Starbucks secret menu: The fuzzy rabbit (taste, ingredients, caffeine, calories, Copycat recipe & more information)

Try out the Starbucks fuzzy rabbit if you want to spice up your regular coffee or latte with some chocolatey flavor. This drink is simple but with the right amount of flavor to keep you asking for more.

Once in a while, I love trying out my latte in different flavors. Recently, I just discovered the fuzzy rabbit from Starbucks’ secret menu. Let me tell you, if you have not tried out this drink yet, then you are missing out on a lot. This drink is the ultimate version of a latte! Its taste profile is unique as it combines chocolate, vanilla, and some hints of almond. What I loved most about this drink is it is pretty straightforward to order and not as complicated as other secret menu items. Read on to learn more about this beverage and how you can make it at home.

A brief history of the drink

The fuzzy rabbit offered at Starbucks is simply a latte flavored with mocha syrup and hazelnut syrup. Lattes were introduced at the coffee chain in 1983 by Howard. Since then, they have been customized to offer different variations, with the fuzzy rabbit being one of them, but as a secret menu item.

Starbucks the fuzzy rabbit overview

What’s in a Starbucks, the fuzzy rabbit? – (Ingredients)

According to Starbucks’ secret menu website, the fuzzy rabbit is made of a latte, white mocha syrup, and hazelnut syrup. If you prefer coffee to a latte, you can make this drink with iced coffee instead of a latte.

  • Latte – the latte used as a base drink for the fuzzy rabbit is simply a combination of ice, milk, and brewed espresso.
  • Whipped cream – whipped cream topping is the perfect topping for the fuzzy rabbit as the creamy, smooth finish makes your experience while having this beverage exception.
  • White mocha syrup – the white mocha syrup enhances this drink’s flavor by giving it a sweet chocolatey taste.
  • Hazelnut syrup – this syrup takes this drink’s flavor to a new level by adding hints of vanilla and almond.

Starbucks the fuzzy rabbit: sizes, nutrition, caffeine & Calories

Starbucks fuzzy rabbit

What sizes are available?

Like most Starbucks lattes, the fuzzy rabbit is available in three sizes; a tall, a Grande, and a Venti. If you have never tried this drink before, I recommend you start with a tall and upgrade if you like it. However, if you love a chocolatey-flavored drink, you can jump straight to a Grande.

Nutritional facts

You can easily conclude whether this beverage is healthy from the ingredients mentioned above. But if you can’t, I will take you through its nutritional content, calculated using its ingredients, as Starbucks has not availed the exact values.

Nutritional value (Grande serving)Daily Value
Total fat 16 grams


Saturated fat 10 grams




Total carbs 47 grams


Sugars 45 grams

Sodium 190 mg8%
Cholesterol 55 grams18%
Protein 11 grams 

From the above values, it is pretty evident that this drink is unhealthy and should be avoided by someone on a low-calorie diet.

Caffeine information

Starbucks’ the fuzzy rabbit has 150 mg of caffeine, just like most lattes at the coffee house. The caffeine content varies in size. Therefore, if you want an energy boost while enjoying this chocolatey drink, order it in a Grande or Venti size.

So, what does Starbucks’ fuzzy rabbit taste like?

The fuzzy rabbit from Starbucks tastes like white chocolate with hints of vanilla and almond. The white mocha syrup gives this drink a dominant chocolate taste, while the hazelnut syrup is responsible for the subtle hints of almond and vanilla. If you use iced coffee while ordering your fuzzy rabbit, you will feel some hints of coffee when taking it.

Ways to customize a the fuzzy rabbit at Starbucks

It is almost impossible for a Starbucks drink to exist without any variation. Therefore, though the fuzzy rabbit is a customization of the latte, you can customize it even further to make it healthier and achieve a unique taste. To make this drink healthier, consider dropping the whipped cream topping and opting for mocha drizzles. The drizzles will also enhance the chocolate flavor of this beverage. Also, consider ditching whole milk and use either breve, plant-based, or non-fat milk to make the fuzzy rabbit.

How to make Starbucks the fuzzy rabbit at home – Starbucks the fuzzy rabbit Copycat Recipe

Starbucks secret menu: The fuzzy rabbit

Starbucks the fuzzy rabbit Copycat Recipe

Kai Jordan


  • Espresso machine
  • Glass
  • Spoon


  • Milk
  • Ice
  • Brewed espresso
  • White mocha syrup
  • Hazelnut syrup
  • Whipped cream


  • To make the fuzzy rabbit at home, prepare your espresso using an espresso machine.
  • Pour the espresso into a glass and add milk on top of it.
  • Add white mocha and hazelnut syrup into the glass, stirring well.
  • Garnish your drink with whipped cream for a creamy finish.
  • Enjoy!


  • You can use coffee instead of brewed espresso.
  • Additionally, you can use any type of milk to prepare this drink, as it won’t have much impact on the texture and flavor.

Informative section

How do you order the fuzzy rabbit from the Starbucks app?

This drink is simple to order, hence can be ordered via the Starbucks app. To order it, simply order a latte or an iced coffee, and customize it by adding hazelnut syrup and white mocha syrup.

Is the Starbucks the fuzzy rabbit still available?

Yes, this drink is still available at Starbucks.

Does Starbucks have the fuzzy rabbit all year round?

Yes, the fuzzy rabbit is a permanent drink on the Starbucks secret menu as its ingredients are readily available.

Is the Starbucks the fuzzy rabbit healthy?

No, this drink is unhealthy due to its relatively high carbs, calories, and cholesterol.

How much is the Starbucks the fuzzy rabbit?

The price of the fuzzy rabbit is determined by the barista, depending on the size and how you customize it.

Is the fuzzy rabbit from Starbucks good?

Get it from me; you will love this drink despite your preferences; it is a great pick-me-up drink.

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