Starbucks Snacks & Sweets menu (Items on the Starbucks Snacks & Sweets menu, Price list + More information)

Starbucks is a daily destination for many people around the world. If you love the company’s drinks and food, you can as well check the Starbucks snacks & sweet menu.

Starbucks boasts of numerous snacks & sweet options one could choose from. The different items in the company’s menu have always puzzled new and some returning customers. I remember my first day at a Starbucks I spent a lot of time glued to the Starbucks menu not knowing what to order for a snack. Now that I have more knowledge, I have come up with this article to make you learn about Starbucks Snacks & Sweet menu, how to order items, and get to know the prices for each item in the Starbucks Snacks & Sweet menu.

What is in Starbucks Snacks & Sweets menu items?

If you are looking to have some snacks and sweets, you should try navigating through Starbucks Snacks & Sweet menu. This company has great snacks that you and your family will love.

Add a perfect touch to your day by including a Starbucks snack and Sweet. This will guarantee you an awesome experience.

Biscotti and Cookies

Starbucks Snacks & Sweets menu

Dipped Madeleines – enjoy this snack from Starbucks and let your mouth marvel at the taste of this delightful snack. It has 280 calories, 15g of fats, and 24g of sugars.

Chocolates and Candy

Salted Almond Chocolate Bites – made from triple chocolate-covered almonds that have gray sea salt, will give you a flavorful nutty-salty experience. Order it from Starbucks and enjoy.

Fruits and Nuts

Squirrel Brand Fruit and Nut – do you want to enjoy something sweet and savory? This is the perfect snack that you may want to try. Check them out at Starbucks Snack and Sweet menu, and give it a try, let’s just say you will order more of this.

Gums & Mints

Spearmint gum– this sweet will leave your mouth with a fresh breath for a long.

Popcorn & Chips

Starbucks Snacks & Sweets menu Items

Starbucks BBQ Potato Chips – if you want a sweet treat try this. It will quench your Crunchy snack craving.

Butter Gourmet Popcorn – enjoy your movie experience with this snack from Starbucks, and make everyone around you jealous.

Meat & Cheese

Country Archer Original Beef Jerky – enjoy this snack with incredible flavors from soy sauce, garlic, pineapple juice, and brown sugar.

Snack Bars

Perfect bar peanut Butter – order this snack at Starbucks and you will understand why it tastes so nice.


Avocado Spread – you can never go wrong with this spread from Starbucks. It has no additives or preservatives.

How do I order Starbucks Snacks & Sweets menu items?

Ordering Starbucks snacks and sweets is very simple. When placing your order in-store, go through the Starbucks Snacks and Sweet menu. Once you have something that excites you place your order and wait.

Additionally, you can place your order online through the Starbucks app. All you need to do is to open the app, identify a snack and sweet of your choice and place your order.

Starbucks Snacks & Sweets menu items and price list

Biscotti and cookies

Dipped Madeleines

$ 3.59


$ 3.22

Vanilla Biscotti with Almonds

$ 2.45

Shortbread Cookies

$ 2.22

Dark Chocolate Grahams

$ 3.09

Rip van Wafels – Honey and Oats

$ 2.25

Chocolates & Candy

Items on the Starbucks Snacks & Sweets menu

Salted Almond Chocolate Bites

$ 3.15

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

$ 3.15

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

$ 2.82

Fruits & Nuts

Squirrel Brand Fruit and Nut

$ 2.25

Squirrel Brand Classic Almonds

$ 2.25

Peter Rabbit Organics Apple & grape

$ 2.94

Peter Rabbit Organics Strawberry Banana

$ 2.94

Gum & Mints

Spearmint Gum

$ 2.98

Popcorn & Chips

Starbucks BBQ Potato Chips

$ 1.95

Butter Gourmet Popcorn

$ 1.96

Hippeas White Cheddar

$ 2.34

Salt & vinegar Kettle Potato Chips

$ 1.95

Simply Salted Kettle Potato Chips

$ 1.95

Sweet Potato Kettle Potato Chips


Meat & Cheese

Starbucks Snacks & Sweets Price list

Country Archer – Hickory Smoked Turkey Jerkey


Country Archer Original Beef Jerky

$ 9.32

String Cheese

$ 1.65

Snack Bars

Perfect bar Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter

$ 3.95

Perfect Bar Peanut Butter

$ 3.96

KIND Almond Coconut Cashew Chai

$ 2.65

KIND Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew Bar

$ 2.65

KIND Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

$ 2.65

KIND Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate Nut Bar

$ 2.64

That’s It Apple Blueberry Bar

$ 2.25

That’s It Apple Mango Bar

$ 2.25

This Bar Saves Lives Dark chocolate Cherry Sea salt Bar

$ 2.85

This Bar save Lives Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Bar

$ 2.85


Avocado spread

$ 0.95


Judging from this highlighted information you can tell that Starbucks has everything that will satisfy your needs. Depending on your budget, you can get something from Starbucks snacks and a sweet menu.

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