What can I redeem my Starbucks Reward for? (What can you get with 400 Starbucks stars? + More information)

If you are new to the Starbucks program, you might not know what your options are when it comes to redeeming stars.

After you collect enough stars, you can redeem them for a free handcrafted drink, customizations, food items, or merchandise, depending on how many stars you redeem.

I have seen people let their stars expire because they have no idea what to make of them. I have come to your rescue in this post, and I will tell you all you need to know about redeeming stars.

You will learn all the possible redeeming options, so keep up.

What can you get with 400 Starbucks stars?

The 400-star tier will get you a packaged coffee item. Your options are unlimited here as you can get any coffee ground from whole beans, to ground coffee packages .

This option gives you all the possibilities of brewed coffee. You can get some quality coffee Arabica beans sourced from the best coffee regions.

You can select any roast of your choice from blonde roasts to medium roasts, and if you like a strong coffee flavor, you can opt for any Starbuck dark roasts. If this is not what you want.

Starbucks gives you the choice to pick any merchandise that is $20 and below pre-tax. You can grab some stylish tumblers within the $20 threshold and enjoy them at home.

Starbucks also releases great seasonal souvenirs such as mugs, water bottles, and other drinkware.

If you want an item that costs more than 20 dollars, you can still redeem your 400 stars and top up the balance in cash or any other payment method of choice.

What happens when you go over 400 stars at Starbucks?

What can I redeem my Starbucks Reward for?

This is the highest rewards tier in the Starbucks rewards program. You can choose to redeem them at this level or let them accumulate.

Nothing special happens when you get over 400 stars, so you can redeem them. When 400 stars are redeemed, the balance will still reflect on your account, and can be redeemed in their respective tiers.

When you get more than 400, you can opt to keep accumulating within the six months given before expiration. No matter how many stars you have, they are still usable as long as they have not expired. Once the 400 are gone with whatever item you choose, your balance remains intact.

So, nothing will happen to your extra stars, and they will keep accumulating until you decide to redeem them.

What merchandise can you get with Starbucks Rewards?

What can I redeem my Starbucks Reward for?

The Starbucks merchandise can include anything from tumblers, mugs, and water bottles. Some of these items are seasonal, and they keep changing in color. You might not find the same tumblers all the time, but the great news is that every new souvenir is always a Starbucks masterpiece.

If you are not up for the coffee package, you can grab any of the merchandise at Starbucks as long as it is $20 and below pre-tax.

You can also grab the coffee and enjoy first-class coffee at home for free. How cool is that? You need to redeem your stars to keep them from expiring.

When you gather 25 stars, you can get some great customizations for free. If you purchase a latte, you can get an extra shot of espresso or opt for any dairy substitutes for free.

You can get your latte with soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or oat milk for free. At 50 stars, you can walk away with a hot brewed coffee, bakery food items, or a cup of hot brewed tea.

What can you get with 150 Starbucks stars?

This star redemption tier expands your drinks horizons and offers you a chance to get a free handcrafted drink of choice. A handcrafted drink is any drink made after your order at the counter by hand.

When you order a latte, it is not pre-made, but the barista whips it up as you wait. Other handcrafted drinks include mochas, Frappuccino blends, teas, Americanos, and our delicious nitro cold brew.

You can also smile all the way to a hot breakfast sandwich, oatmeal, or any of your preferred drinks. If you add 50 more and reach 200, you will be eligible for a salad, protein box, or sandwich.


Can you get more than 400 stars in Starbucks?

Yes, you can. There is no limit to the number of Stars you can accumulate.

What can you get with 25 stars at Starbucks?

This is the lowest rewards tier, and it gives you any customization of your drink for free such s an extra espresso shot or a dairy substitute.

Can you use Starbucks stars for cups?

Yes, you can redeem 400 stars for merchandise such as cups and tumblers.

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