Starbucks US vs. Starbucks Canada: how do they compare?

Have you ever thought of treating yourself to a great coffee while interacting with friends and family? If yes, have you ever thought of Starbucks? Well, most people are always caught in the middle of trying to find out which Starbucks branch is great between Starbucks US and Starbucks Canada.

I love to explore a lot, and this made me have an experience with both coffee houses. It is for this reason that I have created this post to help you in understanding how both of them compare to one another. Lastly, you will find out the great features of each coffee house.

What are the differences between Starbucks US vs. Starbucks Canada?


Starbucks US

Starbucks Canada


Has good light, well decorated with interior wall arts

Has good furniture arrangement, provides space for interactions


Has over 15, 466 store locations

Has 1400 store locations


Offers a more diverse menu

The menu is limited

Price Range

Prices are affordable

Prices are a little expensive

Beverage sizes

Sizes range between 8 ounces and 31 ounces

The sizes range from 8 ounces to 30 ounces

Environmental Consciousness

Reduces waste generation, reduces water wastage

Uses recyclable cups


Has more traffic


Has moderate traffic

Benefits and Compensation

Provides good benefits and compensation

Offers great benefits and compensation

Job Opportunity

Provides both permanent and temporary job opportunities

Offers temporary and permanent job opportunities

Flexibility and Working Hours

Has flexible working hours that suit students and mothers

Provides flexibility in working hours

Job Satisfaction

Great job satisfaction

Has great job satisfaction


Has good management

Has great management

Drinks Quality

Offers quality drinks

Provides drinks of good quality

Delivery Options

Has limited delivery options


Has limited delivery options

Starbucks US vs. Starbucks Canada – How they compare.


Starbucks US vs. Starbucks Canada

Starbucks Us provides an amazing and welcoming environment to its customers, with its amazing lighting and decorations.

On the other hand, Starbucks provides a good arrangement of furniture that offers interactions with family and friends.

It is a draw, in this category since both Starbucks in US and Canada are designed to suit the cultures of its clients.


Starbucks US boasts of having over 15,466 store location that offers drinks and food to its growing population.

On the contrary, Starbucks Canada has 1369 store locations where Canadians enjoy getting their drinks.

Starbucks Us wins in this category because it has many stores locations


Starbucks US has a more diverse menu that addresses the growing needs of the American people. some of the items available are Coffee, tea, and food items among others.

On the other hand, Starbucks Canada has drinks and food items that are limited but address the preference of the Canadians.

It is a win for Starbucks US since it has a diverse menu

Price Range

Starbucks US provides fairly affordable drinks and food items to its customers, making it a preferred choice for many.

On the contrary, Starbucks Canada offers relatively high prices for its item on the menu.

Starbucks Us takes the win in this category since it offers cheaper options

Beverage Sizes

Starbucks US

Starbucks Us offers you the following drink sizes, 8 ounces, 12 ounces, 16 ounces, 24 ounces, and 31 ounces for Trenta. Order your drink in one of the above sizes and enjoy.

Inversely, Starbucks Canada will allow you to get your drinks in the following sizes 8 ounces, 12 ounces, 16, ounces, 24 ounces, and 30 ounces.

It is a draw in this category since both Starbucks US and Canada have similar drink sizes

Environmental consciousness

Starbucks US has put so many efforts into reducing waste generation in its stores and also it has reduced its water wastage.

On the contrary, Starbucks Canada uses recyclable cups as a way to prevent waste generation.

Since both coffee houses are taking part in environmental conservation, it is therefore a draw.


Starbucks US has huge traffic both in-store and online in most of its stores.

On the contrary, Starbucks Canada has a moderate traffic flow in its stores.

It is a win for Starbucks US since it drives more traffic

Benefits and Compensation

Starbucks Us provides good benefits as well as a proper compensation package.

On the other hand, Starbucks Canada is known to offer proper compensation and great benefits to its workers.

It is a draw in this category because both Starbucks US and Canada provide great benefits and compensations.

Job Opportunity

Starbucks Canada

Starbucks US offers many temporary as well as permanent job opportunities to a wide variety of people.

Additionally, Starbucks Canada also provides both permanent and temporary to Canadians.

It is a draw in this category since the two coffee houses provide job opportunities

Flexibility of working hours

Starbucks US has the flexibility of working hours for its growing number of employees, especially students and mothers who may want to take care of their children.

On the other hand, Starbucks Canada also provides flexible working hours to its employees.

It is a Draw, in this category as both Starbucks US and Canada provide flexible working hours.

Job Satisfaction

Starbucks US is one of the companies that offer great job satisfaction to its employees, making many people want to work there.

In addition, Starbucks Canada provides great job satisfaction to its vast staff.

In this category, it is, therefore, a draw since both branches offer great job satisfaction.


Nothing beats the Starbucks US management. It has one of the good management in the region contributing to its success.

On the other side, Starbucks Canada provides good management something that is envied by many people.

It is yet another draw in this category as both of them have great management.

Drinks quality

When it comes to drinking quality Starbucks US strives to provide the best drink that places it ahead of its competitors.

Starbucks Canada on the other hand provides quality drinks that match the culture of the Canadian people.

Both coffee house provides quality drinks that match the culture of their people, making it a draw in this section

Delivery options

Starbucks US has limited delivery options as you can get your delivery through the Starbucks app as well as Uber Eats.

On the flip side, Starbucks Canada also has a limited delivery option where you can get your deliveries. Such as Uber Eats and Starbucks apps.

It is a draw in this category since both companies, have similar almost similar delivery options

Starbucks US vs. Starbucks Canada – A Comparison Overview

Starbucks US Overview

Starbucks US takes pride in commanding over 15466 store locations that provide drinks and food to the vast majority of the American people. If you want to give yourself some good treats with Starbucks US, you can opt for a takeaway, dine-in, or delivery. Some of the Starbucks addresses where you can get your drinks to include Starbucks 2401 Victory Park Ln Dallas, Starbucks 1E Delaware Pi Chicago among others

The top states with the most Starbucks store locations in the US are California which has 3005, Texas has 1,287, Florida 812, Washington has 738, New York has 662, Arizona has 548, Virginia has 466, Colorado has 494, Illinois has 647 and Ohio has 461 store location.

Starbucks US has employed more than 70, 000 employees directly in its stores. Over and above that Starbucks US has a huge number of customers who make their purchases at Starbucks. It has a customer base of more than 37.8 million.

Starbucks Canada Overview

Starbucks US vs. Starbucks Canada

Starbucks Canada has continued to expand its operations among Canadians and at the moment its store locations are standing at 1400. Starbucks Canada gives you the privilege of enjoying your favorite cup of coffee through drive-through, dine-in, and delivery. The following are addresses with the Starbucks locations Ontario has 589 store locations, British Columbia has 329, Alberta has 226 stores, Quebec has 97, Saskatchewan has 38, Manitoba has 40, Nova Scotia has 23, Newfoundland and Labrador have 9, New Brunswick has 14, and Prince Edward Island has 2. Among the cities, Toronto leads the pack with 134 store locations.

Starbucks Canada welcomes you to a company that has strong values you can be proud to be associated with. Currently, the workforce of Starbucks Canada is 24, 000. It is the workforce that has contributed heavily to the growth of this company in the region. Additionally, Starbucks Canada has more than 1.2 million customers.

Final Verdict: So, which is Better? – Starbucks US vs. Starbucks Canada

Both Starbucks US and Starbucks Canada are very good. While both coffee houses serve different markets, they have stood the test of time in trying to make their customers and employees feel satisfied. Starbucks US is great since it offers a good ambience that attracts its customers. has good benefits and compensation, and has great job satisfaction. At the same time, Starbucks Canada provides an ambience where people can interact, offers great benefits as well as compensation packages to its employees, and the job satisfaction rate is high.

You can always choose to get your drinks and food items from Starbucks US or Starbucks Canada since all of them are great at offering quality products.


Which is busier between Starbucks in Canada and US?

Starbucks In the US is busier since it has huge traffic of customers.

Which one has more Starbucks locations between Starbucks Canada and US?

Starbucks US has more store locations with over 15466 spreads across the United States.

Which one has more menu items between Starbucks Canada and US?

Starbucks US has more menu items than Starbucks Canada.

Is Starbucks more popular in the US than in Canada?

Yes, Starbucks is more popular in the United States than in Canada since there are more Starbucks stores in the region.

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