How Many Red Cups Does Starbucks Have? (What Size Are Starbucks Red Cups? + More Information)

Red reusable cups are versatile for everyday use to carry around any beverage you wish. But how many red cups does Starbucks have? Read on to find out!

Starbucks only has one type of red cup for their red cups day that happens annually. These cups are available at their stores after the brand announces when the giveaway is and how interested individuals can get them. The cups are eco-friendly and great for keeping your coffee at the right temperature for longer. Plus, they are spill-proof, and you do not have to worry if you knock them over.

Every Starbucks lover awaits the red cup season to participate every year. I wake up early to get mine, because they are a limited edition, and share a picture with my mother and sisters through our WhatsApp group. It is a part of our holiday tradition to use them when we meet for Christmas. If you do not want to miss the next Starbucks red cup give away. Below is more information on how and where to get them.

Does Starbucks still have the red cups?

No. The red cups are only available at Starbucks on the highly anticipated red cup day. The coffee chain announces when it happens to the public every year. Then, all day long, on the given day, Starbucks has a giveaway for the free limited edition of the reusable Starbucks red cups to their customers. On this day, the red cups are available in participating Starbucks outlets.

What size are Starbucks red cups?

The size of the Starbucks red cups is 16oz or the Standard Grande size. The red cups are made with recycled content as the brand aims to reduce waste as part of its goals. Also, in these cup sizes, you can enjoy various Starbucks drinks, whether iced, hot, or blended.

How do you get red cups at Starbucks?

What Size Are Starbucks Red Cups?

It is easy to get the red cups at Starbucks. First, you need to know the date of the red cups giveaway at Starbucks. The company announces the date and participating Starbucks outlets. Customers can then order a fall or holiday beverage from the list the brand offers at their Starbucks, and they will receive the reusable red cup. But, the red cups are available until supplies last. As part of the deal, you can get your drink as blended if it is your favorite, hot or iced. Since it is a limited edition, get yours early enough and as many as you want. The offer applies to all order methods, through in-person or its app.

Is there a limit on Starbucks red cups?

Yes. There is a limit to the Starbucks red cups. The quantities of the cups are limited while supplies last. The offer is once a year on one specific day the brand chooses. But, you can buy as many as you want as long as you buy the holiday or fall drink that qualifies you to get a cup. Therefore, you need to get yours early enough, as most stores run out of the red cups by noon of the release date. However, Starbucks is working towards plans to introduce reusable cups in the future.

Final thoughts 

The Starbucks red cups are available to the public every once a year. Thus, you can get yours on the date of the giveaway. You can get as many as you want, for it is a limited edition. In doing so, you become a part of Starbucks’ way of being inclusive in the holiday season. You can order yours or pick it up in person at their outlet for your friend, partner, or colleague. Also, it is a positive step toward achieving the planet’s goals of reducing wastage through single-cup use.

FAQ Section 

How much are Starbucks red reusable cups?

The Starbucks red reusable cups are free. However, for you to get one, you need to order a holiday or fall beverage from the list they provide at the outlet to participate in the giveaway. The free Starbucks red reusable cups are available while supplies last.

What is Red Cup Day at Starbucks?

The red cup day at Starbucks is the one day once a year when Starbucks has a limited edition giveaway of red reusable holiday cups to their customers. To participate in the red cup day, the customers should order a fall or holiday drink at the various participating stores.

Is Red cup Day only one day?

Yes. Red cup day is only one day and once a year. To know the exact day, customers have to wait for the brand to announce it and if there is any change for a customer to qualify.


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