Starbucks in Singapore Guide (Starbucks menu in Singapore, Starbucks in Singapore Near me+ more information)

There is nothing as exciting as getting your delicious cup of coffee from Starbucks. Especially when you want to boost your caffeine levels. What if I am in Singapore, is there Starbucks in Singapore?

Some people are still wondering if Starbucks exists in Singapore. Well, Starbucks expanded its territories into the Singapore markets. I didn’t know this until I visited this country and found out about numerous Starbucks shops. It is for this reason that I developed this post to help you find Starbucks that is near you in Singapore.

Is there a Starbucks shop in Singapore (Starbucks near me in Singapore)?

Yes, there is. There are several Starbucks shops that are spread out in Singapore. You don’t need to worry about missing your Starbucks coffee experience if you are traveling to or staying in Singapore. Whether you are in that mall shopping and want some Starbucks quick bite, or you are at the airport waiting to catch your flight, Starbucks will be there waiting to serve you well.

How many Starbucks shops are in Singapore?

There are more than 141 Starbucks shops that are serving the people of Singapore. With all, these Starbucks stores you cannot afford to miss the coffee thrill that comes with this company. Some of the Starbucks shops you can find in Singapore are Anchorpoint, Asia Square Tower 2, AXA Tower (8 Shenton Way), Biopolis, Bedok Point, Bugis Junction, Chinatown Point, Changi City Point, CityLink Mall, Compass One, Clarke Quay Central, Great world Fusionopolis among others. All these Store locations have been created so that genuine coffee culture can be celebrated with you in every step of your life. Since most of Singapore people are workaholics, it is only fair that their alertness is boosted by a delicious cup of coffee. The table below shows the opening and closing hours, email and phone numbers, and physical addresses of the shops



Opening and Closing Hours


Phone number


100 Tras Street, #01-05, 100AM

Singapore 079027

It Opens at 7:30 am On weekdays and 8 am on weekends

Close at 9 pm every day and 7 pm on Friday

+66 6910 1229


313 Orchard Road, #02-38/39, 313@somerset

Singapore 238895

Opens at 8 am every day.

Closes at 9 pm every day but closes at 11 pm on Friday and Saturday

+65 6910 1175

Ang Mo Kio Hub

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #B1-65, Ang Mo Kio Hub

Singapore 569933

Opens at 7:30 am every day.

Closes at 10 pm every day.

+65 6910 1152

Changi Airport Terminal 1 Transit Kiosk

80 Airport Boulevard, #02-59, Departure/Transit Lounge East, Transit Kiosk, Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore 819642

Opens at 7 am every single day.

Closes at 11 pm every day.

Operates 24 hours on Saturday

+65 6920 1953

20 Anson

20 Anson Road, #01-02

Singapore 077912

Opens at 7:30 am from Monday to Friday.

Closes at 7 pm every day.

Remains closed on weekends

+65 6910 1265


370 Alexandra Road, #01-05/06, Anchorpoint Shopping Center Singapore 159953

Open 8 am from Monday to Sunday.

Closes at 10 pm

+65 6910 1293

Asia Square Tower 2

12 Marina View, #02-22, Asia Square Tower II

Singapore 018961

Opens at 7:30 am

From Monday to Friday.

Closes at 8 pm every day.

Remains closed on weekends

+65 6910 1233

Bedok Mall

311 New Upper Changi Road, #01-92/93, Bedok Mall

Singapore 467360

Opens at 7:30 am every day.

Closes at 10:30 pm

+65 6910 1251

Aperia Mall 

12 Kallang Avenue, #01-26, Aperia

Singapore 339511

Opens at 7:30 am on weekdays, and 9 am on weekends.

Closes at 5 pm every day.

+65 6910 0941


70 Biopolis Street, #01-03

Singapore 138547

Opens at 7:30 am from Monday to Friday

Closes at 3:30 pm every day.

Remains closed on weekends

+65 6910 1269

Bukit Panjang Plaza

1 Jelebu Road, #02-09/09A, Bukit Panjang Plaza

Singapore 677743

Opens at 8 am from Monday to Sunday.

Closes at 10:30 pm

+65 6910 1281

Bishan Community Club

51 Bishan Street 13, #01-02, Bishan Community Club

Singapore 579799

Opens at 7:30 am from Monday to Sunday

Closes at 10 pm every day and midnight on Friday and Saturday

+65 6910 1239

Bugis +

201 Victoria Street, #02-12/13, Bugis+

Singapore 188067

Opens at 8 am Monday to Sunday

Closes at 9 pm every day and 10 pm on Friday and Saturday

+65 6910 1319

Canberra Plaza – Starbucks outlets

Blk 133 Canberra View, #01-06, Canberra Plaza

Singapore 750130

Opens at 7:30 am Monday to Sunday

Closes at 10 pm every day and midnight on Friday and Saturday

+65 6910 0961

Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Road, #01-08, Chinatown Point

Singapore 059413

Opens at 7:30 am.

Closes at 10 pm. Every day.

+65 6974 3723

CityLink Mall

1 Raffles Link, #B1-15/17, Citylink Mall

Singapore 039393

Opens at 9 am on weekdays and 11 am on weekends.

Closes at 5 pm from Monday to Thursday 6 pm on Friday and 7 pm on Saturday.

+65 6910 1299

City House

36 Robinson Road, #01-02, City House

Singapore 068877

Opens at 7:30 am on weekdays, and 8 am on Saturdays.

It remains closed on Sunday.

Closes at 8 pm on weekdays and 3 pm on Saturdays.

+65 6910 1187

How much does Starbucks pay its employees in Singapore?

Starbucks is one of the premier coffee houses that many people in Singapore want to work with. This is because Starbucks employees are renumerated well with good working conditions. Starbucks pays part-time baristas SGD 14,700 annually, Cashier SGD 16, 800, Starbucks barista SGD 16,800, Store Manager SGD 32, 400, Barista shift Supervisor SGD 18,900, Part-time Service Crew SGD 16,800, service Crew SGD 21,000, Supervisor SGD 22,800 and Intern SGD 9,600 annually. In addition to this, Starbucks employees receive other additional benefits

Is there a Starbucks drive-thru in Singapore?

Starbucks menu in Singapore

Unfortunately, there are no Starbucks Drive-thru in Singapore. Starbucks should established a drive-through in this country so that many customers can enjoy the experience.

Are there Starbucks locations open 24/7 in Singapore?

Yes, they are. Starbucks has a store location in Singapore that is open 24/7 so that its customers can enjoy their drinks and food items. Starbucks Airport Terminal 1 is the only store location that operates 24/7, the rest operate for a limited time from morning to evening. Starbucks Changi Airport Terminal Transit Kiosk only operates for 24 hours on Saturdays. So, if you are planning to meet that friend of yours after coffee

Work or you are the kinds that love to study at the break of dawn, or you have a project that you prefer working on at night check the Starbucks that suits your needs. You can do this while sipping some hot coffee, which will make you alert all through the night.

Is there Starbucks at Singapore Airport?

Yes, there is. You are more likely to find a Starbucks store at the airport in Singapore. Well, you don’t have to worry about getting your caffeine boost at the airport while waiting for your flight or you are waiting to meet your loved one at the airport. The below table highlights the Starbucks shops present at the airport.



Opening and Closing Hours

Email address


Jewel Changi Airport

78 Airport Boulevard Jewel 01-K207 Jewel, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819666

Opens at 7:30 am From Monday to Sunday.

Closes at 10 pm every day and 1 am on Friday and Saturday

+65 6910 0959

Departure/Checking Hall Changi Airport

Departure / Check-in Hall South, #026 049, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819643

Opens at 7:30 am on weekdays

Closes at 3 pm on weekdays.

Remains closed on weekends

+65 6910 1139

 Departure/Transit Lounge East 02-59 Terminal 1

Departure/Transit Lounge East 02-59, Terminal 1 Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819642

Opens from 7 am to Sunday

Closes at 11 pm every day, midnight on Friday.

Operates 24 hours on Saturday.

+65 6920 1953

65 Airport Boulevard 02-90 Departure Hall

 65 Airport Boulevard 02-90 Departure Hall, Level 2 Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819663

Opens at 7 am every day

It Closes at midnight every day.

Operates 24 hours on Saturday.

+65 6910 1135

Departure / Transit Lounge East 02-66, Terminal 1

Departure / Transit Lounge East 02-66, Terminal 1 Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819642

Opens 24/7

+65 6910 1161

Starbucks menu and prices in Singapore





Caffe Americano


$ 7.90

Caffe Latte


$ 6.60

Caffe Latte


$ 7.10

Vanilla Latte


$ 7.30



$ 8.00




$ 6.60



$ 7.10

Caffe Mocha


$ 5.20

Brewed Coffee


$ 4.40


Chai Tea Latte


$ 6.90

Pure Matcha Latte


$ 7.50

Hojicha Tea Latte


$ 7.40

Earl Grey Tea Latte


$ 7.10


Caramel Hot chocolate


$ 7.90

Caramel Hot Chocolate


$ 8.50

Signature Hot Chocolate


$ 7.20


Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino


$ 7.90

Oatmilk Cocoa Cream Frappuccino


$ 8.20

Vanilla Cream Frappuccino


$ 7.30

Caramel Frappuccino


$ 7.50

Almondmilk Mocha Frappuccino


$ 8.60

Soymilk Java Chip Frappuccino


$ 9.20

Dark Mocha Frappuccino


$ 8.10

Caramel Macchiato Frappuccino


$ 8.10


Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew



$ 5.80

Cold Brew with Coconut Milk



$ 6.30

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew


$ 8.00


Iced Chai Tea Latte


$ 6.90

Iced Black Tea Latte


$ 6.90

Iced Hojicho Tea Latte


$ 7.40

Iced Pure Matcha Latte


$ 7.70


Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea Pomegrenate


$ 7.40

Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea Lemonade


$ 6.20


Scrambled Egg & Cheese Brioche Sandwich

$ 7.90

Pineapple & Yuzu Cheesecake

$ 6.10

Pink Guava & Peach Cheesecake

$ 5.80

Chicken & Cheese Bolo Bun Sandwich

$ 7.30



$ 4.10

Almond Croissant

$ 4.70

Blueberry Crumble Muffin

$ 4.70

Banana Walnut Muffin


$ 4.70

Chocolate Chunk Monster Cookie

$ 4.40

Chocolate Crumble Muffin

$ 4.70

Vanilla Custard Cruffin

$ 5.70

Buttery Croissant


$ 4.10

Sausage Roll


$ 5.70

Creamy Chicken Foldover

$ 5.70

Early Grey Lavender Cruffin


$ 5.70


Tuna & Cheese Ciabatta

$ 7.70

Scrambled Egg & Turkey Ham Pita

$ 6.70

Ham & Cheese Croissant

$ 6.70

Turkey Ham & Triple Cheese Toast

$ 6.70


Mixed Nuts

$ 5.40

Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle


$ 5.40

Starbucks Peppermint Mints


$ 4.40

Caramel Waffles



$ 3.90

Mixed Fruit & Nuts



$ 5.40

Starbucks Peach Berry Mints


$ 4.40

Be-KIND Dark Chocolate


Starbucks delivery in Singapore

Starbucks is always keen to maximize every opportunity that comes on its way to increasing sales. It has taken advantage of the delivery services available in Singapore so as provide its customers with all they need.

What are the delivery options for Starbucks in Singapore?

Well, if you are in Singapore and you would want to enjoy good drinks and pastries at home or in the office you can do through the following delivering options; Foodpanda, GrabFood, Deliveroo, and Starbucks app.

What are the payment options while ordering Starbucks for delivery in Singapore?

Starbucks Singapore accepts payments through mobile orders. Additionally, it has partnered with Grab to offer various services such as GrabRewards, GrabGifts, GrabPay, GrabFood, and GrabGifts. You should note that Grab accepts both Cashless and cash payment


When did Starbucks start in Singapore?

Starbucks first opened its doors to customers in Singapore on December 14, 1996.

Where is the oldest Starbucks shop in Singapore?

The oldest Starbucks shop is at Liat Towers, and Starbucks takes prides in this Store in Singapore.

Does the Starbucks at Singapore airport open 24/7?

Yes, it does. Starbucks at Departure / Transit Lounge East 02-66, Terminal 1 operates 24/7

Where is the most beautiful Starbucks in Singapore?

Starbucks at Jewel Changi Airport is the most beautiful store in Singapore. Majority of the people are always fascinated by how this store was built and decorated.

Is Starbucks popular in Singapore?

Yes, it is. Starbucks is very popular for its drinks and food items among the population in Singapore.

What is the best Starbucks drink to try in Singapore?

Vanilla Latte is Starbucks’ best drink in Singapore you should try it.

What is Starbucks market share in Singapore?

The market share of Starbucks in Singapore Stands at 2.7% according to Strategic management Starbucks Corporation in Singapore

Who are the main Starbucks competitors in Singapore?

McDonald’s, and Dunkin Donuts are the main coffee houses that give great competition to Starbucks

What is the best Starbucks to visit in Singapore?

Well, there are numerous Starbucks in Singapore but the best ones are Starbucks Jewel Changi Airport, Starbucks Rochester Park, Starbucks Vivocity, and Starbucks Liat Towers

Can I study at Starbucks in Singapore?

Yes, you can. Starbucks gives you the opportunity to Study at its stores in Singapore within its open store hours. This is so because the place is usually quiet and peaceful.

Where is the quietest Starbucks in Singapore?

Starbucks Rochester Park is one of the quietest stores you can find in Singapore because it has a unique location. The surrounding of this location is characterized by lush green trees and set on a colonial house.

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