Is Dutch bros drive-thru only (can you order at the window for Dutch Bros + more information)?

You love all that Dutch Bros has to offer, and every evening you have to pass by the coffee chain. So, is Dutch bros drive-thru only?

Yes, Dutch Bros is drive-thru only. However, over the years, the coffee chain has made it even more convenient for its fans by coming up with walk-up windows and a few places to sit.

Last year, I met my knight in shining armor at the Dutch Bros drive-thru window. He was my order taker, and because this was my first time visiting the coffee shop, he pointed me toward the best drink, which I enjoyed. Since then, I have visited the coffee chain not only because I get to sit and watch him work as I enjoy my order but since its varied menu has top-notch items. Many coffee junkies find the coffee chain unique and wonder if it is only a drive-thru. By the end of the article, you’ll have gotten the answer to this question, so read on!

Can you order from Dutch Bros through the window?

 Where Does Dutch Bros Coffee Come From 
Dutch Bros employees. Image source: Dutch bros

Yes, you can. Apart from making a drive-thru order by their window, Dutch Bros offers walk-up window services, which are easy and fast as you just walk to their window and make an order. Most of the company’s customers swear by the kindness and positive attitude they always encounter when engaging the Dutch Bros employees while making their orders. Sometimes there may be many clients in the drive-thru lane; hence, walking up to their window would speed up the process.

Does Dutch Bros have a sitting area?

Yes, Dutch Bros has a sitting area where you can enjoy your order. However, from the start, the idea behind the coffee house was that it becomes a drive-thru. This is why the coffee shop is not too huge inside to accommodate many people at once. There are tables and seats, but these are limited to only a few people. This is why the customers have a limited time frame from the time they sit down to dine.

FAQ Section

How long can you sit at Dutch Bros?

You can sit and enjoy your order at Dutch Bros since there are plenty of tables. However, because the coffee house can occupy only around 50 guests at a go, there is a strict rule to keep time even as you enjoy your order. The friendly employees try very much not to appear rude as they ask that you consider leaving your chair for the next client after about 30 minutes lapse.

Does Dutch Bros have a parking space?

Yes, Dutch Bros has a parking spot, which is for the size of the building. The coffee shop offers parking at the front and back of the building. This makes it easier for customers so that when there are many clients, they can sit in their cars and wait for someone to come and take their order.

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