5 Best Starbucks for a hangover (Delicious Starbucks Drinks To Help Cure Your Hangover + All you need to know)

If you enjoy alcoholic drinks, you may have experienced a hangover at some point. You can help cure it with the help of the best Starbucks for a hangover. Find out more!

People have sworn never to drink again due to hangover symptoms. I almost quit drinking due to how sick I felt after a night of partying. I tried concoctions but never noticed any change until I tried Starbucks. I discovered some of the best Starbucks drinks that effectively cure hangovers and created this post to share them with you. You will also learn how to order them.

Can a Starbucks drink cure a hangover?

Yes. Certain Starbucks drinks can minimize hangover symptoms. The best Starbucks drinks that can help with a hangover are hydrating beverages. They may either have caffeine or not. If you pass through Starbucks for your morning drink, you can easily order a drink that can help with the hangover.

How do you know when you have a hangover?

When you drink excessively, you may experience different symptoms. Some signs that can tell you have a hangover include weakness, fatigue, excess thirst, sweating, headaches, and nausea. The hangover symptoms vary among individuals. Some people become more sensitive to sound and light, while others experience muscle aches or stomach pain.

How we choose the Best Starbucks for a hangover

The Starbucks drinks on this list were chosen and ranked based on their hydrating effect. After some trial and error, we found out that the best drinks for a hangover are those with electrolytes. Apart from using this criterion, we also chose these drinks based on crucial nutrients that can help rehydrate the body, such as minerals and vitamins. You can also trust this article since we provide details on what they are made up of.

5 Best Starbucks for a hangover





Pink drink

Strawberry acai base, ice, coconut milk, and freeze-dried strawberries


Iced golden ginger drink

Turmeric, ginger, coconut milk, pineapple flavors, and ice


Iced shaken espresso

2% milk, classic syrup, shots of Signature espresso, and ice.


Honey Citrus Mint Tea

Peach Tranquility herbal tea, hot water, Jade Citrus Mint green tea, lemonade, and honey


Evolution fresh green devotion

Celery juice, spinach juice, cucumber juice, parsley juice, kale juice, and lemon juice

Pink drink

Delicious Starbucks Drinks To Help Cure Your Hangover

This refers to the strawberry acai drink available at Starbucks. It is a great drink for hangovers since it contains coconut milk. Coconut has natural electrolytes that can help your body rehydrate. Apart from the creamy coconut, this refreshing beverage is also made of passion fruit.

The pink drink is not only loaded with some fruity flavors but also contains caffeine that can boost your energy if you experience weakness from the hangover. The beverage can also help minimize headaches due to the 45 mg of caffeine that it contains.

You can easily order this pretty beverage by asking the Starbucks barista for a Strawberry acai refresher and some coconut milk. They can also add scoops of strawberries and some ice to make it more delightful. The ice can prevent you from feeling sleepy, especially if you have to work with a hangover.

Iced Golden Ginger drink

Delicious Starbucks Drinks

You can also minimize hangover symptoms with the help of this Starbucks drink. This helps with hangovers since it is made up of turmeric and ginger. Ginger helps with nausea and improves your digestive system. If you experience stomach pains after a night of drinking, you can reduce them with the help of this Starbucks drink. Ginger has a calming effect on not only the stomach but also the mind.

Apart from the two ingredients, the iced golden ginger drink also includes coconut milk and pineapple flavor. We mentioned the hydrating effects of coconut milk. Consuming this Starbucks beverage can therefore keep you refreshed for an entire day. Feel free to order this drink with light ice.

Iced shaken espresso

Delicious Starbucks Drinks for Hangover

Since this Starbucks beverage has 225 mg of caffeine, it can help you stay more alert even when you have a nasty hangover. The drink is made with full-bodied espressos, 2% milk, and classic syrup. You can ask for the preferred number of pumps of this syrup based on your cup size. If you want the iced shaken espresso sweet, feel free to request four pumps. Starbucks chills the coffee in this drink using ice to make it more refreshing.

Honey Citrus Mint Tea

Delicious Starbucks Drinks

This Starbucks drink is great for hangovers because of its calming effect. This comforting beverage can soothe you when you are experiencing hangover symptoms. It is made up of hot water, Jade citrus mint tea, steamed lemonade, and peach tranquility herbal tea.

If you prefer sweetened beverages, you can order this drink with at least two pumps of Honey Blend. The mint green tea is a great source of vitamins and minerals that make Honey Citrus mint tea a refreshing drink for a hangover.

Evolution Fresh green devotion

Best Starbucks Drinks To Help Cure Your Hangover

If you are looking for healthy Starbucks drinks that can help with hangovers, consider this one. It is made from spinach, kale, cucumber, and organic celery. Though it does not have caffeine, it contains vitamins that can help your body rehydrate after a hangover that occurs due to dehydration. This drink only contains 35 calories.

Informative section

Which drink is best for a hangover?

Water is the best drink for a hangover. You can choose either of the Starbucks drinks that we have discussed above and then order a large cup of iced water for free. This can keep your body hydrated.

Which coffee is best for a hangover?

Starbucks Iced shaken espresso. This is because it contains high caffeine content that can keep you more alert and refreshing ice.

What Starbucks drink is good for nausea?

The iced golden ginger drink is great for nausea since it contains ginger. This component not only helps with nausea but is also good for digestion.

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