffee flavor here.

I love my Coffee as much as the next guy, but as pumped as I may feel, the extreme highs from Coffee, followed by crashes, heart palpitations, acidity, and coffee anxiety, aren’t worth it. Unfortunately, quitting cold turkey is a much more painful reality, so I’ve been taking coffee-flavored teas. Call it a placebo effect, but these teas work great. Read on for details of the best coffee-flavored teas.

Should you mix tea with Coffee?

If high caffeine is not an issue for you, you should mix tea with Coffee. Contrary to popular belief, enjoying your Coffee and tea doesn’t have to be an either-or choice because you can, and maybe you should consider mixing your tea with Coffee. If you enjoy Coffee and tea, you should finesse the art of blending the two.

What kind of tea can I put in my Coffee?

The best teas to add to your Coffee include black and green tea. It is important to remember that the type of tea you choose to mix with your Coffee will have the desired or less desirable effect because teas need to be steeped for different periods. Sweet tea, spiced tea, jasmine tea, chamomile tea, rooibos tea, and Yerba Mate are the other teas you can mix with Coffee.

How much tea should I mix with Coffee?

You could use more or less tea depending on the caffeine strength desired from your coffee tea blend. In most cases, however, the coffee-tea blend contains equal parts tea and Coffee.

Since mixing tea and Coffee boosts your cup’s caffeine levels, you should use more tea and very little Coffee if you are avoiding an overly caffeinated cup of Coffee.

The type of Coffee you use is also essential. If you are using black Coffee, which carries 200mg of caffeine or even more, add less tea because you don’t want to exceed the 400mg of caffeine recommended by the FDA as the daily limit.

How do we choose the best teas that taste like Coffee

The products on this list were selected based on specific, science-based criteria that allowed us to objectively judge the specific elements of the teas, as well as their pros and cons. The objectivity of the criteria used further allowed us to look critically at the pros and cons of each product.

We mostly concentrated on the taste of the teas. We gathered ten coffee lovers for a tasting session. We picked the teas with the most positive reviews and the ones the group voted as the closest substitutes for Coffee. These teas were also selected based on their health and nutritional profiles.

8 Best Tea with Coffee Flavors

Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Herbal Leaf Tea

Best Tea with Coffee Flavor 

First on the list is this organic, roasted dandelion root tea is first on the list, and it’s a favorite. This tea has a simple, roasted dandelion root flavor that tastes like Coffee, and its bitter notes make it even more exciting.

In addition to helping you feel like you are taking some form of Coffee, this Coffee is decaffeinated, and you wouldn’t have to worry about becoming jittery during the day. Even so, you get to enjoy all its benefits, including the fact that this tea supports healthy digestion and stimulates your liver.

I also like this tea because it is a certified USDA-organic tea brand that is Kosher and Non-GMO verified. Interesting how this tea is slowly converting me into a tea lover! Check the price here.

Special Tea Loose Leaf Roasted Almond Fruit-Flavored Tea

Our Best Choices for Teas That Taste Like Coffee 

If you cannot wrap your mind around how to go a day without your caramel Frappuccino, I recommend getting this flavorful roasted almond fruit tea by Special Tea.

This tea has an acid-free base whose flavor profile is embossed with sweet apple flavors. It gets its red color from beetroot added to it, and the incorporated cinnamon pieces enhance its flavors. Together, the tea’s flavor notes turn into a finessed blend of sweet roasted caramelized almonds that mimic your favorite caramel Frappuccino. The infused flavors and the tea merge into a natural-tasting and refreshing tea that makes excellent hot or iced tea. There is no doubt that you will stop worrying about Coffee. Check the price here.

Twinings K-Pods English Breakfast Tea

Best Tea with Coffee Flavor 

Bet you didn’t know that there are K-Cup Pods for tea. Thanks to Twinings English Breakfast Tea, made with high-quality and extra flavorful caffeinated black tea, you can finally enjoy your freshly brewed tea at home. The whole brewing process makes you feel like you are taking Coffee, and because the tea is a blend of the finest quality tea, every sip will make you forget your beloved Coffee since it’s flavored and feels just like Coffee. Check the price here.

Teeccino Vanilla Nut Herbal Tea

Our Best Choices for Teas That Taste Like Coffee 

This is the other tea with a coffee flavor, and it is one of the richest, most flavorful roasted herbal teas with a nice Mediterranean flavor. Although this tea is caffeine-free, its flavors mimic those of roasted, nutty, vanilla-flavored Coffee, meaning that you wouldn’t have to think about Coffee. I also like this Coffee because it is caffeine-free, with prebiotics added to improve gut health and boost your energy levels. This herbal tea comes in a box with 25 tea bags, and you will be happy to know that the tea has a very low acidity, allowing persons with acidity to enjoy the tea. So, if you have been looking for an excellent coffee substitute, this flavored herbal tea would be ideal. Check the price here.

Teeccino Dandelion Tea Sampler

Best Tea with Coffee Flavor

If you want to see if teas can taste or have the same flavors as Coffee, this sampler bag of dandelion tea is offered by Teeccino. This sampler bag has 12 tea bags made of caffeine-free roasted herbal tea in flavors such as dark roast, coconut, caramel, turmeric, red chai, and mocha mint, and you get to enjoy the benefits of these teas while slowly weaning yourself off Coffee. You may also like this Coffee because of its detoxifying benefits and magical tea flavors. The common ingredients in these teas include dandelion root and organic chicory. Check the price here.

Tiesta Tea Loose Leaf Cocoa Mocha Tiramisu Coffee Black Tea

If you are looking for coffee-flavored tea with high caffeine content, consider getting this loose-leaf Cocoa Mocha Tiesta Tea Blend with Tiramisu Coffee. The loose tea makes up to 25 cups of flavored black tea, but it’s essential to note that this tea has some actual coffee beans, meaning that this is more of a coffee-tea blend. Other ingredients incorporated in this tea beside the roasted coffee beans and black tea include sweet blackberry leaves, chocolate, white chocolate, freeze-dried yogurt pieces, and natural flavors. Also, note that this tea-coffee blend contains soy and milk. Check the price here.

Bigelow Vanilla Chai Black Tea

Best Tea with Coffee Flavor 

Bigelow offers this elegant black tea blend infused with vanilla flavors for a rich and uncompromised experience while reminding you of vanilla-infused Coffee. The tea is made of high-quality, hand-picked tea leaves, and the best part about the tea is that the vanilla and black tea flavors are enhanced by spices that enhance the flavors and body of the tea. Check the price here.

Twinings Chai Flavoured Black Tea K-Cup Pods for Keurig

Our Best Choices for Teas That Taste Like Coffee

Are you thinking of a spiced chai tea latte, but you’re now off Coffee? You may like this Twinings flavored black tea that promises a sweet and savory coffee-flavored coffee. The tea is caffeinated, meaning that you won’t miss out on any of Coffee’s goodness, and its sweetness and savory flavors come from the added spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. The best part is that you get to brew this tea in your Keurig or any other single-serve coffee machine, and you can enjoy the vibrant aromas of the tea, either hot or iced. Check the price here.


Does tea with Coffee taste good?

Tea with Coffee tastes amazing because they blend well together. And depending on the flavors of the elements incorporated in the blend, the coffee and tea blends may be the best inventions ever made. The blends are often regarded as fusion cuisines. However, it is essential to remember that not all coffee and tea blends work; some don’t work, so if you are not buying a pre-blended tea-coffee mix or coffee-flavored tea, you may have to experiment a lot.

Is there a tea that smells like Coffee?

Yes, some teas taste just as good as Coffee. These include dandelion root teas, South African Rooibos tea, known for its nutty and sweet flavor, and South American Yerba Mate tea, known for its earthy and slightly bitter coffee-like flavor. Yerba Mate not only has caffeine but is also brewed just like Coffee. Robust black tea may also have some imbued dark roast coffee flavors.

What is tea and Coffee mixed together called?

It’s essentially a chai latte, although the brewed blend of tea and Coffee has different names depending on where it’s made or where you may be. In Japan, the blend is called Kocha and Masala Chai in India. In Mandarin, the blend is called yuenyeung and Kopi Cham in Malaysia. In your local Starbucks, however, your tea and coffee blend could be a dirty chai.

Is Coffee and tea a good mix?

Coffee and black tea is a great mix that you can enjoy, either caffeinated or decaffeinated. However, it’s important to note that it takes finesse to create the perfect tea and coffee blend – black Coffee and black tea, for example, would make a poor mix.

Some good mixes include green tea and Coffee, masala tea and Coffee, or masala tea with milk and Coffee.

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