Starbucks Secret Menu: The Roasted Chestnut (Taste, Ingredients, Caffeine, Calories, Copycat Recipe & More information)

Starbucks The Roasted Chestnut is among the best if you love warm drinks to fight the winter cold. Let us take a look at its ingredients and so much more.

I have been an avid coffee drinker for as long as I can remember. Macchiatos have been a huge part of my love story with coffee-based beverages. Recently, I decided to get one from Starbucks; the barista at the counter was an old friend of mine, and she suggested I try out the Roasted chestnut for a change. I instantly fell in love with the drink, and she offered to give me the recipe, and I decided to share it with you; here it is.

Brief history of the drink

Having coffee at its backbone, Starbucks strives to find new and exciting ways to create well-crafted and thought-out drinks that many customers enjoy. In 1996 they introduced the caramel macchiato to their menu, and many people love it just as much as you and I do. The Roasted Chestnut is simply the best version of a macchiato from Starbucks that stems from customers’ creativity.

Is Starbucks the Roasted Chestnut still available at Starbucks?

The Roasted Chestnut is a drink found at all Starbucks branches throughout the year. At some shops, you will have to explain to the barista how to make it since It is not part of the main menu.

Starbucks The Roasted Chestnut Frappuccino Overview

What’s in Starbucks The Roasted Chestnut – (ingredients)


What’s in The Roasted Chestnut? This hazelnut macchiato has a few added ingredients to elevate the flavor further.

  • Hazelnut Syrup: Starbucks uses this to add a nutty and earthy flavor to the Frappuccino. They have a sugar-free option for people with dietary constraints.
  • Espresso shots: since this Is a coffee-based drink, the espresso adds the much needs caffeine to the drink.
  • Milk: the milk gives the macchiato its signature creamy flavor, which many people love and enjoy.
  • White mocha sauce: unlike dark mocha sauce, white mocha adds a nice chocolate flavor while not being too bitter.
  • Toffee nut syrup adds a subtle sweetness to the drink and a caramel flavor profile that brings the entire drink together.

Starbucks The Roasted Chestnut: sizes, nutrition, caffeine & Calories

The Roasted Chestnut

What sizes are available?

The Roasted Chestnut from Starbucks is available in four sizes; short cup (typically 8 fluid ounces), venti cup (mostly 24 fluid ounces), Grande cup (mostly 16 fluid ounces), and tall cup (mostly 12 fluid ounces). Each of these cup sizes has different nutrients, and the amounts may vary from place to place.

Nutritional facts

I will break down the nutrients found in Starbucks’ Roasted Nuts in the table below. This is not an exact number of what is in every drink. The drink is also not the healthiest to have frequently.

Calorie Content 251


Number of calories from fat




Nutrient content (per Grande cup)% Daily Value
Total fat 8 g


Trans fat 1 g

Saturated fat 5.4 g



0 %


Total carbohydrates 36 g


Sugar 42 g

Dietary fiber 1 g

14 %
Proteins10 g
Cholesterol 25 mg8 %
Sodium 151mg
Caffeine 152mg

Caffeine content

The Roasted Chestnut contains a significant amount of caffeine in it. This is mostly because Starbucks’ recipe call for two shots of espresso for a Grande-sized cup serving. This would make the drink not suitable for people with health issues.

So, what does Starbucks’ Roasted Chestnut taste like?

The Roasted Chestnut drink from Starbucks primarily has a rich nutty flavor. This is mostly because of the hazelnut syrup used to make it. Depending on the milk that you will choose to have, influences the flavor of the drink greatly as well. The mocha sauce adds a chocolate flavor that fits right into the drink.

Ways to Customize Starbucks the Roasted Chestnut at Starbucks – Starbucks THE ROASTED CHESTNUT variations

Starbucks prides itself on having among the most diverse menu in the industry; for the Roasted Chestnut, there are a couple of ways to customize it. This would be choosing the type of milk you will have in your drink, which can be animal or plant-based milk, which has a wide variety. All the sauces that Starbucks use is available in their sugar-free versions as well.

How to make Starbucks the Roasted Chestnut at home – Starbucks the Roasted Chestnut Copycat Recipe

Starbucks Secret Menu: The Roasted Chestnut

Starbucks the Roasted Chestnut Copycat Recipe

Kai JordanKai Jordan
This is how you can make The Roasted Chestnut without leaving your front door


  • French press
  • Coffee mug
  • Milk frother


  • Milk
  • Coffee grounds
  • Toffee nut syrup
  • Hazelnut syrup
  • White mocha sauce


  • Brew two shots of espresso using your preferred method
  • In a coffee mug, add white mocha sauce, hazelnut syrup, and toffee nut syrup
  • Bring a cup of milk to a boil and use the frother to make it silky
  • Add the shots of espresso to the mug and mix properly
  • Finally, add in the milk and drink while warm


  • To get the best quality espresso shots, try using an espresso machine to brew the coffee instead of a French press.

Informative section

How do you order The Roasted Chestnut from the Starbucks app?

  • Order a plain caramel macchiato
  • Add two pumps of hazelnut.
  • Two pumps of toffee nut syrup
  • One pump of white mocha sauce
  • Complete order

Is the Starbucks Roasted Chestnut still available?

Yes, it is available at all Starbucks shops around the country.

Does Starbucks have The Roasted Chestnut all year round?

Yes, although chestnuts are seasonal, the drink is not.

Is the Starbucks Roasted Chestnut healthy?

The Roasted Chestnut is not healthy.

How much is the Starbucks Roasted Chestnut Frappuccino?

The Roasted chestnut sells at $ 4.95.

Is Starbucks the Roasted Chestnut good?

Yes, it is, since all the flavors marry well to make a good drink.

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