9 best coffees with oat milk (Best coffee with oat milk you should try + More information)

Are you wondering what you can order if you want the best coffee with oat milk? Read on for some of our recommendations.

When I decided to cut back on my dairy intake recently, oat milk was one of the options I discovered when ordering my coffee drinks. It quickly became my favorite alternative dairy option. While it was initially difficult for me to make the change to oat milk coffee drinks because the selection seemed intimidating, the good news was that the switch was easier than I assumed – and that is why I wanted to talk about some of the best oat milk coffees. Read on to find out what we picked for this list.

What to consider when choosing coffee for oat milk

The best coffee drinks for oat milk will contain fresh coffee beans instead of instant coffee, as they tend to be higher in quality without several additives. The type of coffee beans you use in the drink is up to preference, although Arabica coffees are the best when mixed with oat milk.

The oat milk is also essential to consider, as higher-quality oat milk should retain a creamy taste regardless of its temperature. Oat milk tends to have a more delicate taste than regular milk, so selecting higher-quality coffee will ensure it does not lose its flavor.

What does oat milk taste like in coffee?

It is normal to be apprehensive of milk alternatives because they can be hit-or-miss depending on your preferences. Oat milk is quite popular; however, it is very creamy and rich, making it similar to regular milk compared to other alternatives. It is also slightly sweet, although the taste may depend on the oat milk brand.

These qualities make it similar in taste and texture to cow’s milk, so it is great for adding some creaminess and reducing the bitterness in the coffee drink. Oat milk also has a lower boiling temperature than cow’s milk, so it is easy to create coffee art.

How we choose the best coffee with oat milk

All the drinks we will look into were chosen because they tasted delicious when combined with oat milk – keeping in mind that not all coffee drinks will go well with the milk. Some drinks on this list are very popular with coffee lovers, so we also accounted for this. Additionally, the ingredient composition of each drink is essential, so our brief explanations of each drink contain information on the ingredients.

9 best coffees with oat milk

While this is not an exhaustive list, it will help you know some of the best coffees with oat milk.

Iced vanilla latte with oat milk

Best coffee with oat milk you should try

For the fans of classic drinks like me (I cannot do without my daily vanilla lattes), this is a great place to start if you are dipping your taste buds into oat milk drinks. There are no complex ingredients to mess you up, as you can easily ask the barista to add oat milk instead of regular dairy.

The drink also includes vanilla syrup, which brings out the delicious flavors instead of leaving it as a plain iced oat milk latte. If you would like to make the drink sweeter, topping it with whipped cream is also a worthwhile option.

Iced Blonde White Mocha with oat milk

If you are a fan of white chocolate’s creaminess and sweetness, this is a perfect drink that combines both in a delicious package. It uses blonde espresso as its coffee base, and the barista combines this with caramelized white chocolate and oat milk, then finishes it with whipped cream topping. The white chocolate may be too sweet, but the slightly-bitter blonde espresso balances it out while the oat milk highlights the coffee flavor.

Iced Flat White with Oat Milk

Best coffee with oat milk you should try

Consisting of foamed oat milk and smooth ristretto espresso shots, this is a cold coffee that you can customize according to your preferences. These customizations include how cold, creamy, sweet, or dark you want it to be.

Honey Oat Milk Latte

If you are new to oat milk, honey oat milk lattes are among the best introductions you can get. Honey works excellently if you want to cut down on your sugar intake, and the drink will not require syrups due to this. It also combines the subtle sweetness of oat milk and the richness of espresso, making the cup both sweet and savory.

Honey and Hazelnut Oat latte

This Starbucks drink creates a spin on the honey oat milk latte by using the trademark Starbucks espresso shots. The drink combines oat milk, the sweet, nutty flavors of honey and hazelnut, and light roast espresso beans. Like all lattes, the drink has a topping of light foam, making it an ideal choice if you want caffeine without resorting to coffee.

Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso

This is one of Starbucks’ beloved oat milk coffee drinks and can easily land on your favorites list. Like many other drinks on this list, it is an iced coffee that combines oat milk, cinnamon, blond espresso shots, and brown sugar.

Caramel frappuccino

While it sounds like an unexciting drink because you have heard of it so many times before when going to your local Starbucks, you can make the classic caramel frappuccino more interesting if you are a caramel enthusiast, instead of adding regular milk, you can ask the barista to switch it to oat milk, then add the ice, coffee, and caramel topping.

Oat milk Cocoa Macchiato

Best coffee with oat milk you should try

This classic Starbucks drink mixes espresso, vanilla syrup, and oat milk, resulting in a very smooth and rich-tasting coffee. You then top it with cocoa drizzle, giving it a unique sweetness without overpowering your taste buds.

London Fog Latte with oat milk

This oat milk drink is unique from the other picks on this list, as it combines the flavors of Italian bergamot and vanilla, as well as dried lavender leaves or flowers, to give it an exotic taste. In this mixture, the barista adds steaming hot oat milk, and the result is a latte that resembles a froth-rich version of an Earl Grey cup.

Informative Section

Does oat milk taste good with coffee?

Yes, it tastes very good when it is added to coffee.

What coffee flavor goes well with oat milk?

While oat milk is versatile in the coffee flavors it can work with; light roast coffee flavors are the best because of their fruity, caramel-like flavors, which balance out the creamy and nutty oat milk flavors.

Why is oat milk with coffee so good?

This is because it is very creamy and does not overpower the coffee flavors.

How do you make oat milk taste better in coffee?

You can add vanilla syrup, a pinch of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, or a spoonful of cocoa.

What does oat milk taste like in coffee?

Oat milk has a creamy, rich taste and maintains this flavor profile even after adding it to coffee.

Should you heat oat milk for coffee?

Yes, you should, as this will balance out the flavors of oat milk and coffee better.