Does Dutch Bros have sugar-free syrup (can you get sugar-free syrup at Dutch Bros + more information)?

Most Dutch Bros’ syrups are known to be sugary since they are used to sweeten drinks. So, does Dutch Bros have sugar-free syrup?

Yes, Dutch Bros has quite a variety of sugar-free syrups that can be added to cold or hot drinks. I recently got sick, and my doctor instructed me to limit my sugar intake. Being a Dutch Bros fan, I got worried that I could not purchase their drinks due to how sugary they are. However, I decided to research the syrups they use to know whether they have any with less or zero sugar. I was happy to find out that they have sugar-free syrup flavors, and I have been ordering my drinks with these syrups. I have included the brand and flavors of Dutch Bros’ sugar-free syrups, so read on.

What brand of sugar-free syrups does Dutch Bros use?

Dutch Bros uses Torani sugar-free syrup to make their drinks. According to Torani, their sugar-free syrups have zero sugar and calories. They are the best syrups for people who don’t want to gain weight or are on a journey to lose weight. Dutch Bros uses this syrup when their customers want a light drink or a sugar-free drink.

What flavors of sugar-free syrups can you get at Dutch Bros?

can you get sugar-free syrup at Dutch Bros 
Sugar-free syrups. Image source: Dutch Bros Coffee

Dutch Bros has approximately twelve sugar-free syrup flavors. However, some sugar-free syrups, such as Peppermint syrup, are seasonal. Sugar-free flavor syrups that you can get at Dutch Bros include; Irish Cream Sugar-Free syrup Flavor, Peach Sugar-Free syrup Flavor, Strawberry Sugar-Free syrup Flavor, Coconut Sugar-Free syrup Flavor, Vanilla Sugar-Free syrup Flavor, Caramel Sugar-Free syrup Flavor, Blue Raspberry Sugar-Free syrup Flavor, White Chocolate Sugar-Free syrup Flavor, and Hazelnut Sugar-Free syrup Flavor. You need to specify that you want sugar-free syrups in your drinks when placing your order.

Can you buy just sugar-free syrups at Dutch Bros?

No, it is not possible to purchase just a sugar-free syrup at Dutch Bros. Dutch Bros does not sell syrups since syrups are not made in-house. They use Torani sugar-free syrups available in most supermarkets and online through e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Therefore, you will not find sugar-free syrup available for sale at a Dutch Bros Drive-thru. However, if you are craving a sugar-free syrup flavor, you can order a drink with the syrup.


Can you use sugar-free syrups in sweet drinks?

Yes, you can use sugar-free syrups on sweet drinks to add flavor to the drink.

Are the sugar-free syrups at Dutch Bros good?

Yes, sugar-free syrups at Dutch Bros are good since they are made with a combo of monk fruit extract and stevia. However, too much consumption of sugar-free syrups can be unhealthy since they contain sucralose, which can be harmful to your gut health.

Can you buy Dutch Bros’ sugar-free syrups online?

Yes, you can buy Dutch Bros sugar-free syrups online since they use Torani syrups. They are available online on the website or e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

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