Can you drink a medicine ball from Starbucks while Pregnant? (Safe Starbucks drinks while pregnant + All you need to know)

How do Starbucks tumblers work?

Are you pregnant and have been ordering drinks from Starbucks? You have to be careful regarding everything you consume. Stay away from a medicine ball from Starbucks since it is not healthy for your unborn child. The first time I developed a cold while pregnant, I tried different throat soothers, but none of them worked. … Read more

Can you leave a Starbucks drink in the fridge overnight? (Why do Starbucks coffee drinks get chunky and oily if left overnight in the fridge?)

How long will the Starbucks Syrup Last When Stored in the Fridge

Once you put your Starbucks leftover drink in the fridge, you expect it to be fresh n ready for consumption, any day of your choosing. I recently bought 4 refreshers from Starbucks as I was going away to a location that didn’t have the Starbuck chain of restaurants. And what was surprising was that the … Read more

Do Starbucks Frappuccinos come sealed? (Are Starbucks Frappuccino drinks supposed to be sealed?)

Do Starbucks Frappuccinos come sealed

I love a good Frappuccino, and I’m sure you love it too. Starbucks Frappuccinos have been a long-term personal favorite, since they have reinvented the specialty of making them – some of the flavors you can buy include java chip Frappuccino, chip Frappuccino, and crunch Frappuccino, alongside numerous seasonal flavors. On one busy day, I … Read more

Can you drink StarbucksPassion Iced Tea while Pregnant?(Safe Starbucks drinks for pregnant women, plus more)

Can you drink StarbucksPassion Iced Tea while Pregnant

When the doctor advised me to lower my caffeine intake during pregnancy, I felt as if I was being punished since I was addicted to Starbucks. I started looking for caffeine-free alternatives when I came across passion iced tea. Though this looked delicious, I was disappointed to hear that I could not consume it too. … Read more