Drink coffee + tea’s menu (Items on the DRINK coffee + tea’s menu, Price list + More information)

Most of us would rather know what to expect from a coffeeshop before visiting it for the first time. The DRINK coffee + tea’s coffee menu in this post gives you that information.

I remember my apprehension before I got into a DRNK coffee + tea’s store when traveling around Los Angeles last year- you would too if you were getting into a restaurant that you knew nothing about, alone.

I soon discovered it was a lovely place, with good coffee, and wished I’d discovered it earlier. This is the store to visit if you like organic espressos or teas. The freshly made sandwiches and paninis are filling, making it a worthy breakfast stop, especially when you anticipate a long day of work or travel. The service is top-notch, and so is the ambiance. Read on for the current menu with prices.

DRINK Coffee + Tea’s Coffee Menu Items and Price List


Turkey Bacon Avocado Bagel$ 2.20+
Cucumber Dill Turkey Bagel$ 2.20+
Greek Salad Bagel$ 2.20+
Egg Muffin with Cheddar$ 4.50
Bacon Muffin$ 5.00
Sausage Muffin$ 5.00
Sausage Egg Ciabatta (Roasted red peppers, cheddar, and red pesto)$ 6.90
Chorizo Egg Ciabatta (Red onion, Gouda, and chipotle aioli.$ 6.90
Vegetarian Egg Ciabatta (Roasted red pepper, Spinach, tomato, and provolone.)$ 6.90
Vegetarian Egg Wrap (Roasted red pepper, baby kale, tomato, and feta.)$ 7.10
Sausage Egg Wrap (Egg, spinach, cheddar, tomato, and chipotle chili aioli.)$7.10
Yucatan Sausage & Egg Wrap (Tomato, Spinach, cheddar, and chipotle aioli.)$ 7.90

Hot Ciabatta Panini

Items on the DRINK coffee
Hot Ciabatta PaniniPrice
BBQ Chicken Panini (Red onion, cheddar, and barbeque sauce.)$ 8.70
Chicken Pesto Panini (Tomato, Spinach, and provolone.)$ 8.70
Albacore Tuna Melt (, Baby kale, Provolone, and tomato.)$ 8.70
Turkey Gouda Panini (Roasted red pepper, Spinach, and red onion.)$ 8.90
Roast Beef Panini (Red onion, roast beef, cheddar, and chipotle chili aioli)$ 9.00

Fresh Bagels & Bagel Sandwiches

Fresh Bagels & Bagel SandwichesPrice
Fresh Baked Bagels & Cream Cheese (Pineapple almond Chipotle cilantro, cucumber dill smoked salmon.)$ 2.00
Greek Salad Bagel (Green, Cucumber, tomato, onion, feta olives, vinaigrette, cream cheese.)$ 8.50
Turkey, Bacon, and Avocado (and greens on every bagel.)$ 8.70

The Basics

The BasicsPrice
Drip Coffee$ 2.60+
Organic Espresso$ 2.70+
Americano$ 3.30+
Hot Chocolate$ 3.70+
Hot White Chocolate$ 4.00+
Latte$ 4.40+
Organic Cold Brew$ 4.40+


Golden Ginger Milk$ 5.20+
Chai Blanc$ 5.30+
The Spicy Coconut$ 5.30+


Drink coffee + tea’s menu
The Green Coconut$ 5.20+
Cinnamatcha$ 5.20+
Pink Matcha$ 5.30+


Artisan Tea$ 3.30+
Matte Latte$ 3.70+
Iced Tea$ 3.80+
Yerba Energy$ 4.70+
Earl Grey Latte$ 5.30+


Sunrise Coffee$ 4.20+
Super Coffee$ 4.20+
Copper Coffee$ 4.70+

Cold Brew

Cold BrewPrice
Cinnamon Honey Brew$ 4.70+
PB Banana Brew$ 5.90+


Chicken & Feta Salad$ 8.00
BBQ Chicken Salad$ 8.00
Farm Salad$ 8.00


Although DRNK coffee+tea’s is a relatively new entrant into the American coffee market, its presence- and difference- can’t be ignored. I like the shop’s swanky feel, the attention from the staff, and the fact that they have organic lattes, espressos, and teas. I find the meals to be of excellent quality, especially their freshly made bagels, sandwiches, and paninis.

The menu is as welcoming and approachable as the atmosphere provided by the restaurants. If you’d like cold drinks and refreshers, they got you covered- most DRNK coffee + tea’s have a QWENCH juice bar on the other side of the restaurant. However, they can do more in terms of marketing: a good number of people get to know about them by chance.

FAQ Section

How much, on average, can you spend on breakfast at DRINK coffee + tea’s?

On average, you can spend around $5.00 on breakfast at DRINK coffee + tea, with a bagel going for as little as $2.20 and a Yucatan Sausage & Egg Wrap going for as much as $7.90.

What is the most popular menu item at DRINK coffee + tea’s?

The Brad Pitt Latte is the most popular menu item at DRINK coffee + tea.

Are there vegan options items at DRINK coffee + tea’s?

Yes, there are vegan beverages and food options at a DRINK coffee + tea.

Does DRINK coffee + tea’s serve coffee all day long?

Yes, you can get coffee all day long at DRINK coffee + tea’s.

Does DRINK coffee + tea’s have oat milk on their menu?

No, DRINK coffee + tea’s does not have oat milk listed as a menu item, but you can have it as an alternative to dairy milk in your drink, such as the oat milk latte or the matcha oat milk latte.

Does DRINK coffee + tea’s have lunch hours?

Yes, you can get lunch at DRINK coffee + tea’s from 10 am.

Do you drink coffee + tea serve breakfast all day?

Yes, at DRINK coffee + tea’s, you can get items on the breakfast menu all day.

Does drink coffee + tea have decaf coffee?

Yes, DRINK coffee + tea’s have decaf coffee.

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