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Applebee’s Calories and Nutrition Facts


CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Cheeseburger Sliders12804984226035
Cheeseburger Sliders with Applewood Smoked Bacon13605384252037
Chicken Quesadilla Grande13306991385036
Cheese Quesadilla Grande11704285302032
Grilled Chicken Wonton Tacos6503665225017
Crunchy Onion Rings129016181362036
Mozzarella Sticks9304384264025
Boneless Wings, Classic Buffalo12307066446033
Boneless Wings, Hot Buffalo12407167458034
Boneless Wings, Honey BBQ125071116306033
Boneless Wings, Sweet & spicy sauce121072105406032
Classic Wings, Classic Buffalo860799293023
Classic Wings, Hot Buffalo8707910304023
Classic Wings, Honey BBQ8807959153023
Classic Wings, Sweet & spicy sauce8408148252022
Wings Ranch Dipping Sauce200113106
Wings Bleu Cheese Dipping Sauce240212607
Chili Cheese Nachos142044118397039
Spicy Chili Cheese Nachos133043112332037
Steak Quesadilla Towers12706086422035
Queso Blanco10502599251029
Queso Blanco with chili115033103280032
Chips and Spicy Chipotle Lime Salsa9601410789027
Potato Twisters9402582296026
Brew Pub Pretzels & Beer Cheese Dip116038127341031
Green Bean Crispers920866159026

Ultimate Trios

CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Trios Cheeseburger Sliders9804356165027
Trios Cheese Quesadilla Grande5902043166016
Trios Chicken Quesadilla Grande6703446208018
Trios Steak Quesadilla Towers6002941207016
Trios Mozzarella Sticks4201939127011
Trios Boneless Wings, Classic Buffalo6203533223017
Trios Boneless Wings, Hot Buffalo6203534230017
Trios Boneless Wings, Honey BBQ6203558153017
Trios Boneless Wings, Sweet & spicy sauce6103652203016
Trios Classic Wings, Classic Buffalo430394146011
Trios Classic Wings, Hot Buffalo440395153012
Trios Classic Wings, Honey BBQ440403076012
Trios Classic Wings, Sweet & spicy sauce4204024126011
Trios Wings Ranch Dipping Sauce200113106
Trios Wings Bleu Cheese Dipping Sauce240212607
Trios Spinach Artichoke Dip490123492014
Trios Grilled Chicken Wonton Tacos4802550168013
Trios Brew Pub Pretzels & Beer Cheese Dip6102761212017

Steaks and Toppers

CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
12 oz. New York Strip480650112012
12 oz. Ribeye67057395018
9 oz. House Sirloin31044410708
7 oz. House Sirloin2503228106
Steak & Grilled Shrimp Combo510682311013
Steak & Fried Shrimp Combo6505037222017
Steak & Honey BBQ Chicken Combo5907539211015
Shrimp ‘N Parmesan Sirloin580698283015
Chicken Fried Steak (includes mashed potato, gravy & vegetable)120058115324033
Blackened Sirloin* & Garlicky Green Beans7804345205022
9 oz. Honey Pepper Sirloin8204990176022
7 oz. Honey Pepper Sirloin7603888150020
Topper – Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms130231354
Topper – Grilled Onions45052801
Topper – Shrimp ‘N Parmesan28025417607

Soups and Salads

CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Loaded Baked Potato400104033011
Baked Potato33064017010
Loaded Mashed Potatoes460153055013
Garlic Mashed Potatoes2505301807
Small Caesar Salad (with dressing)3105125209
Add Fried Shrimp3901435127010
Add Grilled Shrimp25033022506
Applebee’s House Salad (without dressing)23013124006
Dressing, Bleu Cheese240212607
Dressing, Dijon Honey Mustard2100155206
Dressing, Mexi-Ranch140124904
Dressing, Buttermilk Ranch200113106
Toasted Garlic Breadstick Basket500167582013
Fiesta Corn Chowder (Bowl)37063082011
Tuscan Bean with Chicken & Sausage (Bowl)17015137705
Green Goddess Wedge Salad560912129016
French Onion Soup (Bowl)3701725142010
Tomato Basil Soup (Bowl)29072915308
Chili (Bowl)4002915110010
Broccoli Cheddar Soup (Bowl)3901420186011
Clam Chowder (Bowl)3801425109011
Baked Potato Soup (Bowl)470133069013
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Bowl)210102512206
Chicken Noodle Soup (Bowl)170142012005

Sizzling Entrees

CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp6106431255016
Bourbon Street Steak6604933183017
Sizzling Skillet Fajitas – Steak133077147527035
Sizzling Skillet Fajitas – Chicken129076145450035
Sizzling Skillet Fajitas – Shrimp127067146611034
Add Guacamole70031402
Sizzling Double Barrel Whisky Sirloin7004744185019


CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Crispy Orange Chicken152064208253041
Fiesta Lime Chicken®11905993299032
Chicken Tenders Platter142053123328039
Chicken Tenders Basket11003998258030
Chicken Fried Chicken115060104609031
Margarita Queso Chicken & Shrimp10307379449028
Honey Pepper Chicken & Shrimp95058102178026

Weight Watchers

CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Signature Sirloin with Garlic Herb Shrimp4904833237013
Roasted Garlic Sirloin4604332189012
Weight Watchers® Creamy Parmesan Chicken4605334138012
Weight Watchers® Grilled Jalapeño-Lime Shrimp300224321108
Napa Chicken & Portobellos4505431144012
Weight Watchers® Lemon Parmesan Shrimp4902864199013
Zesty Roma Chicken & Shrimp4505824178012


PASTACaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Cajun Shrimp Pasta10105792428027
Chicken Broccoli Pasta Alfredo9805891213026
Lemon Shrimp Fettuccine109071100516029
Three-Cheese Chicken Penne10005791249027
4-Cheese Mac & Cheese with Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders183077175430050


CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Blackened Tilapia4103436136011
Double Crunch Shrimp132034138331036
Orange Glazed Salmon7204699182019
Garlic Herb Salmon6904661142019
Hand-Battered Fish & Chips161047114204044
New England Fish & Chips16904692284047
Shrimp Combo Platter9405289520026


CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Applebee’s Reuben9805274524027
Chicken Fajita Rollup10406364306028
Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich10106988268027
Roast Beef, Bacon & Mushroom Melt8605257277023
Oriental Chicken Rollup118035122322032
Clubhouse Grille11205373294030
Classic Turkey Breast560314191015
American BLT146040111319040
Four-Cheese Grille10003871295027
Turkey, Bacon & Avocado9504749164026
Chili Cheese Fries, Side6301765137017
Crunchy Onion Rings, Side530763132015
Fries, Side44056077012
Applebee’s House Salad23013124006
Cole Slaw1401152504
Fresh Fruit, Side9002403


CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad, Regular8604080184023
Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad, Regular w/o dressing7004065147019
Grilled Chicken Caesar, Regular8005324162022
Grilled Chicken Caesar, Half400261281011
Grilled Chicken Caesar, Regular w/o dressing370512191010
Grilled Chicken Caesar, Half w/o dressing18026104505
Oriental Chicken Salad, Regular13903990160039
Oriental Chicken Salad, Half690214580019
Oriental Chicken Salad, Regular w/o dressing7303955137020
Oriental Chicken Salad, Half w/o dressing360193068010
Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad, Regular12905690219036
Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad, Half6902855159019
Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad, Regular w/o dressing6005455196016
Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad, Half w/o dressing340283514709
Pecan-Crusted Chicken Salad, Regular132047112261037
Pecan-Crusted Chicken Salad, Half8102772154022
Pecan-Crusted Chicken Salad, Regular w/o dressing8904678202025
Pecan-Crusted Chicken Salad, Half w/o dressing5902755124016
Fried Chicken Salad, Regular10904955251030
Fried Chicken Salad, Half5902730128016
Fried Chicken Salad, Regular w/o dressing6804730147018
Fried Chicken Salad, Half w/o dressing380271576010
Seasonal Berry & Spinach Salad, Regular6205335161017
Seasonal Berry & Spinach Salad, Half34027218209
Seasonal Berry & Spinach Salad, Regular w/o dressing4005317117011
Seasonal Berry & Spinach Salad, Half w/o dressing23027126006
California Shrimp Salad, Regular8404820349024
California Shrimp Salad, Regular w/o dressing4504616261012

Fresh Burgers Without Fries

CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Bourbon Black & Bleu Burger12906160251035
Philly Burger10305365257028
Southwest Jalapeño Burger12205372234033
Cowboy Burger12805599294035
Quesadilla Burger14007243326038
Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger9705051171026
Veggie Burger5503060156015
Chili Cheese Fries, Side6301765137017
Crunchy Onion Rings, Side530763132015
Fries, Side44056077012
Applebee’s House Salad23013124006
Fresh Fruit, Side9002403


CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae15901821899045
Butter Pecan Blondie11301413371031
Triple Chocolate Meltdown®9601212253028
Chocolate Mousse Shooter47034425013
Hot Fudge Sundae Shooter37044715010
Strawberry Cheesecake Shooter37063623010
Blue Ribbon Brownie16002021291045
Brownie Bite37045121010
Apple Chimi Cheesecake8801212884024

Lunch Combos

CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Black Bean Soup250112711307
Chicken Noodle Soup140131411104
Chicken Tortilla Soup210102412206
Broccoli Cheddar Soup3701416177010
Clam Chowder3601319100010
Fiesta Corn Chowder37062882011
Tuscan Bean Soup with Chicken & Sausage17015137705
Classic Turkey Breast28016214608
Seasonal Berry & Spinach Salad24024115806
Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad3602726100010
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad3102586708
Clubhouse Grille5602636147015
Caesar Salad210483506
California Shrimp Salad33018913409
Chicken Fajita Rollup6606243201020
Oriental Chicken Salad440162866012
Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad4302536144012
House Salad120692003
Dressing, Bleu Cheese160111705
Dressing, Dijon Honey Mustard140093504
Dressing, Mexi-Ranch90123203
Dressing, Buttermilk Ranch130012104
Spinach Salad2406237207
Roast Beef, Bacon & Mushroom Melt4902628144013
Grilled Chicken WonTon Tacos4802550168013
Cajun Shrimp Pasta5202654190014
Turkey, Bacon & Avocado6903355115019
Four-Cheese Grille4501731125012
American BLT5201826122014
4-Cheese Mac & Cheese with Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders8103291172022
Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders92026127169025


CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Pepsi (20 ounces)100028253
Diet Pepsi (20 ounces)000250
Mountain Dew (20 ounces)110029353
Sierra Mist (20 ounces)100027203
Iced Tea (20 ounces)000300
Coffee (8 ounces)00000
Dr Pepper (20 ounces)100027353
Tropicana Lemonade (20 ounces)1000271053
Wild Cherry Pepsi (20 ounces)100028203
Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea (20 ounces)80021252
Diet Mountain Dew (20 ounces)000400
Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi (20 ounces)000250
Mug Root Beer (20 ounces)100026153
Applebee’s Limeades (20 ounces)230059156

Kids Menu Without Sides

CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Weight Watchers
Kids Mini Cheeseburger – 1380162363010
Kids Mini Cheeseburgers – 27703247126021
Kids Mini Hamburger – 128014234608
Kids Mini Hamburger – 26902846102019
Kids Chicken Tenders27020167707
Kids Cheese Pizza4902144123013
Kids Corn Dog2207215906
Kids Hot Dog31012287609
Kids Grilled Cheese5701946143015
Kids Grilled Chicken Sandwich23024235606
Kids Kraft Macaroni and Cheese30011455708
Kids Fried Shrimp2309165406
Kids Pasta with Marinara Sauce3601460104010
Kids 4oz Sirloin Steak1402004104
Kids OREO® Cookie Sundae40055021011
Kids Vanilla Sundae290325907
Kids Vanilla Sundae with Hershey’s Syrup39055514011
Kids Strawberry Sundae3204401159
Kids Hot Fudge Sundae43055517012
Kids OREO® Cookie Milkshake800129849022
Kids Apple Juice (6.75 oz)100025153
Kids Grape Juice (6.75 oz)10002403
Kids Tropicana Fruit Punch (12 oz)70019152
Kids Orange-Tangerine Juice (6.75 oz)110027153
Fries, Side44056077012
Kids Celery side with Dressing220254206
Kids Applesauce side9002352
Kids Steamed Broccoli Side2534251

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