When Does Starbucks for Life End? (How long is Starbucks for Life?)+ More Information

If you are a Starbucks patron and are yet to participate in the Starbucks for life, you are missing out. You might be wondering, when does Starbucks for life end? Keep reading to find out.

Starbuck for life’s grand prize ends after thirty years. I have participated in games before, but I have never been as excited as in the Starbuck for Life games. Since, I have participated before and I know a Starbucks for life winner personally. Many of us would want to participate in the Starbucks for Life but lack the basic details. In this post, we will look at everything to do with Starbucks for life and you can be assured of joining in all the fun. If it’s your first time playing, you better stick around to learn more.

What does Starbucks for life mean?

Starbucks for Life is a game that gives Starbucks rewards customers a chance to win a variety of rewards including a thirty-year daily credit on an eligible drink and food item. The game offers rewards at each level. There is a win that gives a winner daily free credit on a food item and beverage for three months, six months, and a year. The grand prize is a free credit every day for one free beverage and food item at any participating Starbucks store for the next thirty years excluding any alcoholic drinks. The game also has instant wins on different levels that gets one closer to the grand prize. You can win free drinks and bonus stars in the lower levels.

What Happens when you win Starbucks for Life?

The grand price assures you of a qualifying free drink and a food item from the Starbucks menu for the next thirty years. If you don’t collect the items for that day, they will expire and you have to wait till the following day for your daily reward to be reset. This is the most coveted prize of the game. There are plenty of petty wins in between and you can walk home with free drinks and bonuses.

Every day is a winning day throughout the gaming period that lasts for two months. If you would like to accumulate your daily prizes, the only way around it is to pick and store them at home. Always ensure that the reward for that day has been picked before it disappears by midnight.

How long is Starbuck for Life?

Starbucks for Life’s grand price lasts for thirty years. Some prizes will give you the same daily credit for three months, six months, and a year. Each qualifying drink and food item will automatically expire daily at midnight and will reset at 12:01 am. Imagine a 19-year-old winner will qualify for a food item and beverage until the age of 49; it’s incredible!

How to Play and Win Starbucks for Life

How long is Starbucks for Life?

This game is open to people above 18 years who possess a Starbuck rewards card. The players must be residents of the United States to participate. Starbucks rewards registration is found on the official website. Every participant is entitled to two games and the games are unlocked by purchasing qualifying Starbucks items. Extra games can be won by completing the challenges of the game set daily for this purpose.

The best part of the game is that you can win instant prizes such as bonus stars and free holiday drinks if you don’t make it to the ten lucky grand prize winners. The rule of the game is the more you play, the higher your chances of winning.

The levels of the game have unique game pieces. The grand prize level requires one to collect all three unique pieces. The first two are easy and can also be redeemed for instant prizes. The final piece that gets you the grand prize is the rarest as there are only ten of them. When you get all the three pieces together, you are officially the winner of Starbucks for Life. You can expect a beautiful card with your name engraved on it. The Starbuck for life awards ten lucky winners with the grand prize.


Winning the Starbucks for Life is sheer luck, but you must participate in all the daily games the increase your chances of winning. The ultimate reward will save you so much money that you spend on daily drinks at Starbucks. The game is mostly played in the holidays between November and January. You have no reason not to participate in the next Starbucks for Life season.


Is Starbucks for Life game over?

No, the game returns every year during the holiday months of November and January.

What time does Starbucks for Life reset?

The game resets every day at 12:01 am.

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