Does Starbucks hibiscus tea have caffeine? (Is Starbucks hibiscus tea healthy? + More information)

Hibiscus tea is known not to have caffeine. Therefore, why then is the question “does Starbucks hibiscus tea have caffeine” frequently searched? Read on to know the reason.

I have been a fan of Starbucks’ refreshers, with my favorite being the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher. I’ve had hibiscus tea on and off for years so I could pick out the taste in the drink, along with the black barriers and the present taste of coffee beans. That should have been a hint that there’d be caffeine present.

Starbucks hibiscus tea does have caffeine. The caffeine comes from the Starbucks green coffee extract used in the berries refresher base. What’s more, there is no hibiscus present in the drink, which did come as a surprise to me. Here, we’ll explore health benefits of the Starbucks hibiscus beverage offered, along with other things you need to know about the drink before ordering.

Is Starbucks hibiscus tea healthy?

It’s important to note that the Very Berry Hibiscus is a refresher, not a tea. That is evident as you will find the drink under the Cold Drinks Starbucks Refreshers section of the menu and not under hot or iced teas. Moreover, there is no hibiscus in the Starbucks hibiscus beverage; therefore, we have to look at the nutritional value instead.

Based on the data provided, the Starbuck hibiscus-inspired beverage is healthy. It only contains 50 calories and has 0g of fat and protein, 13g of carbohydrates, and 11g of sugar. The caffeine is 35mg, less than what you’ll find in decaf coffee and green tea. If you’re looking for a healthy, low-calorie, and low-sugar drink, then the Starbucks hibiscus refresher is one to consider.

Does hibiscus tea make you sleepy?

Is Starbucks hibiscus tea healthy?

Hibiscus is famous for inducing sleep and is recommended as a drink before bedtime. However, you don’t have to worry about the hibiscus beverage Starbucks offers. The hibiscus beverage doesn’t contain hibiscus but does have a kick of caffeine from the green coffee extract in the ingredients.

Does Starbucks hibiscus tea have sugar?

The Starbucks hibiscus tea does have 11g of sugar. The amount present is before asking for additional sweeteners such as your standard sugar, the Sugar in The Raw (sugar made exclusively from sugarcane), honey, Splenda (sucralose, a zero-calorie artificial sweetener), Stevia in The Raw, or the liquid syrups available.

Final thoughts

The reality is there is no hibiscus in the hibiscus in Very Berry Hibiscus. That is somewhat disappointing as one can take the word “hibiscus” in the drink to mean it was present. However, that doesn’t make the Starbucks drink less refreshing, as it is meant to mirror the flavor of hibiscus rather than contain it.

FAQ Section

Can you order Starbucks hibiscus caffeine-free?

No, you can’t order hibiscus caffeine-free tea at Starbucks

What’s in Starbucks Very Berry hibiscus tea?

The Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers Beverage contains ice, and the berry refreshers base, water, and freeze-dried blackberries. The berry refresher base contains water, sugar, natural flavors, white grape juice concentrate, green coffee extract, citric acid, ascorbic acid, and Rebaudioside-A.

Is Starbucks discontinuing hibiscus?

No, Starbucks is not discontinuing hibiscus from the menu. However, they have put it on pause to focus on high-demand beverages. Starbucks assures that the beloved hibiscus drink will eventually be back on the menu.

How many calories are in a hibiscus tea from Starbucks?

The drink size determines the calories in the hibiscus tea beverage from Starbucks. There are 50 calories in tall, 70 in grande, 90 in Venti, and Trenta has 130 calories.

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