What is considered a bread at Starbucks? (When did Starbucks start serving bread + more information)

If you would like to buy an accompaniment with Starbucks coffee, you can purchase bread. But what is considered a bread at Starbucks? Read on to find out more!

A bread at Starbucks refers to loaves and cakes. I did not know that Starbucks sold bread since I used to send my secretary to get me a regular cup of coffee from the store almost daily. When she got sick, I was forced to go to Starbucks myself, and I was glad to discover that it sold more than drinks. I created this post to share what I learned about Starbucks bread. By the end of the post, you will find out when the company started selling bread and how long such products can last.

When did Starbucks start selling bread?

Starbucks began selling bread to its customers in 2003. The coffee chain struggled to introduce such food items into its menu since past trials were unsuccessful. After 2003, Starbucks continued introducing more baked items on its menu. It now has a couple of loaves and cakes that you can pick from as you order your favorite drink.

What is Starbucks bread?

This refers to the loaves and cakes that Starbucks sells. Some of the products that fall under this category include pumpkin and pepita loaf, iced lemon loaf, cinnamon coffee, cake and banana walnut, and pecan loaf.

If you are vegetarian, you can try the Starbucks iced lemon loaf. This is a buttery and citrusy bread topped with sweet icing. Though this can satisfy your sweet tooth, it has high-calorie content and should therefore be consumed as an occasional treat. It is made up of 19 grams of fat and 40 grams of sugar.

The pumpkin and pepita loaf is popular among Starbucks customers due to its captivating appearance. This Starbucks bread is gently spiced and topped with some crunchy pepitas. This is a bit lower in calories compared to the iced lemon loaf and is also ideal for vegetarians.

You can also order coffee with banana walnut and pecan loaf. It is made up of classic banana bread, pecans, walnuts, and bananas. Baristas reveal that this Starbuck bread tastes great when it is warm.

Cinnamon coffee cake is also considered bread at Starbucks. This is lower in calories than most loaves since it has 330 calories. The coffee cake is moist and buttery and comes with a crunchy streusel topping.

Does Starbucks bake its own stuff?

When did Starbucks start serving bread

No. Starbucks does not bake its own stuff in the store but contracts international and local suppliers. In 2012, this coffee house acquired a bakery company known as La Boulange. The bakery chain has been making baked items and supplying them to Starbucks stores for years. Since Starbucks comes up with the recipes of this bakery chain, it has a say in how the items are baked. La Boulange has 19 bakery items.

The company also used to work with an Italian brand known as Princi, which made bakery items for customers. However, in 2021, the partnership between Princi and Starbucks ended when the coffee house started focusing more on drive-through services.

How long does Starbucks bread last?

Since Starbucks bread is prepared with little preservatives, the shelf life is short. Unrefrigerated Starbucks bread can last for 1-2 days. You should therefore make a point of consuming Starbuck bread within a few hours of purchase to be on the safe side.

Some Starbucks bread can be refrigerated to extend the shelf life. If you do this, you should not store the bread for more than seven days. Always pay attention to the best by the date that Starbucks bread comes with to avoid consuming one that is not fresh.

Final thoughts

Starbucks sells not only beverages but also food items. You can buy a drink from this coffee house with bread. On the Starbucks menu, you will come across different loaves and cakes that are considered bread. Starbucks does not make its own baked items directly, but it works with certain suppliers. When you identify your favorite bread, ensure you take it when it is still fresh.

FAQ section

Is Starbucks food microwaved?

No. Starbucks stores do not use microwaves. Instead, this coffee shop warms its food using a fast oven known as Turbo Chef before serving it to customers.

What bakery does Starbucks use?

The coffee house has been working with a bakery chain called La Boulange since 2012. This is the chain of bakeries that have been making most baked items on behalf of Starbucks.

Are Starbucks bakery items frozen?

Yes. Starbucks bakery items arrive frozen so that they can last for a while. Bakery items are made off-site and reheated when a customer orders them.

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