What is Starbucks sugar cookie latte (What’s in a Starbucks sugar cookie latte, How to Order the Starbucks sugar cookie latte + more FAQs)

Starbucks introduced delicious holiday drinks to entice more customers to its stores. One of the holiday drinks you can try is a sugar cookie latte. What is in Starbucks sugar cookie latte?

This contains almond milk, blonde espresso, sugar cookie flavored syrup, and cookie sprinkles. Many Starbucks customers that have not yet tried this drink wonder what it tastes like. The first time I tried this beverage, I loved it. It reminds me of the delicious cookies my mother made for us when we were young.

I created this post to help learn everything regarding the Starbucks sugar cookie latte. By the end of it, you will not only learn what it contains, how it tastes but also how to order it from Starbucks.

What is in the sugar cookie latte?

The base of this non-dairy holiday beverage is almond milk and blonde espresso. It also includes sugar cookie flavored syrup. Starbucks baristas top this drink with some cookie sprinkles that are red and green. These sprinkles remind one of Christmas.

If you want the drink cold, you can ask the Starbucks barista for some ice. Many Starbucks customers find the cold version quite refreshing. Since Starbucks introduced the sugar cookie latte, it has gained popularity.

Nutritional information of a Starbucks sugar cookie latte?

Starbucks sells this latte in different cup sizes. A grande sugar cookie latte contains 180 calories. If you order this 16-ounce cup of the drink, you will be consuming 170 mg of caffeine, 27 grams of sugar, 6 grams of fat, 3 grams of protein, and 32 grams of carbohydrates.

If you want a beverage with fewer calories, you can order a tall or short cup. A tall sugar cookie latte contains 140 calories, 85 mg of caffeine, 4 grams of fat, and 24 grams of carbs. The short cup of this drink contains calories, while a venti sugar cookie latte has 230 calories.

What does Starbucks sugar cookie latte taste like?

This drink is a sweet drink that tastes like vanilla. It also has the roasted flavor of the golden cookie. It is a comforting drink that is also slightly nutty. If you enjoy the taste of coffee, you can tell the barista to prepare this drink for you with an extra shot of espresso.

Since this drink uses almond milk, its almond flavor pairs well with the nutty notes from the blond espresso. This drink tastes not only delicious but also looks good. The baristas add sprinkles on top of the drink, making it look quite fancy. The vanilla notes of the cookie also have a nice aroma that you can smell from the counter even before receiving your drink.

Can you make the Starbucks sugar cookie latte at home?

How to Order the Starbucks sugar cookie latte

Yes. Since the drink is a bit expensive, you can save some cash by learning how to make it at home. Start by getting all the necessary ingredients for this holiday drink. You need almond milk, espresso shot, sugar, Christmas sprinkles and butter, and almond and vanilla extract.

Once you have the ingredients, heat water, granulated sugar, brown sugar, and the three extracts in a saucepan. Ensure you use medium heat and give the ingredients some time for the sugar to dissolve. Once you make the sugar cookie syrup, you can use some of it on the drink and store the rest for future use.

If you want a cold sugar cookie latte, make some ice, transfer them to a cup, and then add your syrup. You should then top the cup with espresso and almond milk. Stir for a while, then add the sprinkles to the beverage and enjoy. You can also top the drink with whipped cream if you want a creamy texture.

If you have some remaining syrup after making a sugar cookie latte, refrigerate it in an airtight container. You can use syrup when making this beverage, either iced or hot. To prepare this latte hot, you should first steam the almond milk. Once you do this, transfer it into a tall mug, then add at least four tablespoons of the syrup. You can then top the drink with an espresso shot and add some whipped cream. The hot sugar cookie latte is not complete without some sprinkles.

How to Order the sugar cookie latte From Starbucks

To order, start with the base, which is Starbucks blonde espresso. You should then ask for steamed almond milk. Though Starbucks uses this milk, you can still order a sugar cookie latte with other milk alternatives. For instance, you can order this holiday beverage with soymilk and some sweet cream cold foam. After this, ask the barista to top the drink with some Christmas sprinkles.

Though Starbucks adds two shots of blonde espresso in this drink, you can ask for more if you

want a stronger drink. Feel free to order this drink hot or cold according to your preference. The iced version of the drink is the most popular option among most Starbucks customers.

Final thoughts

Though Starbucks sugar cookie latte is not always available at the store, you can still make it at home. What is in Starbucks sugar cookie latte? This contains almond milk, blonde espresso, sugar cookie syrup, and sprinkles. Try it today!

FAQ section

Does the sugar cookie latte have coffee?

Yes. This latte is made up of blonde espresso, which is a lightly roasted coffee available at Starbucks. A venti sugar cookie latte contains 170 mg of caffeine, while a tall cup has 85 mg of caffeine.

Is the sugar cookie latte sweet?

Yes. This Starbucks drink is sweet but not overly sweet like most holiday drinks. Since it does not come with numerous toppings, you should expect a more balanced drink that tastes like vanilla and is slightly nutty.

Does Starbucks sugar cookie latte use syrup?

Yes. Starbucks adds sugar cookie flavored syrup to this beverage. This syrup is dairy-free.


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