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Omelette Calories and Nutrition Facts

Popular Sizes of Omelets

1 small egg Omelet5.650.915.3877
1 medium egg Omelet6.451.046.1588
1 large egg Omelet7.141.156.8198
1 extra large egg Omelet7.831.267.47107
1 jumbo egg Omelet8.641.408.23118
1 cup (about 3.4 large eggs) egg Omelet24.653.9823.50338

Popular Types of Omelets

Omelets without Meat (1 large egg serving)

Omelet with Cheese10.372.239.15140
Omelet with Chili, Cheese, Tomatoes and Beans10.893.7510.2155
Omelet with Dark-Green Vegetables7.012.187.12101
Omelet with Mushrooms6.342.056.3791
Omelet with Onions, Peppers, Tomatoes and Mushrooms13.255.848.06173
Omelet with Potatoes and/or Onions8.1810.937.82149
Omelet with Vegetables7.342.387.22106

Omelets with Meat or Fish (1 large egg serving)

Omelet with Beef9.422.249.91136
Omelet with Cheese and Ham or Bacon11.151.9710.63152
Omelet with Cheese, Ham or Bacon and Tomatoes11.433.0211.09160
Omelet with Chicken6.841.1111.95117
Omelet with Chorizo12.121.589.93158
Omelet with Fish6.911.198.11102
Omelet with Ham or Bacon9.791.1110.67138
Omelet with Hot Dogs13.862.4210.17177
Omelet with Peppers, Onion and Ham8.372.028.82121
Omelet with Sausage14.261.2911.13181
Omelet with Sausage and Cheese14.152.1411.29184
Omelet with Sausage and Mushrooms11.511.8410.26155

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