Starbucks’ secret menu: peach ring tea (taste, ingredients, caffeine, calories, copycat recipe & more information)

If you were a big fan of peach ring gummies during childhood, then order Starbucks peach ring tea as it has a similar taste to the gummies. Read on to learn more about this drink and how to order it.

I was a big fan of peach ring gummies when I was a child. I loved these candies a lot because they were affordable and sweet. Discovering peach ring tea made me nostalgic and easily became my go-to drink. I love this drink because it is sweet, tastes the same as peach gummies, and is so easy to order. I even learned how to make it at home. I prepared this article to help anyone who wants to try out the Starbucks peach ring tea or make it at home.

A brief history of the drink

This drink is simply a blend of the Valencia orange refresher with passion tea, prepared without water and peach syrup added to it. The passion tea used as a base drink in this beverage was introduced at the coffee chain in 1971. Unfortunately, this drink is no longer available at Starbucks, as the Valencia orange refresher was discontinued in 2005.

Starbucks peach ring tea overview

What’s in Starbucks peach ring tea? – (ingredients)

Starbucks’ secret menu: peach ring tea

According to Starbucks’ secret menu website, this drink is a blend of half Valencia orange refresher and passion tea, made with no water and peach syrup added to it.

  • Valencia orange refresher – this refresher, a base drink of the peach ring tea, is no longer available at Starbucks.
  • Peach syrup – this syrup gives this tea its identity and enhances its flavor.
  • Ice – ice gives this drink its cool and refreshing features, making it a good drink option on a hot afternoon.
  • Passion tea– the Passion tea at Starbucks is an infusion of water, citric acid, hibiscus flower, cinnamon, fruit juice extract, natural flavors, apple, lemongrass, and licorice root.

Starbucks peach ring tea: sizes, nutrition, caffeine & Calories

What sizes are available?

This drink is available in four sizes, a tall, grande, venti, and a trenta. A tall is 22 ounces, a grande is 16 ounces, a venti is 24, and a trenta is 30 ounces. It is important to note that the nutritional content of this drink varies from one cup size to the other.

Nutritional facts

Though Starbucks has not made the nutritional information of this drink public, its nutritional facts can be calculated based on the ingredients used to make it. However, a quick look through the nutritional facts table and you will realize that this drink is quite healthy as it has relatively low amounts of carbs and calories.

Calories per 2000 daily intake140
Nutritional value%Daily Value
Total fat 0 grams


Saturated fat 0 grams

Total carbohydrates 34 grams


Sugars 30 grams

Sodium 30mg1%
Cholesterol 0 mg0%
Protein 0 grams 

Caffeine information

This drink has a caffeine content of 80 mg. The caffeine comes from the green coffee extract powder used to make the valencia orange refresher. Passion tea, also a base drink in this beverage, has no caffeine content.

So, what does Starbucks peach ring tea taste like?

The taste profile of this drink is a combination of tangerines and oranges with hints of passion flavor. This drink is slightly sweet as no sweeteners are added to it. However, you can sweeten it when customizing by adding the sweeteners of your choice.

Ways to customize a peach ring tea at Starbucks

As mentioned above, this drink is slightly sweet, so if you have a sweet tooth, you can sweeten it by adding the sweeteners of your choice. You can also order this drink with the strawberry acai refresher instead of the valencia orange refresher, which is unavailable. To increase the caffeine content of this drink, you can have it dirty by adding espresso shots.

How to make Starbucks peach ring tea at home -Starbucks Caffè Misto Copycat Recipe

Starbucks' secret menu: peach ring tea

Starbucks Caffè Misto Copycat Recipe

Kai JordanKai Jordan
Course Drinks
Cuisine American


  • Blender
  • Glass


  • Passion tea extract powder
  • Green coffee extract powder
  • Orange juice
  • Orange slices
  • Peach syrup
  • Sugar Ice


  • Blend passion tea extract powder, green coffee extract powder, orange juice, and sugar using a Blender till the mixture is consistent.
  • Transfer the mixture to a glass over ice and add peach syrup.
  • Stir the mixture until the peach syrup mixes in perfectly.
  • Cut orange slices into small pieces and garnish the drink with them. Enjoy!


  • You can use strawberry juice in place of orange slices.
  • Green tea and passion tea extract powders can easily be bought online or at grocery stores.

Informative section

How do you order peach ring tea from the Starbucks app?

This drink is no longer available; therefore, you cannot order it.

Is Starbucks peach ring tea still available?

No, this drink is no longer available, as the coffee chain discontinued the Valencia orange refresher.

Does Starbucks have peach ring tea all year round?

No, this drink is no longer available.

Is the Starbucks peach ring tea healthy?

Yes, this drink is healthy as it has low calories and carb content.

How much is the Starbucks peach ring tea?

The price of this drink depends on how you customize it.

Is Starbucks peach ring tea good?

This drink is so good, mostly if you loved the taste of peach ring gummies as a child.

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