Tealive vs. Starbucks: How do they compare?

A well-prepared cup of Tea will give your day a perfect caffeine boost to keep you alert. Nonetheless, majority of the people are always confused as to whether they will get this beverage from Tealive and Starbucks

Visiting a new city sometimes comes with its fair of challenges, I always find myself going to either Tealive or Starbucks. Since I have interacted with both coffee houses, I have developed this article to aid you in finding out how the two companies compare

What are the differences between Tealive Vs Starbucks?





Adorable interior design, space with good environment. Encourages interactions

Encourages interactions, there are decorations on the walls that comprising of arts and have warm lighting.


Has 800 stores around the world

Comprises of more than 33,800 stores in more than 8 countries


Have a drinks menu that is less diverse.

Contains food menu

Have a rich and diverse drinks menu.

Has food menu

Price Range

Most products are affordable

The majority of the products are expensive

Beverage sizes

This ranges from 8 ounces and 18 ounces

The smallest is 8 ounces and the largest the 31 ounces

Environmental Consciousness

Uses reusable bottles /cups

Utilizes dishwashers in its operations to minimize water usage. Uses recycled items

Tealive Vs Starbucks – How they compare.

Tealive vs. Starbucks: How do they compare?


Tealive has maintained an adorable interior designed to provide a good space with a good environment. This store will provide you with your family and friends an opportunity to interact and catch up while taking your favorite drink.

On the other hand, Starbucks has taken the mandate to make sure its customers are always comfortable. The ambience of this store will awaken your mood with warm lighting as well as art walls that decorate the walls.

Starbucks takes the win, in this category since it has more features that make the customers feel more welcome.


Tealive has over 800 stores that are spread in seven countries. The company is in the process of opening more stores and earning more international presence. Tealive store in seven countries has their practices.

On the contrary, Starbucks boasts of having a presence in over 80 countries with more than 33, 800 store locations. This company is expanding to more locations and has gained more international recognition.

In this category, Starbucks wins because it has more store locations in more than 80 countries.


Tealive is well known for its drinks. This company allows you to buy different kinds of drinks from its stores. Some of the drinks you can get in this store include signature Bang Bang, Milk Tea, smoothie, coffee, cocoa, and fruit tea among others.

On the other hand, Starbucks has gained popularity because of its rich and diverse drinks, and menu. You can purchase cappuccinos, juices, smoothies, hot and iced coffees, and lattes among others. Feel free to explore this company’s food menu.

Both the company has drinks and food items. However, Starbucks has a diverse menu and thus proves to be a better choice.

Price Range

Tealive provides fairly affordable prices for its products and that’s why some people will want to take their drink from this store.

On the flip side, Starbucks will slightly charge you more for its products because of the quality it provides.

In this category, Tealive wins since it offers affordable prices for its products.

Beverage Sizes

Tealive gives you the privilege to select the drink sizes you want to consume. You can order your drinks which will come in sizes ranging from 8 ounces to 18 0unces.

Starbucks also allows its customers to order their drinks in different cup options. The sizes you will find at Starbucks include short (8 ounces), tall (12 ounces), Grande (16 ounces), Venti (24 ounces), and Trenta (31 ounces)

It is a win for Starbucks in this category since it has bigger sizes for its products

Environmental Consciousness

Tealive has been encouraging its customers to come back with their cups or bottles when getting their drinks thereby reducing the generation of more waste.

Starbucks has taken matters environment very seriously. This company uses dishwashers to minimize water usage and recycles its items.

It is therefore a draw in this category since both companies are taking part in environmental conservation activities.

Tealive Vs Starbucks – A Comparison Overview

Tealive Overview

How do Tealive vs. Starbucks compare?

Tealive was founded in 2017 by Bryan Loo together with his company Loob Holdings. It is one of Malaysia’s largest Made-to-Order drink providers. The company opened an outlet in Vietnam which was the first international store that Tealive managed to open. Tealive was founded after the Chatime brand owner who is Taiwanese terminated the franchise agreement with Mr. Bryan Loo and Loob Holding company. This made Loo convince 162 bubble tea outlets to join the new venture under the Tealive brand.

This company has made strides in gaining access to international markets by growing its stores to over 800 stores that are spread all over the world. Tealive has grown its business and by 2023 is expected to reach at least 1000th store. Tealive expansion was partly contributed by the digitally smart menu that made the company increase its sales.

The company specializes in selling Teas, coffees, snacks, and smoothies. This company generates $75 million in revenue from its stores

Starbucks Overview

Tealive vs. Starbucks

Zev Siegel, Jerry Baldwin, and Gordon Bowker founded this company in 1971, in Seattle. This company started as a coffee bean company. The company was sold in 1987 to Howard Schultz. Within 4 years after it was sold the company grew from having 20 stores to 100 stores. Starbucks as a brand was committed to having a café concept as well as selling equipment, beans, and other items.

Starbucks has extended its operations in international markets and now it has over 33, 800 stores that are spread in over 80 countries. This growth was attributed to the quality of products it produced as well as having a diverse menu.

Starbucks has specialized in selling coffee, and in addition, it also sells collectibles such as flasks, mugs, and cups. Many people love Starbucks because it gives you the ability to customize your drinks the way you like. Did you know that the Starbucks Reserve Roastery was opened in 2019 in Chicago?

Final Verdict: So, which is Better? – Tealive Vs Starbucks

Starbucks proves to be better than Tealive because Starbucks has a diverse menu that accommodates the majority of people. Over and above that this company has numerous store locations in over 80 countries in the world that have good ambience which attracts people. Although Tealive has numerous drink options on its menu, Starbucks has a very diverse beverage menu that caters to the needs of every person.

Additionally, Starbucks is better than Tealive since it provides you with large drink sizes when you place your order. Another good thing that places Starbucks ahead of Tealive is the ability for you to make customizations to your drinks.


What is the main difference between Starbucks and Tealive?

Starbucks is known by many people because of its coffee beverages while Tealive is recognized for its tea and other drinks

Is Starbucks more popular than Tealive?

Starbucks is more popular than Tealive because Starbucks has many stores that are spread out across over 80 countries in the world. Additionally, it allows customers to customize their drinks to suit their tastes.

Is Starbucks more profitable than Tealive?

Yes, Starbucks is more profitable than Tealive because Starbucks has over 33,800 locations that have rich menus thus contributing to increased revenues.

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