Starbucks Korean Menu (Items on the Starbucks Korean Menu, Pricelist+ More Information)

If you have been to Seoul, you might have noticed the long queues at the many Starbucks stores all around the city. So, what is contained in the Starbucks Korean menu that makes it so popular?

Starbucks Korea has over 1600 stores countrywide, making it the fourth-largest Starbucks market in the world. With a menu list of over 200 items, people are surely spoilt with choices. I decided to try out the Starbucks menu in a different city from mine. I wanted to find out if it was any different from what I was used to. When I walked in, I noticed the queues that went from the counter to the doors. What I struggled most with was the menu. So, here I am today to ensure that you do not go through the struggle that I went through in Seoul with the information I’ll provide below.

What is in Starbucks Korean Menu Items?

As I had mentioned earlier, Starbucks Korea boasts of a menu with over 200 items. All the items in the menu are carefully thought and customized to suit the Korean market. This menu is flexible and changes with every season. From the breakfast items and snacks to coffee drinks, the Starbucks Korea menu does not disappoint, and just when you thought you have seen it all, more versatile items are added to suit your needs.

Starbucks Korea has two types of menus. The menu is written in Korea and translated into English. You do not need to learn a foreign language to order at these Starbucks stores. As much as Starbucks beverages are standardized worldwide, it is interesting to see a touch of local products used to make some of their signature drinks translate to the local customers. So, let us explore some of the items found at these stores.


Starbucks Korean Menu

Jeju honey peanut latte: This is one of the localized espresso drinks in Starbucks Korea. The drink is made from the signature Starbucks espresso and blended with a local type of honey from Jeju. The name Jeju originates from the famous Island in South Korea. This option is ideal for a keto diet.

Latte with Oatmeal: You heard that right. This is a favorite among the locals. The drink is made like a normal Starbucks latte with espresso with a touch of oatmeal to make it unique. It is one of the healthiest options at Starbucks Korea. This can be served as hot or cold. Oatmeal is a healthier option compared to other choices such as caramel. If you are trying to keep fit, this choice is your best fit.

Happy cheese white mocha: As the name suggests, this type of mocha is made with cheese. This drink is made for the holiday season. It is drunk during the Lunar New year. After the festivity, the drink disappears until the next holiday season. The holiday drinks keep customers yearning for more in the next holiday season.

Lattes: Other common lattes include caffe latte, Starbucks Dolcelatte, decaff and caffe latte, and blonde coffee latte.

Teas: Koreans like all Asians are known for their love for tea. Examples of tea served at Starbucks Korea include Jeju organic green tea, Yuja mint tea, Chai tea latte, hibiscus/chamomile/ mint blend tea, lime passion tea, and grapefruit honey black tea, among others. They are brewed with some local ingredients to make the locals feel at home.

Morning Boxes

These boxes are what is commonly referred to as the breakfast menu. The Korean market is slowly embracing the culture of buying breakfast. This trend has been seen in the 20 and 30-year olds working class. Below are common breakfast options available;

English Muffin: When I tried this muffin, I felt that it tasted similar to the egg muffin with a little more sweetness.

Basil Penne: This pasta gives a Mediterranean cuisine type of taste. It is sweet and tasty due to the cheese addition.

Mexican Burrito: This dish is famous among the Mexicans, but it has become a favorite in Starbucks Korea. I especially loved the flour tortillas and the different stuffing.

Bacon cheese Ciabatta: A bacon and cheese ciabatta is what you grab when you are feeling overly hungry in the morning. The taste of bread and cheese makes it a favorite morning dish.

Ham and egg crepe: All of your favorite proteins are found in this morning box. It’s healthy and ideal for a good start.

Starbucks Korea has recently introduced a plant-based menu. It includes:

Chocolate fudge cakes: This Soy milk and dark chocolate blend is your ideal snack for any day. Have you ever heard that dark chocolate is your go-to item when you are unhappy? It is known to bring back happiness and reduce depression.

Potato Bagel: It is such a delight to know that Starbucks buys its potatoes from local South Korean Farmers. This promotes economic growth in the Agricultural sector. As you enjoy your bagels, know that a Korean farmer is a beneficiary.

The Starbucks Korea menu keeps changing. It is upgraded year-in and year-out. This does not mean that the signature items and tastes are changed. The company only modifies a few things according to the changing tastes of customers. Seasonal menus are introduced as per the intended season. They bring a unique flavor that matches the theme of the holiday.

How do I Order Starbucks Korean Menu Items?

You do not have to worry if you are only conversant with the English Language. Starbucks Korea has a translated menu to English. They know you don’t want to learn Korean just to order a latte. The next time you are in Seoul, don’t be scared to take your favorite Starbucks drink. If you happen to speak in Korean, the Starbucks Korea menu is your moment to shine.

The Starbucks applications are at your disposal. You can order items from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are. The day-to-day customer walks in and makes his or her order at the counter. Other customers chose to order items online. The payment options are equally diverse with mobile money, debit and credit cards, and even cryptocurrency.

If you are worried about the flexibility of the menu, you don’t have to worry as you can customize your order to your liking. If you are cutting on caffeine, all you need to order is a latte decaff. It is possible to ask for extra hot coffee or add more toppings to your favorite mocha. The choices are unlimited and the Korean baristas are open to serving.

The app option is easy. You need to download the app on your phone and sign up. Scroll through the menu and find what you want. Key in your payment option, the amount as indicated, and press accept. Your order will be with you shortly. Alternatively, just walk in, head to the counter, make your order, pay, get your order and walk out. You can also choose to have your item in the store. Below is a breakdown of all items found in the Starbucks Korea.

Starbucks Korea Menu Items and Price List

Morning Boxes



Mexican Burrito

$ 5

English Muffins

$ 5

Bacon Cheese Ciabatta

$ 5

Ham and Egg Crepe

$ 5

Basil Penne

$ 5


Items on the Starbucks Korean Menu



Yuja Mint Tea

$ 5 (Tall) $5.45(Grande) $ 5.90(Venti)

Chai Tea Latte

$ 4.55(Tall) $5.00(Grande) $ 5.45(Venti)

Jeju Of organic Green Tea

$(4.38) $5.27(Venti)

Lime Passion Tea

$5.00(tall) $5.45(Grande)

Hibiscus/Chamomile/Mint Blend

$3.66(Tall) $4.56(Venti)

Peach Jelly Tea

$ 5.18 (Tall) $5.63(Grande) $6.07(Venti)

Grapefruit Honey Black Tea

$4.73 (Tall) $5.18 (Grande) $ 5.63(Venti)

Youthberry Tea

$ 3.66(Tall) $4.56(Venti)

Hot Coffees

These are coffee drinks served while hot

Lattes and Americanos



Starbucks Dolce Latte

$5.00(Tall) $5.44(Grande) $ 5.90(Venti)

Decaff caffe latte

$4.38(Tall) $ 4.82(Grande) $ 5.27(Venti)

Blonde Caffe Latte

$4.11(Tall) $4.56(Grande) $5.00(Venti)

Caffe Latte

$ 4.11(Tall) $ 4.56(Grande) $5.00(Venti)

Caffe Americano

$3.66(Tall) $ 4.11(Grande) $ 4.56(Venti)

Mochas and Macchiatos



White chocolate mocha

$5.62(Tall) $ 6.07(Grade) $6.51(Venti)

Caffe Mocha

$ 4.55 (Tall) $ 5.00(Grande) $ 5.45(Venti)

Caramel Macchiato

$ 5.00(Tall) $ 5.45(Grande) $ 5.90(Venti)

Cold Brew

Starbucks Korean Menu Items



Dolce Cold

$5.18(Tall) $5.62(Grande) $6.07(Venti)

Vanilla Cream Cold

$ 4.91(Tall) $5.36(Grande) $(5.81( Venti)


$ 4.02(Tall) $4.47(Grande) $4.91(Venti)

Forest cold

$ 5.26(Tall) $5.71(Grande) $6.16(Venti)


Cakes and pops



Red Velvet push-up pop

$ 1.95

Lemmon Yellowcake

$ 1.95

Moist Chocolate pop

$ 1.95

Chocolate Fudge Cake

$ 2.00






Grapefruit Sherbert


Mango Banana


Mango Passion fruit

$4.46(Tall) $4.91(Grande) $ 5.35(Tall)


Starbucks Korea offers a wide range of food and drinks to suit various tastes and preferences. The widely distributed Korean Starbucks stores are rightfully ranked fourth in the world. The locally customized menu attracts all customers especially the local folks. The English Translation is a great tool to attract international visitors too. The next time you are wondering what you would find at Starbucks Korea, the above menus and prices are what you are likely to find.

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