Starbucks Honey blend Syrup (Ingredients, Taste, Copycat Recipe, Calories, where to buy & more information)

One of the best things about Starbucks is the endless ways you can customize your drinks. Have you heard about the Starbucks honey blend syrup and are unsure what it actually is? Read on to know more about it. 

Starbucks honey blend syrup is a mixture of water, honey, preservatives and flavors. Starbucks honey blend syrup is one of my to-go-to sweeteners as it is smooth and sweet. I have noticed that some customers love their coffee sweet, but are cutting down on sugar, and honey blend syrup becomes the best alternative. Therefore, in this article, you will learn more about Starbucks honey blend syrup ingredients, nutritional information, copycat recipe, taste and where to buy it, so read on.

Brief history of the syrup

Honey blend is an adaptation of raw honey, which has been used since the prehistoric times. At Starbucks, honey blend syrup is a sweetener made from a mixture of water, honey, preservative, and flavors. The company introduced the honey blend syrup which is approximately 64 percent honey, to make an easy blending process as it mixes quickly into drinks. Since regular honey is thick, it is ineffective in drinks as it does not dissolve easily. Thus, the honey blend syrup came to save the day as it is thinner, and baristas can pump it more easily when making your drink.

Is Starbucks Honey blend Syrup still available at Starbucks?

Yes, Starbucks has not discontinued honey blend syrup, and it is still available as a liquid sweetener in the customization option. However, Starbucks honey blend syrup supplies do not stay steady due to supply issues, demand issues and seasonal reasons; thus, it could be out of stock at certain times.

Where to buy Starbucks Honey blend Syrup

You can buy Starbucks honey blend syrup at Amazon. If you decide to make your coffee at home and still want the honey blend syrup to sweeten, you can get a bottle to use at home.  

Starbucks Honey blend Syrup (Ingredients, Taste, Calories, name variations)

Starbucks Honey blend Syrup

What’s in a Starbucks Honey blend Syrup- (ingredients)

What is in Starbucks honey blend syrup? According to the company’s website, Starbucks lists their honey blend syrup’s ingredients: honey, water, potassium sorbate, natural flavors, xanthan gum and citric acid. Luckily, you will only need two basic ingredients to make the honey blend syrup at home. Let’s talk about each ingredient.

Honey: It is the main ingredient and makes up about 64 percent of the syrup.

Water: Water is another essential ingredient because it helps to make the honey less viscous.

Natural Flavors: They are added to enhance the taste of the syrup.

Potassium Sorbate: It acts as a preservative. It improves the shelf life of the syrup.

Citric acid:  It gives the honey blend syrup a tarter flavor. 

Xanthan gum: It helps keep the syrup’s other ingredients from separating.

Starbucks Honey blend Syrup: nutrition & Calories

Nutritional facts

A serving (2 tablespoons) of the syrup will add 80 calories to your body. After consuming a serving of this syrup, you still have a balance of 1920 calories to achieve the daily maximum of 2000 calories per day.

So, what does Starbucks Honey blend Syrup taste like?

Since the honey in the syrup is diluted, it has a subtle flavor compared with regular honey. The syrup blends perfectly with many beverages giving them a burst of a sweet, rich flavor.

Drinks that use Starbucks Honey blend Syrup

Now that you have prepared your homemade honey blend syrup, you may ask yourself about the drinks you can make with it.

For that, we can get some inspiration from the Starbucks website menu.

Starbucks beverages prepared with the honey blend syrup are;

  • Honey Oatmilk Latte
  • Honey Almondmilk Cold Brew
  • Iced Honey Almondmilk Flat White
  • Secret Honey Bee Cold Brew

Notably, you can customize any Starbucks beverage with honey blend syrup.

Starbucks Honey blend Syrup: Other names

The Starbucks honey blend syrup has other names. It is also referred to as Starbucks honey mix. When prepared at home, it is referred to as simple honey syrup or honey blend syrup.

How to make Starbucks Honey blend Syrup at home – Starbucks Honey blend Syrup Copycat Recipe

Starbucks Honey blend Syrup

Starbucks Honey blend Syrup Copycat Recipe

Kai Jordan
You will only need two basic ingredients to make the honey blend syrup at home.
Cuisine American


  • Saucepan
  • Heat source
  • heatproof jar


  • 2/3 cup of water
  • 2/3 cup of honey


  • Place the water and honey into a saucepan
  • Place the sauce over a heat source and adjust the heat to medium.
  • Heat until the honey has dissolved fully
  • Pour the hot syrup into a heatproof jar and let it cool to room temperature
  • Seal the syrup tightly before storing it on your shelf or refrigerator.


Ensure the jar is tightly sealed to boost the syrup’s shelf life.

Informative Section

Is Starbucks Honey blend syrup vegan?

No, Starbucks honey blend syrup is not vegan as it contains honey as the main ingredient.

Is Starbucks Honey blend syrup gluten-free?

Yes, Starbucks honey blend syrup is gluten-free since honey is naturally gluten-free. 

How much is Starbuck Honey blend syrup?

You can get a one liter bottle Starbucks honey blend syrup at Amazon for $29.99.

Is Starbucks Honey blend syrup healthy?

Yes, Starbucks honey blend syrup is healthy as a serving only contains 80 calories, a fraction of the recommended daily intake. 

Does Starbucks use raw honey for its honey blend syrup?

Yes, Starbucks uses 64 percent raw honey to make its honey blend syrup.

Is Starbucks Honey blend syrup good?

Starbucks honey blend syrup is good, especially if you are a sweet tooth, as it makes your drink naturally sweet.

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