Starbucks’ secret menu: vanilla apple spice (taste, ingredients, caffeine, calories, Copycat recipe & more information)

The Starbucks vanilla apple spice is a variation of steamed apple juice with vanilla and offers a warm, wholesome flavor that resembles a warm apple pie slice. If you love apple-flavored drinks, try this out.

The vanilla apple spice is a recreation of the caramel apple spice, but with vanilla syrup instead of cinnamon dolce syrup. I came across the vanilla apple spice just recently when I visited Starbucks. I was undecided on what to have but wanted an apple-flavored drink. The barista on duty that day was kind enough and recommended that I try the vanilla apple spice from the Starbucks secret menu. I am glad I listened to him, as this drink was heavenly. I even learned a copycat recipe of how the vanilla apple spice is prepared at home. Stick around to know more about the vanilla apple spice from Starbucks.

A brief history of the drink

Vanilla apple spice is a variation of the caramel apple spice found on Starbucks’ regular menu. This drink was discovered in 2015 after the debut of the caramel apple spice. Both these drinks are inspired by the apple pie, as their taste resembles that of a warm, flavored apple pie. Apple pies were invented in the 1850s and have developed a cult following from all over the world.

Starbucks vanilla apple spice overview

What’s in a Starbucks vanilla apple spice? – (Ingredients)

The Vanilla apple spice is simply caramel apple spice prepared without adding cinnamon dolce syrup and vanilla syrup. The apple juice used to prepare this drink is steamed with vanilla bean powder to enhance the vanilla flavor. If you want extra spice in your drink, ask your barista to add cinnamon to the apple juice when steaming it. Garnish this drink with cinnamon, whipped cream, and dark caramel drizzles to enhance its taste.

  • Vanilla syrup – the vanilla syrup substitutes the caramel syrup used in the original version of this drink, hence the change in flavor.
  • Vanilla bean powder – this powder enhances the vanilla flavor in vanilla apple spice.
  • Apple juice – this is the core ingredient in this drink; it provides this drink with a warm apple pie feeling.
  • Whipped cream/dark caramel drizzle – the vanilla apple spice is garnished with dark caramel drizzles and whipped cream to enhance the taste.

Starbucks vanilla apple spice: sizes, nutrition, caffeine & calorie

Starbucks’ vanilla apple spice

What sizes are available?

The vanilla apple spice is available in 5 sizes; kids, short, tall, Grande, and Venti. A kid serving size is usually similar to a short, only that now you have the go-ahead to allow your kids to have it. Additionally, if you are trying out the vanilla apple spice for the first time, start with a smaller size, as the unique taste of this drink is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea.’

Nutritional facts

The vanilla apple spice is relatively healthy and thus can be an everyday drink. You can be sure this drink will jeopardize your health, as its calorie and carb content is within the daily intake value.

Calories (per 2,000 daily intake)273
Nutritional Value (Grande serving)Daily Value
Total fat 0.6 grams


Saturated fat 0.1 grams

Total carbs 67 grams


Total sugars 58 grams

Sodium 29.8 mg1%
Cholesterol 0 mg0%
Protein 0.5 grams 

Caffeine information

Vanilla apple spice has no caffeine content in it. This drink is more of a warm refresher than an energy boost. You can, however, request your barista to make it with some espresso shots if you need a stimulant.

So, what does Starbucks vanilla apple spice taste like?

Apple juice infused with vanilla! Do you know that slightly sweet and unique taste an apple has? Now mix with some vanilla, and you will have pictured the taste profile of this drink. Its taste is not too flavorful or spicy, but you can add some cinnamon to it to spice things up.

Ways to customize a vanilla apple spice at Starbucks

Do you know you can add some tea to your apple spice juice and dirty it? I know many people might not bet on this, but trust me, I tried it out, and it is beautifully delicious. Getting a bit of caffeine from fruity-spiced tea. You can also enhance the flavor of this drink further by topping it with some add-ins like strawberry pure or dragon fruit infusion.

How to make Starbucks vanilla apple spice at home – Starbucks vanilla apple spice Copycat Recipe

Starbucks' secret menu: vanilla apple spice

Starbucks vanilla apple spice Copycat Recipe

Kai Jordan


  • Pan
  • Spoon
  • Glass


  • Apple juice
  • Vanilla extract
  • Vanilla bean powder
  • Whipped cream/cinnamon


  • Steam your apple juice with vanilla bean powder using a pan.
  • Transfer the steamed juice into a glass and add enough amounts of vanilla extract to it.
  • Garnish it with cinnamon and some whipped cream.
  • Enjoy your drink.


  • To enjoy this drink cold, you can serve it over ice.
  • To get a drink with a more natural taste, you can blend your apple juice at home. The easier alternative is just buying ready-made juice.

Informative Section

How do you order vanilla apple spice from the Starbucks app?

To order this drink via the Starbucks app, simply order a caramel apple spice made with vanilla syrup and vanilla bean powder instead of caramel syrup and cinnamon dolce.

Is the Starbucks vanilla apple spice still available?

Yes, the vanilla apple spice is still available.

Does Starbucks have a vanilla apple spice all year round?

This drink is available all year round as its ingredients can be easily found at the coffee house.

Is the Starbucks vanilla apple spice healthy?

Yes, the vanilla apple spice is healthy as its calorie and carb content is pretty low.

How much is the Starbucks vanilla apple spice?

The barista determines the price of the vanilla apple spice, depending on size, how you customize it, and the location you are ordering from.

Is vanilla apple spice from Starbucks good?

Absolutely! If you love apple pies, then this drink will excite you.

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