Does Dutch Bros have sugar-free rebels? (Can you get sugar-free rebel drinks at Dutch Bros? + More information)

Dutch Bros is widely known for its sweet and amazingly refreshing rebel drinks. However, what if you are on a sugar-free diet? Can you get a sugar-free rebel drink at Dutch Bros? Does Dutch Bros have sugar-free rebels?

Yes, Dutch Bros offers sugar-free versions of all their rebel drinks. Some rebel drinks offered at Dutch bros include Double Rainbro, Electric Blueberry, and the Midnight Rebel, among others. You can customize each of these drinks to get a sugar-free version.

I discovered that Dutch Bros offered sugar-free rebel drinks when I started dieting to reduce some pounds. I am a regular Dutch Bros visitor, and their rebel drinks are my favorite as I love the burst of energy I get from caffeine. However, when I went on a sugar-free diet, I thought I would have to drop them. However, after inquiring from a Dutch Bros barista, I discovered that I could enjoy any of their rebel drinks in a sugar-free version. Keep reading to learn more information about Dutch Bros’ sugar-free rebel drinks.

What rebel drinks at Dutch Bros are sugar-free?

All Dutch Bros energy drinks are available in sugar-free variations. They include; Midnight Rebel, Electric Blueberry, Double Rainbro, and the Shark Attack. Dutch Bros makes their rebel drinks in-house. The canned drinks and the syrups used in the drinks are available at Dutch Bros in both sweetened and sugar-free versions. The sugar-free versions of Dutch Bros energy drinks are sweetened by some sucralose. Therefore, you can customize these drinks to your preferred taste and get exactly what you want.

How many calories are in a sugar-free Dutch Bros rebel?

Can you get sugar-free rebel drinks at Dutch Bros? 
Sugar-free Dutch Bros rebel. Image source: Dutch bros

Sugar-free Dutch Bros rebel drinks are pretty healthy with low amounts of calories. A can of a sugar-free Dutch Bros rebel drink has only ten calories. This is relatively low, hence making this drink safe for someone who is obese or has an underlying condition. Furthermore, sugar-free Dutch Bros rebels have 0 grams of sugar, 1 gram of proteins, 2 grams of total carbs, and no fiber content. However, the caffeine content in these drinks is still high at 80 mg in a can.

What is sugar-free rebel sweetened with?

As mentioned above, Dutch Bros’ sugar-free rebel drinks are sweetened with sucralose. This is the main sweetening agent in this drink, as your barista will make it with sugar-free syrups. Other than sucralose, these drinks are made with artificial and natural flavors, taurine, D-glucuronolactone, and some vitamins.

Final thoughts

If you are craving a caffeine kick from sugar-free energy drinks, Dutch Bros is the place to visit. You can easily customize any of their rebel drinks to have the exact specifications you are looking for in a drink, as they are made in-house. Furthermore, their sugar-free rebel drinks are not just plain, as there are a lot of sugar-free syrups you can play with to enhance the flavor of your drink.

FAQ Section

Are sugar-free rebels healthy?

Yes, sugar-free rebels are healthier compared to regular rebel drinks as they have significantly low amounts of calories, sugars, and carbs.

Can kids drink sugar-free rebels?

Unless you order a decaf sugar-free rebel drink for your kid, it is not safe for them. Health experts recommend that kids have a maximum intake of 100 mg of caffeine per day. Dutch Bros rebel drinks, whether regular or sugar-free, have high caffeine content that might not be good for your kid.

Do sugar-free rebels contain caffeine?

Yes, just like regular rebel drinks, sugar-free rebels offered at Dutch Bros have 80 mg of caffeine.

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