Do espresso have caffeine? (Is there caffeine in espresso? + more information)

Do you want to try out a shot of espresso and are wondering if you will get a caffeine kick from it? Do espressos have caffeine? Read on to find out.

Yes, espressos have caffeine. A single shot of espresso has around 64 mg of caffeine.

This caffeine content is enough to give you a burst of energy for a few hours. I was a big fan of cappuccino until my friend introduced me to Americano. As weird as it may sound, Americano is actually my favorite kind of coffee. I love the slightly bitter and sour taste of espresso. And when customized with some little mocha sauce, it gains a unique flavor that I find exceptionally energizing. When I first tasted Americano, I loved its bold and dark flavor and immediately inquired about its caffeine content. Upon knowing that it has the same caffeine content as an espresso shot, I order my Americano with two shots of espresso to get double energy. Stick around more about the caffeine content in espresso.

How much caffeine is in a shot of espresso?

Do espresso have caffeine?
Shot of espresso. Image source: Pixabay

Averagely, an espresso shot has 64 mg of caffeine. However, this caffeine content varies depending on the types of beans, roasts, and brewing methods used. Therefore, expect this amount to range from 64 mg to around 75 mg in a shot of espresso.

The caffeine content in a shot of espresso is more than the caffeine in an ounce of brewed coffee. An 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee has around 96 mg of caffeine, which means an ounce will have approximately 12 mg of caffeine. However, though an ounce of brewed coffee has less caffeine, you will generally get more caffeine from a cup of brewed coffee than you will get from an espresso shot.

Have you ever questioned where espresso gets such high caffeine content in such a small serving? Well, the answer lies in how it is prepared. Espresso is made with fine grounds hence providing a larger surface area and allowing pressurized water to pass through quickly and extract as much caffeine as possible.

How much caffeine is in a liquid ounce of espresso?

The caffeine content in a liquid ounce of espresso is similar to that in an ounce shot of espresso. That means that a liquid ounce of espresso has 64 mg of caffeine. However, just as mentioned above, this caffeine content varies depending on various factors like the type of coffee beans used and the brewing method.

How much caffeine is in espresso-based drinks?

 Is there caffeine in espresso?
Espresso-based drinks. Image source: Pixabay

The caffeine content in espresso-based drinks depends on the type and the shots of espresso used. Most espresso has around 64 to 75 mg of caffeine in a shot. Therefore, if you use one shot of espresso in the beverage, it will have 64-75 mg of caffeine. If you use two shots, it will have double the caffeine content.

For example, a single shot of Americano, which is just espresso and hot water, will have a caffeine content similar to a single espresso shot. Additionally, the ingredients you add to your espresso-based drink might slightly alter the caffeine content in your drink. For example, if you add mocha sauce to your beverage, it will have a slightly higher caffeine content because chocolate has low caffeine content.

The following table shows the different Starbucks espresso-based drinks and their caffeine content;

Espresso-based drink





75 mg

150 mg

150 mg


75 mg

150 mg

150 mg


75 mg

150 mg

150 mg


90 mg

175 mg

180 mg

Flat White

90 mg

130 mg

130 mg


75 mg

150 mg

300 mg

It is important to note that a single shot of Starbucks espresso has 75 mg of caffeine, while a double has 150 mg.

FAQ Section

Does espresso give you more energy than regular coffee?

No, regular brewed coffee will offer you more energy. This is because a cup of brewed coffee contains higher caffeine content compared to a shot of espresso. Unless you use double shots of espresso, that way you will get more energy from espresso.

Is espresso stronger than coffee?

Yes, espresso comes off as more robust than coffee. This is because a small serving of espresso has a high caffeine content compared to that in coffee. An 8-ounce of coffee has 96 mg of caffeine, which means that an ounce has around 12 mg of caffeine compared to 64 mg in an ounce shot of espresso.

Do espressos have more caffeine than drip coffee?

Yes, espresso has more caffeine content than drip coffee.

Does espresso have more caffeine than brewed coffee?

An ounce of espresso has more caffeine than an ounce of brewed coffee. However, you will get more caffeine content from an 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee than you will in a shot of espresso.

Is espresso just strong coffee?

No, espresso is not just strong coffee because the roasting, grinding, and brewing process of espresso is different from that of coffee.

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