9 Dutch Bros Caramel Drinks (caramel drinks at Dutch Bros you don’t want to miss + more information)

Are you looking to enjoy Dutch Bros drinks? Well, try getting Dutch Bros Caramel drinks for a fantastic treat. Stick to this article to find Dutch bros Caramel drinks.

Dutch Bros is my to-go place when I want to enjoy great-tasting caramel drinks. In the past, I came to know of this drink when I was looking to enjoy something new at Dutch Bros; my brother suggested I get this company’s Caramel drinks, and I loved it. Since many customers in Dutch Bros are not aware best Caramel drinks to get, I developed this post to help you learn Dutch Bros caramel drinks. Enjoy!

How do I order healthy caramel drinks at Dutch Bros?

Ordering healthy caramel drinks at Dutch Bros is a very easy thing to do. First, you need to ask the barista to reduce on caramel sauce or caramel syrup. You can also make your caramel drink healthy by asking for sugar-free caramel to be added. For instance, if you want to make Caramel Mocha Cold Brew healthy, order a toasted medium caramelized cold brew, get the sugar-free caramel sauce, and ask for almond milk and a scoop of sugar-free chocolate sauce.

Can you customize Dutch Bros caramel drinks?

Yes, you can. One of the most amazing things about Dutch Bros is that it allows you to customize your drinks. So, caramel drinks are no exceptions. Whether you are looking for a low-calorie option, a keto option, or you just want to consume less sugar, you can achieve your goal.

For example, request as much sugar as you want. You can also make your caramel drink picture-perfect by adding chocolate drizzle and caramel around the cup and on top of whipped cream.

How we choose the best caramel drinks at Dutch Bros

We chose these Dutch Bros caramel drinks based on their ability to pair well with caramel and be customized. We used these criteria because we discovered that not all Dutch Bros drinks could pair well with caramel. In addition, we sought the feedback and opinion of Dutch Bros customers. You can trust this post since it accommodated this company’s review. We went a step further to check the ingredients of Dutch Bros caramel drinks.

9 best caramel drinks at Dutch Bros

NoCaramel DrinkIngredient
 Golden Eagle BreveKick Me Mix, vanilla syrup, caramel sauce, Espresso, caramel Drizzle, and whipped cream
 Golden Eagle ChaiMilk, Vanilla syrup, chai, caramel drizzle, and whipped cream
 Horchata ChaiChai, Cinnamon syrup, white chocolate sauce, milk, and caramel sauce.
 CaramelizerChocolate milk, espresso, whipped cream, and caramel sauce.
 Caramel cold brewCaramel and cold brew.
 Caramel FrostCaramel sauce, Ice Cream, and whipped cream
 Caramel FreezeFreeze base, espresso, whipped cream, and caramel sauce
 Caramel and hazelnut latteWhole milk, espresso, hazelnut syrup, and caramel
 Salted caramel oat milk LatteOat milk, espresso, salted caramel syrup

Golden Eagle Breve

caramel drinks at Dutch Bros you don’t want to miss

This Dutch Bros drink will be the perfect pick if you want to enjoy the blended taste of caramel, vanilla, and espresso. This is a reliable drink at Dutch Bros and has become the best drink on this company’s menu. It is the most sought-after drink by many customers. If you are new at Dutch Bros, get this caramel drink and enjoy it.

Golden Eagle Chai

You will always find Golden Eagle Chai to be a comforting drink that will brighten your day. This excellent drink is made with milk, chai, vanilla syrup, caramel sauce, caramel drizzle, and whipped cream. This drink is excellent because it contains caramel twice. You can also get it iced. It will supply 163mg of caffeine, 620 calories, and 77 g of sugar in a medium cup.

Horchata Chai

caramel drinks

If you want a spiced tea caramel drink with no coffee, consider getting the Horchata Chai. This is where chai meets caramel and is made sweeter with white chocolate sauce. It is one of the famous secret menu drinks; you can get it iced or hot. You will be supplied with 163 g of caffeine.


Your day at Dutch Bros will be complete when you take this drink. This drink comprises chocolate milk, espresso, caramel sauce, and whipped cream. Caramel is the real deal in this drink. In addition, this is a caffeinated Dutch Classic breve, and you will find it quite satisfying.

Caramel cold brew

You can never go wrong with Dutch Bros Caramel cold brew. This is because it is flavored with caramel; you can order it hot or iced and enjoy it. You can also get this drink with or without milk. Order it with a soft top to give the caramel a creamy feel. This drink will deliver 210 calories and 240 mg of caffeine in a medium size.

Caramel Frost

caramel drinks at Dutch Bros

If you or your kid wants to enjoy a hit of caramel with no caffeine, this is the drink you should get. It comprises caramel sauce, ice cream, and whipped cream. You will be supplied with 126 g of sugar and 760 calories in a medium size. However, since the sugars in a medium are high for kids, consider ordering the 10-ounce kid size for them.

Caramel Freeze

When you are looking for a frozen drink at Dutch Bros that will keep you rehydrated, try the Caramel Freeze. It is a frozen drink with caramel and espresso, containing 250 g of caffeine in medium size. You ask it to be topped with caramel drizzle to make it sweeter.

Caramel and hazelnut latte

Are you looking to enjoy a caramel latte? If that is the case, Caramel and hazelnut latte is what you are looking for. This drink consists of whole milk, hazelnut syrup, espresso, and caramel sauce. Caramel is used to flavor this latte and can be made with any type of milk you want. Your latte experience will not be the same again.

Salted caramel oat milk Latte

caramel drinks at Dutch Bros you don’t want to miss

If you are a great fan of a latte with Oat milk and salted caramel, you will find this drink quite fulfilling. This incredible drink will make you order the second cup once you taste it. It is made with oat milk, espresso, and salted caramel syrup. This drink contains the same amount of caffeine as the Dutch Classic breve.


How big is a large caramel at Dutch Bros?

The large caramel at Dutch Bros is 20 ounces for hot drinks and 32 ounces for cold caramel drinks.

Are the caramel drinks at Dutch Bros gluten-free?

Yes, there are gluten-free caramel drinks at Dutch Bros.

Are there iced caramel drinks at Dutch Bros?

Yes, you can order iced caramel drinks at Dutch bros. For instance, you can order Caramel Cold Brew.

Are caramel drinks at Dutch Bros sweet?

Yes, they are. Caramel drinks at Dutch Bros are delightful since caramel is a go-to flavor.


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