How much is a small at Starbucks? (does small cost the same when I order from the app + more information)

Before visiting a restaurant or any store to purchase something, having prior knowledge about the price of things there is always a plus for you. For instance, before you visit Starbucks, it’s good to know; how much is in a small at Starbucks?

A small size drink, at Starbucks, contains 8 ounces of fluid and the price depends on the type of drink and customizations you get. The size may also slightly vary for cold drinks, mostly frappuccinos which are 2 ounces more. If you are a frappe person like me, you get to enjoy 10 ounces of a sweet frappe for the same price!   

How much is a small at Starbucks?

The following are the prices of different options of a small at Starbucks.



Caramel frappuccino


Mocha frappuccino


Strawberries & creme frappuccino


Coffee frappuccino


Vanilla bean creme frappuccino


Brewed coffee


The above prices may however vary depending on your location.

FAQ Section

How many calories are in a small coffee?

As we are well aware, Starbucks coffee is not your go-to option when you are on a low-calorie diet, as most of their drinks are loaded with loads and loads of sugar. The short, which contains 8 ounces of fluid, has a whole 100 calories which is a bit much considering its size. The short latte has much more calories.

What is the cheapest small at Starbucks?

Though Starbucks has a record of selling pricey drinks and pastries, they still have affordable options on their menu, which are more accommodating. The short brewed coffee at Starbucks is the cheapest small at Starbucks only going for $1.55 in any store.

Is the small price the same across all Starbucks locations?

No, it’s not. How much you buy your Starbucks drink or pastry is highly dependent on your location. If you are in a heavy-traffic city, full of people like New York City, you are likely to pay more for a frappe compared to people in underdog cities or less populated places.

Can I order an iced small?

No, you cannot order an iced small because it is exclusively for hot drinks mostly brewed coffee and espressos only. The smallest iced drink you can take at Starbucks is the Starbucks tall, containing 12 ounces of fluid.

Does small coffee have more caffeine?

No, a small does not have more caffeine because the amount of coffee in any Starbucks cup is dependent on its size. The larger the cup, the more caffeine levels. Also, the quality of beans used may factor, for instance, coffee made from blonde roast filter coffee may be stronger than other beans

6How many shots of espressos are in a small?

A small contains one shot of espresso, which contains about 75mg of caffeine. If you are a coffee lover or prefer a double shot, which is 128 g of caffeine, you should go for a larger cup size like the grande or Trenta which has more shots.

Is small the smallest cup size at Starbucks?

Starbucks has five cup sizes in all its stores. Each of these cups has a different capacity and has a unique name, which forms the Starbucks jargon. These cups include small (8 ounces of fluid), tall (12 ounces of fluid), grande (16 ounces of fluid), venti (20 ounces of fluid), and  Trenta( 30 ounces of fluid). From the analysis above, it is clear that small is the smallest cup size at Starbucks.

Can you order a quad in a small cup?

Yes you can. A quad contains 4 shots of espresso which is 3 ounces. You can ask for an Americano with an extra shot of espresso as an Americano has 3 shots.

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