5 Dutch Bros Matcha Drinks To Try (Best Dutch Bros Matcha drinks you should order + More Information)

The review below is an insight into available Dutch Bros Matcha drinks. Read on to find out details about each of them.

When I was a kid, my dad introduced me to Dutch Bros. Since then, I have tried out different items on their menu. As I have grown older, I have wanted to consume healthier drink options, with matcha at the top of my favorites list.

One of my favorite healthy Dutch Bros drinks is the Vanilla Matcha Latte. The vanilla syrup neutralizes matcha’s taste. If you love green tea, try Dutch Bros matcha tea, as they are comparable.

Do you know of other Dutch Bros matcha drinks? The review below highlights the mentioned beverages. Read on to discover their ingredients, taste, nutritional facts, and how to customize them.

What is a matcha drink at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros’ definition of a matcha drink is any drink that contains matcha powder. The coffee company does not make its matcha. However, they source their matcha powder from DoMatcha.

It produces quality matcha from Japan, which explains why customers love matcha drinks.

Matcha comes in powder form, which can go into any drink, from coffee, tea, smoothie, or milkshake. Sadly, they have a few drinks on the official menu which contain matcha.

Therefore, you can add it to any beverage and transition it to matcha.

Many customers often need clarification on matcha and green tea. You get both from one crop, but planting and harvesting are different.

Matcha tea is grown under the shade and extends into a bright green, whereas green tea is left under a direct sun whose leaves mature into a dark green shade with brown tones.

Therefore, the caffeine content in each is different. When you order green tea, ensure it is not similar to matcha. You’ll note a difference in the drink’s color; matcha drinks are green.

In contrast, beverages that contain tea are not green. If so, they could be from another ingredient.

What are the flavors of Dutch Bros matcha drinks?

There are two matcha flavors on the Dutch Bros’ official menu. They are latte and tea varieties; vanilla matcha latte and Matcha green tea latte. There are fewer varieties since fewer people enjoy drinking such drinks.

However, the secret menu has a few more flavors, like the dragon slayer, that combine raspberry, blueberry, blackberry syrups, and matcha.

You can also grab the electric berry matcha tea that combines sparkling water, lime syrup, blue raspberry, and matcha for a burst of berry goodness.

The good thing with matcha is that it can be added to many drinks since it is in powder form. It blends well with the rest of the ingredients.

How much are Dutch Bros matcha drinks?

Dutch Bros matcha drinks vary in price depending on the sizes. A small matcha Dutch Bros drink goes for $3.00, medium costs $3.50, and a large one will cost $ 4.50.

As the size goes up, the price increases as well. Most Dutch Bros drinks averagely cost the same. Most customers opt for their items as they are affordable compared to other high-end coffee shops.

How we choose the best Dutch Bros matcha drinks

There are not many Dutch Bros matcha drinks. Therefore, it was easy to come up with the review. We used specific criteria to conclude whether the drinks are as impressive as people perceive them.

However, for the few, we took our time to analyze each of its ingredients, nutritional facts, and taste.

Fortunately, since Dutch Bros matcha drinks are few, we could try all of them. While sampling the drinks, we considered how the matcha presented itself in each beverage.

Our reviews were just some of the ones used; we combined our studies with customers’ feedback to develop a reliable insight into the drinks.

Customer feedback is essential as it highlights genuine thoughts about specific products. Therefore, you can trust our review.

5 Dutch Bros Matcha drinks





Vanilla Matcha Latte

Espresso, vanilla syrup, matcha powder, and steamed milk.


Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha, green tea, espresso, steamed milk, and simple syrup.


Dragon Slayer Matcha

Raspberry syrup, matcha tea, blue raspberry syrup, and blackberry drizzle.


Palm Beach

Matcha tea, peach syrup, and pomegranate syrup.


Electric Berry Matcha tea

Blue raspberry syrup, lime syrup, sparkling water, and matcha tea.

Vanilla Matcha Latte

 Dutch Bros Matcha Drinks To Try 
Vanilla Matcha Latte. Image source: Dutch Bros

If you have had a matcha drink before, you may agree that it is not the best selection for those with a sweet tooth. It has a sour, bitter taste familiar to most healthy green shakes or smoothies.

However, the vanilla syrup neutralizes that taste adding sweet notes.

Dutch Bros Vanilla Matcha latte contains espresso, vanilla syrup, matcha powder, and steamed milk. The company makes espresso from its private reserve coffee blended with water and mild cocoa notes. Another ingredient is vanilla syrup which the company sources from Torani.

Dutch Bros vanilla syrup is the most commonly used over the rest since it blends well with other ingredients without changing the flavor.

You can select sugar-free vanilla syrup, which contains less sugar, thus resulting in less amount of calories. The coffee company uses steamed milk to make the latte.

You can opt for other types of milk; coconut, soy, or almond. If you desire a creamier drink, add in more milk, or opt for half and half.

The main ingredient is matcha powder which the company sources from other companies.

Matcha Green Tea Latte

 Dutch Bros Matcha drinks you should order 
Matcha Green Tea Latte. Image source: Dutch Bros

Another Dutch Bros matcha drink is Matcha Green Tea Latte. It has the usual latte taste but with a twist of matcha green tea. There are not as many calories and sugar in this drink, so lovers of healthy drinks opt for it.

Dutch Bros uses ordinary ingredients to make a latte in making a matcha green tea latte. The difference lies in adding matcha powder to the latte.

Ingredients that go into preparing the drink are matcha, green tea, espresso, steamed milk, and simple syrup.

Dutch Bros prepares espresso using preserved coffee, as seen in the previous drink. Unlike the Vanilla matcha latte, it does not contain vanilla syrup.

Instead, they use simple syrup. Green tea and steamed milk make an essential part of the beverage. The main ingredient, matcha, then goes into the drink.

Dragon Slayer Matcha

One of the drinks on the secret menu that pairs well with matcha is the Dragon Slayer. The beverage comes in purple as a result of the berry syrups included.

Many customers identify the beverage as an energy drink, but it transforms into tea in this case. In the end, the blackberry drizzle gives the drink a good twist.

There are a few ingredients that go into creating this drink. The barista uses Raspberry syrup, matcha tea, blue raspberry syrup, and blackberry drizzle.

The sourness of matcha blends well with the sweetness of the berry syrups turning the drink into an enjoyable beverage. You can enjoy this beverage best when iced.

Palm Beach

Dutch Bros Palm Beach is arguably one of the sweetest teas on their menu. It tastes like candy explosion. If you like matcha, you can take this amazing drink and replace green tea with matcha. The result will satisfy you.

Its initial color is orange, but when mixed with matcha, the resultant color is rainbow fusion. The taste only falls short of all the praise.

A few ingredients go into creating the drink matcha tea, peach syrup, and pomegranate syrup. Have this on a hot afternoon, and you will be hooked for a long time.

Electric Berry Matcha tea

 Dutch Bros Matcha Drinks To Try 
Electric Berry Matcha tea. Image source: Dutch Bros

The name says it all. Electric Berry matcha tea is an exciting drink. Customers who long for a quench thirsting drink get that with this beverage. It has an appealing blue-greenish tone that makes customers want a taste it.

Baristas use blue raspberry syrup, lime syrup, sparkling water, and matcha tea to create the tea. Matcha blends well with the lime and raspberry syrup and adds a feature that makes it stand out. This beverage is for you if you are on a healthy drink journey.

Informative Section

Do Dutch Bros matcha drinks have caffeine?

Dutch Bros matcha drinks contain caffeine. You get matcha and green tea from the same leaves. And as we know, green tea contains caffeine. Therefore, it is definite that matcha has caffeine.

What are the sizes of Dutch Bros matcha drinks?

You can get Dutch Bros Matcha drinks in small, medium, or large. Each size has a different price; more amount leads to higher costs.

If you try the drink for the first time, opt for a small cup; you may increase the amount over time.