Dutch bros dragon slayer (ingredients, taste, variations, sizes, copycat recipe, caffeine, calories & more information)

Lovers of raspberry, gather here as we ‘unpack’ a unique, raspberry-flavored drink, the Dutch bros’ dragon slayer. Stick around to learn more about this drink.

I love the rebel energy drink from Dutch Bros (or let’s just say I am addicted to it). Recently I have been trying out the different flavors of this drink and came across the dragon slayer. This drink caught my heart from the first sip; that is how my adventurous journey ended. Though many describe its taste profile as similar to raspberry, I beg to differ as it is more than that. This drink tastes like raspberry, which has been flavored further. I even learned how to prepare it at home and prepared this article to help anyone who wants to try it out.

A brief history of the drink

Dutch Bros Company was founded in 1992 by brothers of Dutch descent, Travis and Dane. Since then, the company has expanded its drinks menu from just coffee to energy drinks. Dutch bros are famous for offering uniquely flavored raspberry drinks. Among its latest debut is the dragon slayer, which is a blend of blue raspberry, raspberry, and blackberry flavors. The dragon slayer is available in several series at the coffee chain; soda, tea, rebel drink: lemonade, and even the frost category.

Is Dutch bros dragon slayer still available at Dutch bros?

Yes, this drink is still available at Dutch bros. To order it from the Dutch bros’ website, search for Dutch bros rebel energy drink and tap on more flavors. Several drinks will pop up, and among them will be the dragon slayer. Tap on it to place an order.

Dutch bros dragon slayer (ingredients, taste, variations, sizes, caffeine, calories)

What’s in a Dutch bros dragon slayer – (ingredients?)

According to Dutch Bros’ official website, the dragon slayer is a blend of their rebel drink mixed with raspberry syrup, blue raspberry syrup, and topped with blackberry drizzles.

  • Rebel energy drink – this is the base drink of the dragon slayer. The dragon slayer is a flavored version of the Dutch bros’ rebel energy drink.
  • Raspberry syrup – the identity of the dragon slayer, lies in a unique raspberry flavor. Therefore, the raspberry syrup enhances the raspberry flavor in this drink.
  • Blue raspberry syrup – this syrup twists the flavor of this drink, making it unique and sweet.
  • Blackberry drizzles – there is no harm in taking the dragon slayer a notch higher. The blackberry drizzles blend well with the raspberry syrup, making this drink more than just a raspberry-flavored drink.

Dutch bros dragon slayer: sizes, nutrition, caffeine & Calories

Dutch bros dragon slayer

What sizes are available?

Like several drinks offered at Dutch bros, the dragon slayer is also available in three sizes. The sizes include; small, medium, and large. This drink’s prices and nutritional information vary from one size to the other.

Nutritional facts

The dragon slayer from Dutch bros is quite unhealthy as a large serving has high calorie and carb content. Therefore, this should not be your go-to drink, mostly if you are obese or are on a weight loss journey, as it will jeopardize your health.

Nutritional value (large serving size)Daily Value
Total fat 0 grams


Saturated fat 0 grams




Total carbohydrates 104 grams


Sugars 102 grams

Sodium 10 mg0%
Cholesterol 0 mg0%
Protein 0 grams

Caffeine information

A small serving size of the Dutch bros’ dragon slayer has about 80 mg of caffeine. This caffeine comes from the rebel energy drink used as a base drink in the dragon slayer. This caffeine is relatively high and can keep you awake for a small size.

So, what does Dutch bros dragon slayer taste like?

Flavored raspberry! As mentioned above, the taste of the Dutch bros’ dragon slayer is more than that of raspberry. This might be because of the blue raspberry syrup and the blackberry drizzles added to the drink. This drink is also sweet as the rebel energy drink is already sweetened.

Ways to customize Dutch bros dragon slayer – Dutch bros dragon slayer sizes, variations

There are several ways to customize the Dutch bros’ dragon slayer. First, you can customize this drink to achieve a certain taste. If you want a drink rich in raspberry flavor, you can ask your barista to add the raspberry syrup pumps when preparing it. You can also choose to sweeten this drink more by adding the sweeteners of your choice. Additionally, if you want more caffeine from the dragon slayer, you can have it as tea or have it dirty by asking your barista to add espresso shots.

How to make Dutch bros dragon slayer at home – Dutch bros dragon slayer copycat recipe

Dutch bros dragon slayer

Dutch bros dragon slayer copycat recipe

Kai JordanKai Jordan


  • Whisker
  • Glass


  • Energy drink
  • Raspberry syrup
  • Blue raspberry syrup
  • Blackberry drizzles


  • Pour the energy drink of your choice into a glass.
  • Add raspberry syrup and blueberry syrup and whisk till the consistency is smooth.
  • Garnish your drink with blackberry drizzles and serve. Enjoy.


  • You can use the rebel energy drink from the coffee house to get a replica of the Dutch bros’ dragon slayer.
  • You can also add ice to your drink if you want it cold.
  • You can blend the dragon slayer if you want a more smooth consistency.
  • You can prepare the syrups at home if you want a more natural and deep flavor, or just buy them at any online or grocery store.

Informative section

Is Dutch bros dragon slayer good?

Yes, this drink is good and will give you the energy boost you need to keep the day running.

Can I drink a dragon slayer from Dutch bros while pregnant?

You should avoid the dragon slayer from Dutch bros while pregnant, as most doctors advise against pregnant mothers having energy drinks.

Is dragon slayer from Dutch bros caffeinated?

Yes, this drink is caffeinated.

Will dragon slayer from Dutch bros keep me awake?

Yes, Dutch bros dragon slayer has enough caffeine to keep you awake.

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