Bru vs. Nescafe: How are they different?

For a long time, I’ve always had Nescafe in my house. It’s no surprise since instant coffee saves time and energy. I love Nescafe as there is a variety to choose from. Last month, I decided to try Bru coffee which my sister had brought from her trip to India. While she was there, that was her go-to coffee, and as I sipped it, I understood why. Bru has a defined strong taste of coffee and aroma. If you have not had Bru before, you may wonder how it compares to Nescafe. The write-up below draws a comparison between these two brands. Read on to find out Bru’s and Nescafe’s ingredients, taste profile, nutritional value, availability, and roast level.

What are the differences between Bru vs. Nescafe?





Roasted chicory and instant coffee.

Coffee beans.

Taste profile

Strong coffee flavor.

A blend of bitter and sweet.

Nutritional value

30-90mg of caffeine in 2g of Bru coffee.

50-90mg of caffeine in 2g of Nescafe.


Mainly available in India.

It is available in most parts of the world.

Roast level

Medium roast.

Light, medium, and dark roast.

Bru vs. Nescafe – How they compare


Bru coffee is a product of roasted 30% chicory and 70% instant coffee. They source the best Robusta beans from rich plantations in South India. They are taken through the delicate roasting process and then processed to ensure they maintain freshness.

Nescafe uses 100% pure coffee to make its products. The company collects the finest Robusta and Arabica beans from different parts of the world, but the main sources are Columbia, Brazil, Honduras, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Nescafe wins this category. The company uses only coffee beans to make their coffee, resulting in an original taste.

Taste profile

Nescafe has a balanced taste. It is not too strong or light; you get a medium-flavored coffee. In contrast, Bru coffee has a pronounced flavor that is impossible to dismiss. If you desire strong coffee, it should be one of your go-to.

When it comes to taste, Nescafe takes it. The company has a balanced taste profile that makes it easy to drink.

Caffeine content

Nescafe contains between 50 to 90mg of caffeine in 2g. Most instant coffees have a similar amount of caffeine. Therefore, Nescafe is, at most, the standard amount. On the other hand, Bru coffee contains 30-90mg of caffeine. Both companies averagely contain an equal amount of caffeine.

Bru and Nescafe coffee tie in this category. Neither company offers less amount of caffeine.


Bru is an Indian-owned company that is mostly available in that country. The company is yet to expand into other parts of the world. However, you can get some of their products from specific online stores, whereas Nescafe is available globally. The company has its products across different regions of the world. You can get Nescafe coffee in grocery and retail stores anywhere.

Nescafe wins this category because the company is on a global level regarding marketing and supply, surpassing Bru, which is only available in India.

Roast level

Nescafe has coffee in different roast levels; light, medium, and dark. Therefore, you can select your preferred choice of roast level. At the same time, Bru does not have different roast levels, limiting your options.

Nescafe wins this category. There are different roast levels to pick from, which customers prefer.

Bru vs. Nescafe: A comparison overview

Nescafe – Overview

Bru vs. Nescafe
Nescafe coffee. Image source: Nescafe

In 1938, Max Morgenthaler created one of the best instant coffee brands in the world, Nescafe. The company has grown through the years to what it is now. They expanded their catalog and currently offer over fourteen types. You can get Nescafe classic, original, gold, decaf, crema, espresso, cappuccino, or latte. The company will continue expanding and growing as they boast customers worldwide. Also, the company offers a variety of roast levels, medium, dark, and light which does not limit you to choosing one.

What I liked

  • It has a balanced taste, not too strong or light.
  • Nescafe is available globally.
  • There are different flavors to choose from.
  • The company makes coffee in different roast levels; light, medium, and dark.
  • It has a different taste compared to most instant coffee.

What I didn’t like;

  • It is more costly than other brands.

Who it’s best suited for

Nescafe is the best option for anyone looking to have quality instant coffee. Also, this company delivers if you wish to try different roast levels.

Bru – Overview

Bru vs. Nescafe - How are they different?
Bru coffee. Image source: Amazon

Bru coffee is an Indian-based coffee brand. It came to be in 1968 and has maintained popularity in India, one of the leading coffee companies. One of the main reasons the company has remained at the top is the richness of the coffee it sells. The company uses coffee beans from the best plantation and robusta beans. Their coffee is rich in flavor that surpasses other brands. They have Bru coffee in different types; instant, Gold in Instant, Green label, and Select in filter coffee.

What I liked

  • It has an appealing aroma.
  • It is affordable.
  • The company uses rich coffee from the South, which gives a strong flavor.
  • There are wide varieties which you can select from.

What I didn’t like;

  • Bru is mainly available in India.
  • The taste is too strong.

Who it’s best suited for

Bru coffee is best suited for anyone who prefers instant coffee and wants a strong flavor.

Final Verdict: So, which is better? – Bru or Nescafe

Nescafe is the better option. When you compare Bru to Nescafe, the latter has more varieties to pick from. Nescafe offers coffee in different roast levels, which expands your options. The company has done impressively well and is available worldwide. On the other hand, Bru is mainly in India. The company equally offers good instant coffee but does not beat Nescafe’s. Customers complain about the strong flavor of their coffee, which others may find extreme. However, it is better quality than other brands, which may seem acidic. Try both brands to pick your preferred option.


Which one is stronger, Nescafe or Bru?

Bru is stronger than Nescafe. Unlike Bru, which is rich in flavor, the latter sits in the middle.

Which one tastes better, Bru or Nescafe?

Nescafe has a better taste than Bru coffee which has a pronounced flavor. Furthermore, there are many types to pick from, which come in different flavors.

Is Bru healthier than Nescafe?

None is healthier. Despite being efficient, instant coffee is not the healthiest coffee option.

Is Bru sweeter than Nescafe?

No. Nescafe is sweeter and offers a variety of flavors to choose from. On the other hand, Bru has a distinct bitter coffee flavor.

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